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8 Reasons Why Students Find It A Pain To Finish Homework

UserMark time20 February,2017


That one word is enough to rouse a mixture of negative feelings in you. From pure loathing to indifference, and then anxiety and stress owing to the pressure you feel because of this seemingly important academic task. While you may try to avoid doing your homework altogether, you know somewhere that you just cannot escape it. It’s going to haunt you like the monster under your bed no matter what you do.

Reasons Why Students Find It A Pain To Finish Homework

But what’s intriguing is the reason(s) why you hate doing your homework so much. We’re going to put our FBI goggles on and explore the eight universals reasons why you almost never reach the homework finishing line. We will also discuss possible solutions for each of these reasons so that your homework journey can be a smooth one.

1. You Didn’t Make A Note Of It 

If you didn’t scribble down your tasks for the day in your notebook, in all probability, you’re not going to remember to do it in the future. In fact, this is how the ‘I forgot to do my homework’ reason was born. Well, this may not entirely be your fault. Sometimes, your teachers go at lightning speed and do not allow you enough time to jot down all the details you need. Many teachers don’t even write the task on the board which can lead to you copying down the wrong topic just on the basis of word of mouth.


Teachers must write the task on the blackboard/notice board so that students can copy it down accurately, and have a reminder of their homework. Now it’ll be your responsibility to make sure that you note it down in a proper place so that you can refer to it when you sit down with your books.

2. A single homework assignment takes up too much of your time 

Recently, a team of researchers from the University of Oviedo (Spain) carried out a study with 7725 students participating in it. The average age of the students was 13 years, and each of them was given a set of questionnaire to reveal how they feel about homework. The study revealed that when students were assigned more than 60 minutes of homework each day, they resisted. Naturally, nobody likes to spend half of their day doing homework, and the time spent on this task increases as you reach high school. Many students feel demotivated to complete their homework precisely for this reason.


School authorities should come up with a plan where homework hours don’t spill into leisure time. As for what you can do as a student, try breaking up your homework into smaller chunks and do a bit each day so that it doesn’t take up all of your time.

3. You treat your homework as an unimportant task

This usually happens when you do not see any logical reason to do your homework. However, it’s not true that homework is pointless. Homework has several benefits with improving grades being one of the most important ones. Apart from that, homework also helps you polish your skills and gives you the chance to understand your subjects better so you can retain what you’ve learned.


To prevent students from treating their homework carelessly, teachers should have an interactive session with their students so that they can comprehend the value of homework. Besides, as students, you should understand the importance of homework yourself and not take it so casually.

4. The instructions provided are unclear

Homework is inclusive of complex assignments such as essays, book reports and the like. During senior school, your teachers may not always provide you with crystal clear instructions on how to go about doing that task. Lack of guidance and proper instructions are one of the commonest reasons why you may feel more daunted by your homework than you would otherwise. This can, in turn, lead to incomplete homework.


As a student, you shouldn’t hesitate to approach your teacher if you do not understand anything about your homework. If you’re not comfortable in asking your queries in front of everyone else, meet your teacher after class hours and get all the clarification you need.

5. You don’t like the type of homework you have been given

As a student, you may prefer one type of homework over the other. The ‘one size fits all’ approach adopted by your teacher; wherein everybody gets the same type of homework, may not be suitable for you. This can again be a stumbling block. And you may find yourself striving to get your homework done. In fact, research can prove this.  A study posted in the Journal Of Chemical Education revealed that some students feel most comfortable in doing one type of assignment over the other. The data put forward showed that 62% students preferred online assignments, while 41% expressed their preference for paper-based assignments. So the next time your teacher asks you why you didn’t do your homework, you can say that the type of homework assigned isn’t working out for you.


Teachers should try to introduce an element of variety into the homework they assign students. It should be a healthy mix of written assignments, group projects, art projects and the like. As for students, you can recommend suggestions on which types of tasks you want to do, which your teachers can incorporate.  You can also do your homework in a group with your friends, so it turns into a more enjoyable activity.

6. You think your homework is too easy (or too difficult)

Sometimes you get homework, which is so easy that you almost feel like skipping it altogether since it’s not doing you any good. On other occasions, that might not be the case. The homework assigned to you may turn to out to be extremely difficult. And try as you may to finish it, you’ll have no choice left but to give up in frustration due to its difficulty.


Ask your teacher to give you a more challenging task if easy homework is your problem. But if you’re on the other side of the fence, do the opposite. Teachers should try to ensure that the homework given is an assortment of both simple and tough tasks.

7. You did not get any feedback on your previous homework

Criticism, whether it’s encouraging or negative is all it takes to motivate you to do all your academic tasks. In fact, countless surveys and studies have revealed that students seek recognition and acknowledgment for just completing their homework, forget if it was done accurately or not. The same holds true for college students too who want their professors to tell them that they have done well.


Teachers and professors should make it a point to appreciate their students from time to time so that they feel encouraged to do their homework. To show they care, teachers should allot extra points in their evaluation system for submitting homework. Small feedbacks can go a long way in encouraging healthy homework habits among students. On the other hand, as a student, you can have a small reward system for yourself so that you stay motivated to do your homework. Treat yourself to good food, a movie or time out with your friends every time you complete your homework.

8. You have other interests or assignments to tend to

You may be into sports or theater, which is occupying a major chunk of your time so that you don’t have any left for your homework. Or you might be in a tough spot where you have to complete an urgent assignment given by another teacher and have no choice but to ignore the rest of your homework. Both of these can be prime factors that lead to the submission of half-baked or no homework. While the pressure from extra-curricular activities and other teachers might be to blame, poor time management skills also are at play here.


You can talk to your sport’s team coach to allow you some time to finish in between practices or you can ask your teacher to give you some extra time to complete the task at hand. You can also make a detailed timetable for yourself and adhere to it. This’ll help you manage all your other commitments with ease, and you will not have to sacrifice your homework time.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are many other causes too why students struggle while doing their homework. Family emergencies, lack of proper equipment, sickness, and a rebellious attitude are all equally possible rationales behind this phenomenon. Therefore, students and teachers should work together so that they can overcome these obstacles in the most effective manner. can be your go-to homework buddy every time you need it

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