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104 Remarkable Topics for Your Essay

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Literature essay writing is different from all other types of writing as more adherence to conventions and standards of writing has to be followed. The sentences are more replete with prose, similes, metaphors, personification and other usages to convey a picture. The style has to be kept more lucid and compelling. While presenting this kind of essay, you are required to critically evaluate certain pieces of literature, and dissect certain elements of a book that you have read in the class. This type of essay enables you to emphasize on particular elements like style, tone, themes and motifs. The process involves thoroughly assessing some pieces of writing and trying to figure out the sense behind presenting the literature in a specific way.

Generally the process of literature Essay writing follows these steps

  • Reviewing and going through various literature related to the topic
  • Doing a literary analysis of the portions required and references to be taken.
  • Planning the write-up, content structure, points to be dealt in each paragraphs
  • Drafting, Editing, proofreading and publishing

Also, a literature essay topic can be about assessing a particular work or a collection of different concepts and views expressed by different critics about a certain author or book. In this case, however, you need to tread cautiously with the sources you’ve picked to avoid plagiarism or let the ideas projected by others cloud your assessment of the work. Before starting with the paper, you should go through the original piece of write-up thoroughly so that it helps you in your attempt to analyze the book.

While analysing you need to consider the following

  • Subject
  • Charecter arc
  • Form
  • Plots and subplots
  • Relation between form and content
  • Themes
  • Delivery style etc

Speaking of analysis, it is essential to put the following elements while preparing a literature essay.

  • Introduction

Be concise. Offer some insights regarding the direction you are likely to follow through your essay. Choose and highlight the elements of the book that you will be working with. Alternatively, you can delegate your essay assignment to professional essay writers online.

  • Paragraphs

In your outline of the essay, you must emphasise on at least five different statements and the particular sections of the text that you want to analyse in detail. When approaching your essay writing topic, you should dedicate one or two paragraphs to establish each argument. Try to maintain a smooth transition between paragraph.

  • Quotes

Always ensure that you apply the quotes properly. Make sure to add a colon while introducing it and also include quotation marks. It is vital to present the quotes correctly as it reflects your professionalism and ability to deal with the complex academic document.

  • Selection

Never repeat the story in your write-up. It is crucial to be particular while writing the body of your essay. So it’ll be wise for you to focus on those sections of the literary piece that are most relevant to your essay. You can hire essay helpers to guide you through the process.

  • Evidence

When you make a statement, be sure to prove it. While preparing the essay, you must present examples to establish the stance you take about the themes, characters, style of the literary work. In this case, you can always use a quote to prove your point. Opt for custom writing services to conduct proper research to write your essay paper.

  • Address the underlying question

However obvious it may sound, but it’s quite normal to go off track while preparing a complex academic essay. Once you’re done writing the paper and start revising it, you must notice whether the write-up appropriately addresses the question or not. If it doesn’t, then you need to alter it so that it answers the specific questions.

  • Style

Keep the tone and style of the paper formal. It shouldn’t come across as conversational. Setting the right tone for your essay lets the readers decipher seriousness of the academic document. Look for essay editors to polish your write-up and bring out the best.

  • Be creative

It isn’t necessary that your ideas and opinions will be similar to other people’s ideas. If your opinion is distinctive and genuine, if you present them coherently, apply the evidence meticulously, your opinions will be accepted. Otherwise, you can always seek the professional essay help services to assist you through this.

  • Conclusion

In this section, try to bring all of your major points together. This is the segment of your essay paper where you directly emphasise on the question.

So now that you are armed with the right details go ahead and present a brilliant essay paper.

A collection of remarkable literature Essay topics

It is quite usual for literature students to fumble in the process of putting together a literature essay topic. Since selecting a good topic for this kind of essay is extremely crucial, the following is a detailed list of topics to present an impeccable literature essay as part of your college or university assignment.

  1. Critically analyse Charlotte Bronte’s application of themes in her novel Wuthering Heights.
  2. Evaluate the genre of gothic literature concerning the English novels that were written during the late eighteenth and the early nineteenth century.
  3. Describe the contrasting elements present in the characters of Michael Henchard and Donald Farfrae from Thomas Hardy’s Mayor of Casterbridge
  4. Who were considered the Pre-Romantics in the sphere of literature? What was their contribution to the sixteenth-century poetry?
  5. John Donne was considered the pioneer of applying metaphysical elements to his literary creations. Evaluate his idea of love expressed through the metaphysics.
  6. How is the era of Industrial Revolution portrayed in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land?
  7. Elucidate on the satirical portrayal of the soldiers of the World War I in George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man.
  8. Edward Thomas was one of the poets who were instrumental in pointing out misconceptions about the vague idea of glory surrounding wars and martyrdom. How did his literature contribute to establishing his point of view?
  9. Critically analyze Geoffrey Chaucer’s use of personification in his magnum opus The Canterbury Tales.
  10. Justify Jane Austen’s use of the themes of love in her novels. Did her literary creations provide a perfect reflection of how society perceived love during that era?
  11. Offer you insights on the gothic elements presented in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Horace Walpole’s Castle of Otranto.
  12. The moral decay of the Victorian society that was represented through Robert Browning’ s poem Porphyria’s Lover.
  13. The Old and Middle English literature was primarily centred around verses and poetries. How did prose literature come to exist? What was the focus of this type of literature during the initial days?
  14. Evaluate the context of revenge tragedies during the Elizabethan and Jacobean era by drawing the examples of the most popular revenge dramas of the time.
  15. William Shakespeare was mostly known for his tragedies. Do you think his tragedies would hold any significance in a contemporary setup?
  16. The era in which plays like Hamlet or Othello were composed, women did not have solid social standing. Do you think if those plays were written today, they would be any relevant regarding the portrayal of women?
  17. How did Shakespeare criticise the obvious misogyny that prevailed during the Elizabethan era through his portrayal of women characters?
  18. Critically evaluate William Shakespeare’s portrayal of antagonists.

In Macbeth, do you think fate played the role of an antagonist? Justify your opinion.

  1. Do you think Macbeth presents the tragedy of Lady Macbeth more acutely than the tragedy of the central character?
  2. Shakespeare’s contribution extended far beyond the boundaries of literature, and he was equally acknowledged for his contribution to the ever-evolving English vocabulary. Elucidate on the Shakespearean influence in the English vocabulary.
  3. Explain Joseph Conrad’s employment of the concept of Alter ego and the doppelganger through his composition The Secret Sharer.
  4. The representation of the society in the Anglo-Saxon era literature.
  5. The Anglo-Saxon lifestyle depicted through the verses of Beowulf.
  6. How does the conflict between Christian values and paganism become evident through the Anglo-Saxon Literature?
  7. The depiction of an epic hero in Anglo-Saxon literature.
  8. How does the Anglo-Saxon epic consolidate the foundation of contemporary literature?
  9. King Alfred’s contribution to Anglo-Saxon Literature.
  10. The emergence of the ‘University Wits’ and the art of characterisation.
  11. How did the Elizabethan stage contribute to the design and setup of the plays during that era?
  12. The restoration age is chiefly known for the restoration of the monarchy in England in 1660. What does the era teach us about the connection politics between and literature?
  13. Why do you think that satire and mockery became the significant aspects of the literary works produced during the Restoration period? What does this indicate about the notions and mindsets of the writers of that period?
  14. Emphasise on John Dryden’s contribution to consolidating the popularity of Restoration-era satires.
  15. John Milton is one of the most significant authors in the history of English literature, and his most popular creation, the epic Paradise Lost, was published when the Restoration comedy was exceedingly popular, highlighting his contradicting views. Now considering his Puritanical and Anti Royalist ideologies, can we refer to him a “Restoration” writer? Justify your answer.
  16. What is Comedy of Manners? How is it employed by the Restoration era authors to expose and ridicule the frivolity and superficiality of the then society?
  17. While it’s quite obvious what ushers in the Restoration era of literature, it’s not clear what marks the end of the era. Some critics believe it ends during the 1700s. How do we determine when Restoration era comes to an end?
  18. Why do you think the literary works composed during the Restoration period, specifically the plays, put an increased emphasis on sex and sexual innuendo?
  19. Discuss the most prominent features of Romantic-era literature, by drawing examples from the famous poets and authors of that period.
  20. How is Ode to a Nightingale and Lines Composed a Few Miles from Tintern Abbey connected in the treatment and representation of Romanticism?
  21. Provide a comparison of Neoclassicism and Romanticism concerning the relevant literature that was based on these theories.
  22. How is the French Revolution represented by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Dejection ode?
  23. Shed light on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s major point of conflict with his contemporary and compatriot William Wordsworth which was highlighted in the poet’s literary work Biographia Literaria.
  24. Elucidate on P.B. Shelley’s idea of Romanticism concerning his Ode to the West Wind.
  25. William Blake is considered one of the Precursors of Romanticism. He is also known for employing a certain element of mysticism to his poems. How do you think the aspect of mysticism played out in some of his most noteworthy literary creations?
  26. There are lots of speculations regarding Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s unfinished poems (Namely Kubla Khan, Christabel, Rime of the Ancient Mariner ). Some critics tend to believe that those poems are a complete presentation in itself, irrespective of Coleridge’s admission that those were unfinished. Do you also believe that Coleridge’s poems weren’t really unfinished? Explain by drawing examples from the poems mentioned in the question.
  27. Elucidate on the aspect of the Medieval Revival and the implementation of the melancholy tone as traits of Romanticism with reference to the literature of the Romantic era.
  28. Why did authors during the Romantic era increasingly emphasised on the significance of ‘returning to the nature’ through their poems.
  29. Elaborate on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s fondness for supernatural elements through some of his most famous poems. How did the supernatural elements contribute to the basic features of the Romanticism?
  30. Do you think the features of Romanticism presented through the literature of eighteenth century literature would be applicable in contemporary times? Justify your answer.
  31. Is Romanticism closely related to the employment of imagination. Would you consider it two sides of a coin?
  32. Did the Romantic era authors drew inspiration from the Greeks? Justify your answer with relevant examples.
  33. Poetry is an organic entity for the Romantics- Validate this statement by providing a thorough and comprehensive analysis.
  34. Elaborate how William Wordsworth’s poem represents the ideas about the significance of the ordinary people and their vocabulary.
  35. Is the phrase “beauty is in the ordinary” perfectly justified for describing Wordsworth’s poems?
  36. What were points of similarities and the major distinctions between the Romantic and Victorian era literature? Explain with reference to some of the most popular literary pieces of both the era.
  37. Elaborate on the emergence of Edgar Allen Poe and his contributions to the English literature. Do you think his works were under-appreciated during his time Do you believe that he was way ahead of his time in presenting literature which would be immensely popular even in today’s times?
  38. What is “Pantisocracy”? How is it connected to both the ideologies of Godwinian rationalism and the School of Sensibility?
  39. Discuss the stark contrast between the Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. Consider the style and themes employed in the poems from the two groups. While the distinctions are apparent, what are the reasons behind it? What is the point of presenting such contradictions? What are the implications of the opposites that were portrayed?
  40. Considering the mariner’s observations in the poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Elaborate on the nature of universe represented through this piece of work. Why is the albatross killed? How is the mariner’s fate determined? How do the drought and the becalming comes to an end? Elucidate carefully what you as a reader understand and what the literary work actually suggests.
  41. Discuss Lord Byron’s employment of Ottava Rima in the poem Don Juan.
  42. Which social practice was criticized most by Thomas Hardy in his novels?
  43. Are Victorian era authors the successors to the Romantic era poets? Or would it be appropriate to place them in a separate category?
  44. Elucidate on the image of the Victorian era London through the literature of that time.
  45. Elaborate on any piece of literature that portrays the Victorian era London as a prominent character.
  46. Elaborate on the clear distinctions that persisted during the Victorian era regarding the literature for the elites and the masses.
  47. How did the scientific and technological advances of the Victorian period influenced the creativity of Charles Dickens?
  48. The Romantic era poetries are possibly the most distinguished among all, but Victorian poets also made some considerable contributions towards poetry, like Robert Browning’s famous monologues. If you had to critically examine the styles of Victorian poetry, how is it distinguishable from the Romantic era poetries?
  49. If you were to relate the Victorian literature with some of the major literary compositions of the time, which ones would be the most appropriate? Which literary pieces would mark the beginning and the end of that particular era?
  50. What is Utilitarianism? How did the phenomenon found a mention in some of the most renowned literary creations of Lord Tennyson and Matthew Arnold?
  51. Discuss some of the most predominant and recurring themes and motifs of the Victorian literature.
  52. Delve into the magical world of Lewis Caroll fantasy literature. Do you consider it to be contradictory to the Victorian literary traditions or does it fit in perfectly with the prevalent literary norms of the era?
  53. Do you think the popularity of novels surpassed the popularity of the poetries during the Victorian era? Justify your answer.
  54. A comprehensive overview on the contribution of William Thackeray in the genre of comedy with special reference to Vanity Fair.
  55. How did children’s literature flourished during the Victorian era? Discuss about the prominent authors and their famous works in the genre of children’s literature of the time.
  56. Offer an insight on the literary works of some of the noted female authors of the time.
  57. Did the royal patronage have any influence on the literature that was produced during the time?
  58. How was the issue of social inequality dealt with in the literature of Victorian era?
  59. Discuss the literary trends of the modern era English literature through some of the most prominent pieces of work of that time.
  60. Explain with sufficient examples of epistemological complexities and literary experimentation the differences in The Sound and the Fury and The Waste Land?
  61. With reference to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of the Darkness, how would you describe the prevalent themes of the modern era literature?
  62. Trace the elements of modernism in the novel Dalloway
  63. Do you think D.H.Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover was way ahead of its time?
  64. How did James Joyce use his native place Dublin as a character in some of his prominent works?
  65. Critically analyse the inclusion of the theme of fragmentation in the modern literature through James Joyce’s Araby.
  66. Draw a comparison between the distinctive poetic styles of T.S.Eliot, Dylan Thomas and Phillip Larkin.
  67. Harold Pinter and the influence of modernism in literature.
  68. The theme of war and its influence on the modern era poetry.
  69. Discuss about the different peculiarities that were a part of modern era English literature.
  70. Discuss the aspects of modernism in The Wild Swans of Coole by W.B. Yeats.
  71. Elaborate on the features of the Modernist Drama.
  72. Discuss the cultural and spiritual influence of WWI with reference to the literature of that era.
  73. Do you agree or disagree with the notion that the modern era poetries have no specific form or structure and hence they weren’t as much impactful as the traditional poetry.
  74. Discuss the origin and development of the American literature in modern era.
  75. How did F.Scott Fitzgerald emphasized on the “American Dream” through his portrayal of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.
  76. The modern era of British literature was mainly focused on writers like Joyce, Woolf, Lawrence. What are the stylistic factors that can be witnessed in their literature?
  77. Provide an insight of the contrast between the glorification of war and the futility of it through the literature of the modern era.
  78. How did The Secret Room by James Laughlin presented the conventions of postmodern literature?
  79. Some critics consider Postmodernism as revolutionary. But did the previous literary movements, especially modernism, have any impact?
  80. What do you think are the advantages and shortcomings of the postmodern literary approach to sensitive issues like WWII?
  81. Nostalgia is frequently associated with modernism, as it’s all about isolation, loss, and a reminiscing the past. Did the element of nostalgia have any impact in the Postmodern English literature?
  82. Depict the proportion of Hamlet’s tragedy
  83. Essay on the Republic by plato
  84. Essay on the literary impact of “ To Kill a mocking bird”
  85. Essay on the theme of the American drama play “ A streetcar called desire”
  86. Justify the depiction of grief, morality and justice in The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Now that you have a comprehensive list to refer to for your next literature essay, ensure that you make it a great one.


Jacob Thompson

Hi, my name is Jacob Thompson. I am a PhD in English Literature, I started writing and blogging from a young age, and most of my write-ups are based on real experiences. As far as my blogs are concerned, I write blogs on English writing and Literature writing. I have been working part-time as a writing expert for for 7+years now. Helping students overcome English writing hurdles and get steps closer to their academic goals makes me as happy as playing with my kitty “Alice”. Yes, I am a cat-lover if you are still wondering! 

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