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Comm161 College Communication

Assignment instructions:

1. Read “No Tips, Please” on page 293 of Skills Set with Readings, third edition. (NOTE: “No Tips, Please” is also posted on our course shell in the folder “Assigned Readings.”)

2. Choose a writing topic.

3. Write a preliminary essay outline for your chosen topic.  (Use the essay template provided.)

Preliminary Essay Outline format:

Thesis Statement:

· The thesis statement contains a topic, controlling idea (opinion), and three main supporting points.

· The thesis statement is written as one complete sentence with good parallel structure and attention to grammar and mechanics.

· The thesis statement is thoughtful and can be adequately supported in a three-paragraph essay.

Body Paragraphs:

Each boy paragraph contains a topic sentence, 2 main supporting points, and 2 specific examples or points of explanation.

Topic Sentence:

· The topic sentence contains a topic (relating directly to the first main supporting point of the thesis statement) and a controlling idea (opinion).

· The topic sentence is written as one complete sentence with attention to grammar and mechanics.

Main supporting point:

· Each main point is a general supportable point. (point-form format)


· A specific example or explanation is given for each main point which adequately clarifies and/or further extends the idea expressed. (point-form format)

Concluding Sentence:

The concluding statement is written as a complete, grammatically correct sentence and paraphrases the thesis statement.

Reading Reference:

Two reading references are used appropriately as either specific examples or as explanations to further clarify the corresponding main point.


Writing Topics (Choose ONE and circle it):

1.    In “No Tips Please,” the writer states that tips are often not reported for income tax purposes.  Is this fair?  Based on your own ideas and experience, discuss three reasons why people should, or should not, report gratuities [tips] on their income tax returns.  Refer to ideas from “No Tips, Please” to help support your opinion.

2.    Based on your own ideas and experience, highlight a job or industry that you feel should encourage tipping.  Provide three reasons to support your claim, and use relevant examples from "No Tips, Please.”

3.    Based on your own ideas and experience, discuss three reasons why tipping should be encouraged in Canada or another country you know. Refer to ideas from “No Tips, Please” to help support your opinion.



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