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Why Homework Should Be Banned – Analysing Its Upsides and Downsides

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We all are familiar with homework. It is intended to help students develop the skills to manage the lessons on their own and recapitulate the lessons learned in class. Despite the noble purpose, people have varied opinions on homework. Some focus on the importance of homework in students’ learning process, while others argue highlighting the downsides. So what do you think? Read for more on the homework debate.

What Is Homework And Its Importance?

What is homework? Well, homework refers to the work given to students after each class to help them recollect everything taught. It is a vital part of the traditional teaching method where teachers moderate the lessons and monitor the student’s performance. Homework can be in two forms – writing or memorising a lesson.

What Is The Point Of Homework?

When discussing the importance of homework, you cannot overlook its role in helping students understand the lessons taught in class and develop new study skills. Homework enables students and parents to stay on par with the requirements of their courses. To ensure homework effectiveness, teachers ensure the work given is purposeful, and students don’t take up too much or feel exhausted doing it.

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Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

Undoubtedly, homework is given for the overall academic development of the student. Despite so, many do not favour homework due to the pressure and stress it causes. Both students and parents have bad things to say about homework and demand to ban homework. If you are wondering about the reasons why homework should be banned, here’s a complete list.

20 Reasons Why Homework Is Bad

These are some reasons why homework is not beneficial and should be banned for the well-being of students and to reduce parents’ workload.

  1. So why is homework bad? Well, it restricts students from doing what they wish during holidays. Too many homework tasks hog up most of their time, and they cannot enjoy their break.
  2. With too many homework tasks, students have no time for physical activities or exercises, thus, making them sluggish and unhealthy.
  3. Parents restrict their wards from playing outdoor games so the latter can complete their homework on time and be ready for class the next day.
  4. Not all homework is easy. Some can be beyond a student’s ability. However, due to the deadline scare, students are compelled to do their homework independently without solving the queries, which affects the paper quality and grades. Low grades break students’ confidence and lower their motivation levels.
  5. Homework is not the right tool to measure credibility and subject knowledge. Sometimes students seek help from their parents just to meet the deadline, which increases parents’ workload.
  6. Most students treat homework as a regular task. They don’t focus on the learning aspect but target to meet the deadline. Due to this, they resort to other means or professionals to complete their homework, which is bad because it makes the student dependent on somebody else.
  7. With too homework tasks to complete and subjects to study, students have no time to spend with their family and friends. The lack of family and friend time impacts social bonds and makes them less interested in social gatherings.
  8. Most don’t like doing homework because they are exhausted after class. However, parents have to intervene and force students to complete their work within the deadline. Sometimes parents have to scold their wards, creating a rift between them.
  9. After a long day at school, 3 hours of homework is equivalent to punishment for students. Students don’t get the time to do what they love to relax, which makes them bored and irritated.
  10. Another negative impact of homework is that students don’t get enough time to prepare for their tests. With multiple homework tasks to complete and no time to study, they have no option but to resort to unfair means to pass the tests or fail.
  11. Writing is not every student’s forte. However, most homework tasks are in written form. Without good writing skills, students cannot create quality work which again affects their grades and invites various repercussions.
  12. Students don’t have knowledge about every topic taught in the class. Sometimes they have to research to write answers from research. However, a lack of resources such as the internet, a desktop, or a tutor can make it challenging for students to complete their work on time.
  13. Surveys suggest that 75% of students are a victim of depression because they are unable to meet their teachers’ and parents’ expectations. They are overburdened with homework tasks and lack the skills and knowledge to complete their work on time.
  14. Homework is not actually beneficial because most students take the help of their parents and tutors to complete their tasks. Some even copy answers from their friends to submit the solutions on time.
  15. Too much homework means a lack of time for doing something creative. Some students love reading, painting, or playing games. But homework leaves them with no time to do anything.
  16. School is equivalent to a full-time job. You have to attend all classes and complete all homework given after each class. Plus, there are extracurricular activities and other school-related activities that you should participate in, which only increases pressure.
  17. There’s no actual proof that doing homework improves your performance in online exams. Instead, you should study regularly to stay on par with the lessons to gain the confidence to do well in exams.
  18. Students often have to work on tasks irrelevant to the lessons taught in the class. Students feel stranded when they cannot find answers to their homework questions.
  19. Too much pressure and unwarranted anxiety are common among students at all study levels. The constant worry about pending homework tasks often destroys their peace of mind and triggers stress.
  20. Less time for self-studies is another reason why homework is not beneficial and should be banned. With multiple homework tasks to complete daily, you won’t get enough time to indulge in quality self-studies.

Let’s Debate on Homework

Banning homework is easier said and done, as it is one of the main pillars of the modern educational structure. Even though the above points would make you call for a homework ban, you cannot deny the advantages of doing homework. Since “Should we ban homework” is a burning debate, it’s important to weigh the positives from the negatives before deciding.

Should Homework Be Banned – Pros and Cons


  • Homework doesn’t guarantee positive or better academic results. So banning it will help students make more time for studies and enhance their learning experience.
  • Banning homework will help students to relax and indulge in things that make them active, thus, reducing burnout issues
  • 1/3 of parents say that homework hogs up most of their time with their children. So a homework ban will increase students’ time with their families and allow parents to teach their kids new skills.
  • Banning homework means you don’t have to spend sleepless nights completing your urgent deadlines. You can study during your study hour and sleep on time, improving your physical and mental health.
  • With no homework to worry about, you will get enough time to socialise with your family and friends and strengthen your connections.
  • Doing the same daily homework tasks can become repetitive and boring, affecting students’ interest in the subject. But with a homework ban, students can reduce repetition and gain better outcomes by learning by solving problems.


  • Homework allows parents to get involved with their children’s academic process. They know what’s being taught and their wards’ weak areas and discuss them with the teachers. However, banning homework will restrict parents from playing an active role in their wards’ educational process.
  • Homework helps teachers and parents to identify students’ challenging areas. When students have to work on their homework questions alone, they cannot hide their challenges, making it easier for tutors and parents to identify potential issues quickly.
  • Homework helps teachers to analyse students’ understanding of the topic. Although some homework tasks make students anxious and stressed, such experiences will prepare them for the assessment process of different job sectors. Banning homework will restrict students from such early preparations.
  • Students get multiple homework tasks that they must complete within a limited timeframe. They have to plan their time well to meet the deadlines. This will improve their time management skills which are essential to succeed professionally. Banning homework means restricting the chances of skills development.
  • Homework teaches students important life lessons and hone skills. For instance, some homework tasks will require you to research and communicate with different groups of people to gather information. This will improve your research communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Such development won’t be possible with a homework ban.
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Why Homework Good Is For Students & Why Should Students Have It?

Undoubtedly, homework has its cons. Your homework is the last thing you want to worry about after a long day at school. Yet, there are reasons why students should have homework. The following points why homework is good for your learning process.

  • Why do we need homework? The first point would be to revise what you learn. Yes, it gets tiring and time-consuming to work on one homework task after another. But doing homework will build up your momentum for learning as you will get to explore new topics and improve your subject knowledge with constant research and revision.
  • Homework builds a sense of discipline and responsibility. Since you will have multiple tasks, you will be accountable for your work and train yourself to become independent and responsible.
  • Homework improves your problem-solving abilities. When you find some questions difficult to solve, you will indulge in research and review notes and other relevant academic resources to develop a workable solution. With regular practice, you will become more confident in your problem-solving skills and apply the same in your daily life.
  • Homework demands a lot of effort and time. You will learn the importance of time management and hard work by working on different homework tasks. Doing your homework with your own effort will make you confident and boost your confidence to put more effort into your studies.
  • Managing homework tasks with multiple deadlines will help you learn to prioritise and organise different tasks. You will become more organised and develop the ability to complete your academic obligations effectively by following the standard requirements.
  • Homework encourages communication with teachers, parents, and peers. No matter what homework you are assigned, you can always ask them to solve your queries if you are stuck. Reaching out to your parents and teachers will get you valuable feedback that you can implement to get better grades.
  • As the famous saying goes, practice makes you practice; with homework, you get to practice what you have learned in class and use your knowledge to solve relevant questions and sample papers. That way, you can develop an in-depth understanding of the topic and increase your chances of fetching better and higher grades. If you find yourself overwhelmed or short on time, considering options like “pay someone to do my homework” can provide additional support, ensuring the completion of assignments with precision and understanding.

Reasons Why Homework Should Not Be Banned

Should homework be required? Yes, if you wish to perform better in your academics. Homework offers ample benefits for students and enables teachers to analyse how much they have learnt from the lessons and their challenging areas and analyse what can be done to mitigate the challenges. Here are some more reasons why homework should not be banned:

 Homework teaches students the significance of time management by balancing time for academic and social activities.
 Multiple homework deadlines and academic requirements allow students to learn to prioritise and organise their routines to complete their urgent homework tasks without stress.
 Homework helps teachers and parents determine the student’s standing with the course. By evaluating the homework solutions, teachers can evaluate students understanding of the topic and give relevant feedback.
 Homework helps students in skills building. Students can develop their analytical, problem-solving, research and communication skills with homework writing.
 Homework allows students to review their lessons and determine if they have understood the topic or need more assistance. It makes learners accountable for their lessons and teaches them how to become more responsible with their studies.
 Homework helps learners to identify their suitable learning approach. It gives them the confidence to work independently with proper planning.
 Homework removes the communication gap between the students and the teachers. Students can approach their classmates and teachers and resolve their doubts. They can also participate in discussions to understand the concepts and make the most of the learning environment.

To Ban or Not to Ban Homework – Conclusion

The ultimate decision about whether to ban homework or not depends on the educators. While there are several reasons to ban homework, one cannot give a verdict on the same without considering the upsides of homework, such as the ones stated above. Since no compelling scientific evidence supports both stances on homework, the verdict remains a matter of opinion. So, in my opinion, homework should not be banned entirely. 

The homework scenario can become manageable if educators and teachers minimise the homework quantity. Sure, students have multiple subjects to study. The teachers should take the initiative to plan their homework. The homework count should be reduced to two to three max so students can breathe. Also, with such limited homework tasks, students will get more time to relax and give time to family, friends and other activities.

Henry Lee

Hi, my name is Henry Lee. I am 26 and an active tech blogger based in Adelaide. Well, that’s something I do out of passion. To earn a livelihood, I work as a full-time English writing expert at I write academic blogs, mainly focused on English and Literature writing. I have 4+ years of experience of guiding students on essays writing on different categories of topics. Apart from this, I love to keep myself updated on the latest happenings in technology. I love new gadgets as much as I love writing. So, when I am not writing, you’ll probably find me indulged in a gaming session or researching about the latest trend in technology. 

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