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CHEM2401 Introductory Organic Chemistry

Triphenylphosphine: Transformations of a Common Ligand Include the following in your formal report:
The formal report for this experiment should include all the collected spectral data.
The spectra can be inserted electronically as an appendix or a figure in the text.
All spectra should be properly labelled and annotated.
In addition, include the yields for both products, and balanced chemical equations for the reactions that take place.
Use the % yield data from the Google sheet (will be posted Friday) to comment on the success of the synthesis.
Do not include raw data in your report, summarize the data in a way that makes it easy for the reader to follow.
Additionally, please provide answers to the following questions:
Describe the orbitals involved in the following interactions:
a) Ph3PS donates two electrons to I2 (dative bonding)
b) I2 donates two electrons to Ph3PS (dative bonding)
c) Ph3PS and I2 form a covalent bond Draw Lewis structures (include scans of your hand-drawn structures in your report) for the reaction that occurs between Ph3P and S8, and assign oxidation numbers for phosphorus and sulfur atoms in all species.
What kind of reaction takes place when triphenylphosphine reacts with molecular sulfur? How do the IR spectra for Ph3P, Ph3PS, and Ph3PSI2 compare?
What stretching frequencies appear/disappear/shift?
What conclusions about the structure of each product are supported by your spectra? Consult the chemical literature for IR stretches for P-S and I2. Can you see these stretching frequencies in your spectra?
Comment on the usefulness of IR for this experiment.

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