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MKTG 3450 Assignment 2 Sales Call Planning Guide

Seller role preparation

This assignment can be done individually or as a team of 2. The assignment may go through a plagiarism checker and also be checked against previous class assignments. Hand in word format.

Seller role preparation -as a new salesperson you need to familiarize yourself not only with the product but how to ask questions and answer questions during a sales call.  Assignment 2 goes over various aspects a sales person should know for a sales call:

  • The objective of the meeting
  • The features and benefits of their products,
  • What questions to ask and the type of questions
  • Proof to give a prospect and how to involve the prospect
  • Type of concerns and how to answer them
  • How to close and the type of closes.

Choose the roleplay you would like to do. Fill out the sales call planning guide to be prepare you for your role as a seller.  Do not use the information from the buyer’s role play.  You can gain more product information on the web.  The choice of role play is either Stress Free or Haven Air.

Assignment 2 – individual or with a partner.

MKTG 3450 – Assignment 2 - Must be typed! – either on your own or with a partner pick one of the two role plays available. Stress Free or Haven Air. You will answer the question in the Sales Call Planning Guide based on the role play you have chosen. Hand-in only one assignment if working with a partner.  Roles are in a file at top of Moodle.

Sales Call Planning Guide - New Sales Rep

Student names (s)

Seller's Company:

Seller's Industry: 

Seller's Products: 

Buyers Company:

Buyers Primary business: 

Define the Meeting Outcome.  What is a reasonable outcome from your first meeting? If the meeting goes well what is your logical next step? (I.e. Sale, product trial, another meeting?)  2 marks

Know your product - 10 marks – these can be researched!

List at least five features and benefits of your product you believe would be relevant to the buyer    

Plan your questions:  Good questions will uncover further information about your prospective buyers’ current situation. 15 marks

List ten questions you could ask to identify buyer needs.   Indicate what type of question they are problem/ survey, pain/ probing or pleasure/ need satisfaction. (Include at least 2 of each)  

Think of the order they should be asked   What questions are relevant to bring out the problem and know how your product solves that problem. Are you asking applicable and quality questions?

Presentation of Solutions 3 marks

What types of proof could you bring to the meeting to add credibility?  Any other materials you would bring?

How will you involve the buyer during the demonstration of product?  

Buyers will usually have concerns about a sale and a salesperson can anticipate that certain concerns may arise during the sales call. Give at least 5 possible questions or concerns by prospective buyer and how could you respond to them. (how would you handle them, techniques from text on handling concerns)

Give at least two clues (verbal and non-verbal) you could look for to attempt a trial close or a close:1 mark

Give an example of at least two trial closes. 1- mark

Give examples of 4 types of closes that you could say indicate what type of close it is (except trial close). Based on Textbook -Selling Today.  8 marks

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sales chat