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Conflicts and Challenges of Environmental Protection and Management

The Paradox of Economic and Technological Advancements

1. If lives, livelihoods and survival of all people depend on the environment, why would environmental protection and management be full of conflicts, complexities, challenges, risks and uncertainties?


2. The paradox of economic and technological advancements is that they promote growth and improve living standards simultaneously with poverty, low quality of life and environmental degradation. Discuss.


3. “The Earth has enough for every man’s need, but not enough for every man’s greed” Mahatma Gandhi. Critically examine the relevance of this statement in the light of global mineral extraction and consumption.


4. Critically examine the native wisdom that humans are embedded in nature and there is a reciprocal (mutual) relationship between humans and the environment.




1. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, times new roman, and not exceed of 6-pages of text, excluding illustrations and references.


2. In the introduction, provide a general overview of the topic and state the problem or issue you intend to investigate. Why is it an issue worth examining? Articulate your statement of aim or goal of your paper by outlining the key areas that the paper will examine.


3. Include a title and use headings to organize the essay. When you examine each point or issue under the sub-headings, describe the nature of the issue (characteristics), how has
it come about (mechanism or process), why is it an issue (reasons) and what is the results, implications, outcomes, or effects.


4. Use illustrations where appropriate (e.g. tables, graphs, maps, diagrams). Each illustration must be referenced, properly labeled, and referred to in the text.


5. Use correct grammar, spelling, sentence, and paragraph construction. Please, number the pages.


6. Indicate in large type on the title page of your paper, the number and complete text of the question you are answering, the course number, instructor’s name, your name and student number.


7. Save your file in WORD format with your first and last names. Submit your assignment in the Assignment Folder on D2L by clicking on ‘Assessment’ and then ‘Assignment’ and then upload your essay file.


8. You must reference/cite all quotes, ideas, and illustrations that are not your own using both in-text citations and a bibliography. In-text citations appear directly in the essay to support your argument and indicate information sources. The scientific method is required (e.g. Smith 20020; Harris and Jones 2019 etc.).


In the bibliography section, lists (in full reference) all of the information sources you referenced within the text. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style for the bibliography. A sample of APA referencing style is posted on D2L bright space for your perusal.


You must have a minimum of 6 references. Use journal articles, books, technical reports (United Nations or World Bank, World Food and Agriculture Organization etc). Only 1 internet source is required. An internet source may include, for example, “facts” listed on the Statistics Canada, Environment Canada, United Nations websites etc.). Majority of your sources should be obtained from journal articles, books, government documents, and research reports.


You are required to use recent references and publications as much as possible.

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