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Excellent Wedding Anniversary Speech By MyAssignmenthelp.Com

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Wedding Anniversary Speech

Your wedding anniversary is one of the most memorable moments of your life. It is the time when love and commitment are in the air. You are in celebration mode and make exciting plans on the occasion. On this day, you invite your loved ones to celebrate the day and reminisce about all the wedding day activities. While making arrangements for your wedding anniversary parties, you always use a wedding planner to describe your schedule and the activities you will cover that day. A wedding anniversary speech is one such activity, and you should try to ensure that the speech is very entertaining for the audience. Try to make the speech fun as there is often a chance for people to make their speeches very boring.  

If you are going to give an anniversary speech soon, then just ensure that you do not make your speech very long. It should be short yet engaging for the audience. If you are thinking about how to give an entertaining wedding speech, then follow the following tips:

  • Start with giving your best wishes
  • Talk about the year of marriage and the journey so far
  • Try to tell your marriage story in a humorous way
  • Highlight some of your achievements as a partner

Depending on the year of the wedding anniversary, the pattern of speech may be different. Given below are examples for the 50th wedding anniversary speech.

50TH Wedding Anniversary Speech:

The 50 wedding anniversary speeches are special occasions for grandfathers and grandmothers. They may have a range of emotions and many things to tell, but they may not know how to start. You can get guidance by reading the following tips below:

  • The 50th-anniversary speech is special as you have many years to count and many things to tell. However, before starting, start recalling some moments that you can never forget. It may include remembering the feeling when you first met your husband, some special, memorable moments throughout those 50 years, and some strength or good thing about your partner that you learned after living together.
  • Start your speech by thanking everyone who attends the part, and remember to smile. One example of starting can be as follows:

‘Thank all friends and my family who joined us on this special occasion’. Then you can look at your partner and start the speech

  • You can start with narrating some funny and humorous memories with your partner and asking him/her if they remember it or not. Make it a one-on-one session by allowing your partner to speak and reply too. It can make the speech very interesting, and everyone would love to hear about such experiences.
  • You can describe the value of love and companionship and describe what you have discovered about companionship while living together
  • You should describe how the presence of your partner every day in life has been such a blessing for them. You can narrate your 50 years of togetherness and the benefits of finding your partner by your side each day
  • While remembering the marriage journey, do not forget about your struggles or problems too. Describe how you have overcome those hurdles and went on to become an experienced partner. Finally, you can thank your partner for standing strong and supporting you through thick and thin. You can particularly narrate some very worst moments that you experienced together and came out of it.
  • After this, make sure to look around your other relatives. Your son and granddaughters who you have got with the blessings of God. Tell them how fortunate you feel to live and take every breath with your spouse.

Thus, overall, the occasion anniversary speech is mostly the occasion of recalling all memories and speaking about them in front of everyone. While talking, remember to direct your partner. It would be best if you also encouraged other family members to come forward and share their precious memories with you too. You should praise your children and grandchildren and state how proud you feel about their achievements. If you are planning a wedding anniversary, you can get assistance from speech writing services at

25th Wedding Anniversary Speech:

The 25th wedding anniversary speech, most commonly known as the silver jubilee, is a glorifying moment for many as the couple celebrates when they have completed two and a half decades of marriage. Children of the couple can give the speech, and they can talk about the time they have to spend together as a newly married couple. Some of the ways to deliver a wonderful speech are as follows:

  1. Describe the time or moments shared: You can point out the couple and announce how they have completed a beautiful journey of 25 years together. You can state how this is a huge milestone and how very few people reach this milestone. It could be followed by complimenting and congratulating the couple on the special occasion.
  2. Another option to give a silver anniversary speech is to use golden anniversary gifts in the presentation. You can use stories to help the couple find the gifts. The stories should be made in a way that points to the gifts. You can end with congratulatory champagne or sparkling wine. As the color silver is linked to the gift, make sure to use this as a clue too.
  3. Describe a brief history of how the couple met. Many may not be aware of how a couple meets the first time. Thus, sharing such memories will be interesting for the audience attending the parties.
  4. Mention any special projects the marriages of a couple completed together. It may be related to their career or any hobbies. Try to list all of them and complement the couple for the effort gone in achieving the same.
  5. Lastly, take time to praise the person who organized the whole event.

If you are a child of the couple, you can give some personal messages and the gifts you have shared. Hopefully, with the above tips, you are sure to give a memorable speech and bring life to the anniversary party.

Alexander Andeerson

Hi, my name is Alexander Anderson. I am 30, and I am an English writing expert based in Melbourne. I started writing and blogging from a young age, and most of my write-ups are based on real experiences and self-taught. Currently, I write Academic Blogs for Students all across the Globe at In addition to guiding students on their writing projects, I have also written on the topics of modern and contemporary art. If there’s something that I love more than Literature and art, it’s my Hungarian furry bud “Amos”. When I am not working, I am spending time with this greatest blessing in my life. 

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