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Crisis Management Case Study: Adowntown Vancouver Hotel

Forming a cross-functional team to handle the Covid-19 crisis

This is a case study of adowntown Vancouver hotelwith 250 rooms and 400 employees. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to your operations, and you must lead your employees through the crisis. Read and respond to each of the questions below, sharing how you would respond if you were responsible. Your responses for each question should not exceed 500 words. Each question is worth 10 points, for a total of 50 marks.Ensure you are using class and textbook learning to support your points.You may use additional research sources, but be mindful that they must be cited. Please submit your responses in a word document. 1)On March 17th, a public health emergency isdeclared in the province of BCdue to the Covid-19 pandemic. On this date, you made the decision to form a cross-functional team to handle the crisis. It is made up of yourself (the General Manager) as well as individuals fromsales, marketing, maintenance, event management, front officeand housekeeping.The role of thecrisis response team is to help with handling operations throughout thepandemicto ensure the safety of employees and guests. It is clear the group needs to come together as a teamand get to work. What are the most important things you will do at the beginning to ensure this team is effective and productive in the crisis?Use specific examples. 2)On March 20th, you see dramatic declines in occupancy. You will keep the hotel open but it’s clear you no longer need your full team. As General Manager, youmake the difficult decision to layoff 80% of your hourly employees.  Describe how you are going to make your decisionson who stays employed, using course concepts. How will you ensure your decisions are ethical and without bias?3)On March 25th, you notice a change in the employee behaviour of the remaining 20% of your hourly employees. The crisis and resulting layoffs have left those who remain feeling very disengaged. Employees have reported layoff survivor’s guilt, showing signs of anger, mistrust and sadness. Most are overwhelmed and disengaged. Some are showing performance issues and job withdrawal. Work productivity has decreased, and you notice people are not showing up on time. List and describe four actions you might take to motivate your team. Why do youthink these actionsmight be effective?
TOUR 114Final Exam4)Imagine you are a front office manager of the hotel and need to be available for front line work. However, with your lack of childcare arrangements, you need to be able to do some of the work (like scheduling, office admin etc) from home. You want toworkat the hotel half the day during thecore hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m(when you have a babysitter available). Youwould like to choose the other four hours you work each day.Your boss thinks you should be at the hotel 8 hours a day at minimum. She also can’t lose you right now, as you have more expertise than the other front office managers and have been so valuable. If your boss doesn’t agree, you will have to find another job. Present a persuasive discussion to encourage your bossto allow you to work a flex schedule. Use concepts from Ch 13 and 14. 5)Imagine you are the leader of the hotel. As a leader, what are some of the most important styles, behaviours and traitsyou need to manage this crisis?Explain why you think they are important.  Additionally, what power base and tactics might you use to be effective in leading your team through the pandemic

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