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Group Project Guidelines: Collaboration, Professionalism, and Success

Background Information

The group project assignment is designed to expose you to working in groups and teams which is a key skill for your academic and employment careers and this assignment allows me to assess your professionalism and ability to work with others.

You may work ahead, however, any group assignments submitted past the deadline will be considered late, will not be marked and will score a for all members. There is no exception to this policy, so that you experience the importance of working to deadlines, requiring you to manage your time, similar to the work environment.

  • I have assigned groups of 4-5 students for your group.
  • The members of the group are expected to contribute equally to the group project. Every member of the group will receive the same grade, subject to adjustment as noted below.
  • If a student does not participate or contribute, you are not able to add their name to the submission (it would be inappropriate and fraudulent to give acknowledgement if they did not contribute)
  • Each group member must submit a confidential evaluation form to the instructor in which they allocate a contribution score for each member of the group, including themselves. The contribution scores will be used to adjust individuals grades for the group project if necessary.
  • All assignments must be submitted on time or will receive a 0 if late. (*TIP* Consider who might be the best person for submission – being reliable and punctual is important)
  • All references must be in APA citation format.
  • Only one group member needs to submit for the group.
  • Include theory and concepts from our course in your submissions.
  • You must include a note at the last page of your group submission that explains what specific contributions each group member made.
  • Read the assignment instructions and assignment rubric to work together as a group to complete the assignment.
  • The group project consists of multiple assignments as explained below.
  • Assignments can be submitted in the format of your choice. Some suggestions include: Word, Power Point, Blog, Video
  • The following applies to all parts of your assignments submissions to your instructor:
  • The following applies to all 3 parts of the assignment:
  • All assignments need to have professional format, including proper spelling, grammar, citation, layout, and flow. If unsure, submit your draft paper to Write Away ( to get FREE feedback from a tutor.
  • Please use paragraphs to break up your writing.
  • Number your pages in your assignment, starting at 1
  • Include citations in APA format and include a “Works Cited” or “References” page at the end of your essay, starting on a new page.
  • It is expected that you adhere to the academic integrity standars set out by KPU – if unsure ask. This includes not plagiarizing, not cheating, not copying from others (including the web) and not getting others to do the work for you.
  • If you are unsure that you have done a good job of paraphrasing your reference material, run your paper through a plagiarism detector tool: This tool is FREE, you do NOT need to sign up. Remember, paraphrase AND cite your reference material.
  • All assignments should include a title page with the following information: Your full name, student email, Course and Section number, Instructor name, Assignment Name, Date submitted and the following academic integrity statement: “I/We confirm that this work is my/our own, has been prepared by me/us and adheres to the academic integrity statement signed by me/us and on file with the instructor.”

The purpose of the group charter is to get clarity on what you as a group need to accomplish, what each member's contributions are going to be, and the key dates for completion of tasks.

In your group project proposal, please include at a minimum:

  1. Title page (see template)
  2. Group Name and Logo (if you like)
  3. Role sand Responsibilities for each group member
  4. Group project timeline
  5. Group member bios, skills, strengths and weaknesses
  6. Group Goals and Decision Making: What is our group trying to accomplish? How are we going to make decisions? How do we resolve conflict?
  7. Group expectations: What are your expectations for your group/team and the norms for working together?
  8. Group organization: When will the group attempt to meet (what time, how often, where)? How long should the meetings be? When is it OK to skip a meeting? What does on-time really mean? How will we deal with chronic lateness to meetings? How doe you organize your group? What about group meetings?
  9. Group Communication: How do we communicate? What platform do we use to share notes, ideas, drafts (google, OneDrive, etc.)? Who is taken minutes of meetings and sending action items to all members?
  10. Group Consequences and Rewards: How do we deal with members who do not participate enough or distract others from our work? Submit low quality work or are always late on deliverables? What is the reward for participating?

I have provided a template for the group project proposal on Moodle for you to use. You can customize the template by removing fields you do not need or adding more. If your group would like to use a different template, please contact me for approval first.

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