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Grammar Checker

Online grammar checkers and free grammar checker for students are hugely popular and prolific across the Web today. Thanks to the phenomenal of AI, analytics, software, and networking technologies, you can now polish any content as well as boost your grammatical knowledge at the click of a button. As a result, grammar checking online tools find usage across various domains from students to professionals. The unnatural accuracy, superb speed of operations, and ready convenience are three significant factors behind the popularity of grammar checkers.

If it’s a versatile grammar checker that you’re looking for grammar check free online, then’s online paper editor and grammar checker is the best you will ever find. Simple UI, incredibly easy-to-use, powerful NLP capabilities, constant availability, zero downtime - MAH’s free online grammar checker is undoubtedly the BEST grammar checker software on the Web. Checking student grammar check online is the best tool

Read on to find out why!

What Is The Best Grammar Checker?’s grammar checker is simply the best in the business. And the following are the biggest reasons why we can blatantly claim so.

  • icon Our brilliant web developers, AI engineers, and native language experts are designed. Skilled, knowledgeable, and highly qualified, they are also the ones who keep the app running and enhance it in every way possible.
  • iconCheck your grammar and Grammar check online for english writing quality using our apps' powerful Natural Language Processing techniques. In addition, our grammar checking online freetool employs generic rule-based and data-driven grammar checking to scan & offer suggestions.
  • iconRoutine maintenance and frequent upgrades ensure that our online editor cum grammar checker operates optimally.
  • iconIt is entirely FREE and EASY TO USE!

Just go ahead and paste any English content in the designated space & click on the 'Check Grammar' button. And, that’s it! Our grammar checker app will scan for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in the text, minutely & thoroughly.

Get instantaneous guidance and polish any content like a pro with's free online grammar checker. Do read on to find out how easy it is to spell check and correct grammar for free with MAH.

How To Use The Free Grammar Checker Tool- Check & Correct Grammar Mistakes In 3 Easy Steps

Check the clarity, engagement, delivery, spelling, and punctuation of any content with the three following steps.

    • iconStep 1:

    Paste, write or upload the content file you intend to check.

    • iconStep 2:

    Click on the grammar check button, and the grammar checker will analyze the text in-depth. It will preprocess the raw text, extract features and use robust classifiers to provide necessary correction suggestions.

    • iconStep 3:

    And, that’s it! Our English grammar corrector will offer excellent suggestions for polishing the content to perfection.

    Well, as you can see, our free grammar checker for students & professionals is extremely simple to use. The MAH grammar checker is versatile and highly capable and can work fine both as an academic writing corrector & a business grammar checker.

    Find out why our grammar checkers trumps every other tool out there

    How Does MAH Grammar Checker Beat Others?

    MAH’s grammar check tool online employs advanced NLP techniques for analyzing words. There are three stages from the core of the grammar checker's operations: text preprocessing, feature extraction, and classification.

    • icon The preprocessing phase involves lexical analysis, syntactic & semantic analysis, discourse integration, and pragmatic analysis. Computational linguistics plays a central role in this and all subsequent stages.

      Text standardization, spelling correction, tokenization, lemmatization, and exploratory data analysis occur at this stage.

    • iconThe second stage involves identifying features using which the model will perform further processing. Feature extraction involves extensive usage of various mathematical techniques such as vector algebra for quantification purposes.

      MAH grammar checker uses N-grams and the term-frequency-inverse document frequency technique to develop necessary feature information.

    • iconFinally, the English grammar corrector uses the extracted features to pinpoint all grammatical issues in the content and rectify them.

      The MAH English grammar check app is unmatched in speed and accuracy, employing powerful AI techniques to polish any text.

    Next up, please find out the features that make our grammar checker stand out from the rest!

    What Do We Offer – Features Of Our Online Grammar Checker’s free online grammar checker boasts a robust set of features and capabilities that no conventional grammar editor app can provide.

    • iconAcute analysis of diction, clarity, engagement, tone, and style
    • iconThorough checking of content correctness, including spelling, punctuation, capitalizations, etc.
    • iconSentence construction, modifier usage, proper transitions checked minutely
    • iconComprehensive checking of narrative structure, cohesion, logical progression, dialectical errors, and much more Besides impeccable grammar checking by intelligent computational systems, here are some other perks of the MAH academic writing corrector/business grammar checker.
    • iconAlways available with no downtime
    • iconLightning fast
    • iconSimple user interface and lucid usage

    So, start polishing your content to perfection today with the Web's most versatile & capable grammar checker from

    But, wait, that’s not all!

    Besides offering free academic tools, provides world-class tutoring and educational writing assistance to students at all academic levels. Find out why we are one of the world's leading academic service providers from the sections below.

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    We Are The Preferred Choice For Students & Professionals

    Suppose auto-generated content from a free essay rewriter software does not satisfy you. In that case, we have the perfect bunch of academic experts and world-class academic assistance services ready at your disposal.

    • icon100% Authentic & Accurate Tutoring & Writing Assistance
    • iconUrgent Assistance and On-Time Deliveries
    • iconGenuine Graduate and Post-Graduate Experts
    • iconAirtight Data Privacy
    • iconLive Tutoring Sessions
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    What’s more, you also get to avail yourself of a diverse array of perks.

    • iconAcademic Guidance for 500+ subjects at all levels
    • iconPocket-friendly prices
    • iconQuick-turnaround time
    • iconOn-time delivery
    • iconSecure payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, etc.)
    • iconFree 24/7 customer support service

    So, let go of all your worries, use our world-class grammar checker to enhance your write-ups, and avail of top-tier academic assignment assistance services from

    Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

    Q.1. Who Can Use MyAssignmenthelp Grammar Checker?

    Ans: Anybody with a decent Internet connection and an Internet-enabled device can use’s grammar checker. It is completely FREE and always will be.

    Q.2. Can This Tool Be Used As A Punctuation Checker?

    Ans: Absolutely. Our grammar checker scans any text comprehensively and checks for both spellings, grammar, punctuation, and more.

    Q.3. Is MyAssignmenthelp Grammar Checker Tool Free?

    Ans: Yes,’s grammar checker tool is entirely FREE FOR USE. Use it as many times and as often as you want.The best Grammar checker free

    Q.4. Can This Tool Be Used As A Spell Checker?

    Ans: Sure. MAH’s grammar checker runs thorough checks to ensure flawlessness, and spelling checking is a crucial aspect of such checks.

    Q.5. How Do I Know If The Grammar Checker’s Suggestions Are Correct Or Not?

    Ans: You can be sure of completely accurate and correct suggestions from the MAH grammar checker and Check my grammar. In addition, brilliant Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing engineers and native English language SMEs work together to ensure absolute flawlessness in results.

    Q.6. Why Are Grammar Checkers Essential In The Academic Field?

    Ans: Well, English grammar check tools allow for quick revisions and instant proofreading of different kinds of texts. Students get to save lots of time and get their hands on near-perfect content instantly. Suggestions from grammar checkers can also help improve one’s understanding and knowledge of English grammar & its applications.

    Q.7. What Type Of Grammatical Errors Our Tools Detects?

    Ans: Wrong word choice, overuse of the passive voice, too many adverbs & prepositional phrases, incorrect prepositions, dangling & ambiguous modifiers, comma splices, lack of transitions, run-on sentences, wordiness, tautologies, incoherence, etc. – our grammar checker checks and rectifies ALL types of grammatical errors.

    Q.8. Is There A Myassignmenthelp Tool Like Grammarly To Proofread Texts?

    Ans:’s online checker is a capable contender for Grammarly when it comes to proofreading texts.

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