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Cheating and Plagiarism Policy and Assignment Questions

Part A (5 marks)

Cheating and plagiarism are offences that will not be tolerated by the College. Such offences occur when a student misrepresents his or her performance on any form of academic evaluation including, but not limited to, written assignments, lab experiments, group projects, tests or examinations.  The penalty for a first offence of cheating or plagiarism is a grade "0" on the work in which the offence occurred. The penalty for the second offence of cheating or plagiarism is immediate expulsion from the college for the remainder of that semester or longer, depending on the circumstances. The student has the right to appeal the decision of the College, consistent with Academic Policy.  A record will be maintained of each cheating and plagiarism incident and the offence will be recorded as a comment on the student's transcript. 

The above is the keyword prompt of RTVUSRPRF command. Write a CL program to declare variables (using position notation) and retrieve the message queue (MSGQ) and its library (MSGQLIB) of your ZUES account into declared variables from your user profile (DB433Enn). At the end of your CL program, send message "My message queue is MMMM in library LLLL"  to the user DB433Enn. (Notes: the "MMMM" and "LLLL" is the retrieved values of MSGQ and MSGQLIB correspondingly.)

Write the DDS Code to create an object that stores Order Information. The name of the object will be ORDERPF. The object should have the following attributes:

  • OrderNum – uniquely identifies the Order. The OrderNum should store 1 digit in one byte with a maximum value of 999999.  This is the primary key to the file.
  • OrderDesc – Order description should store 80 letters and or numbers.
  • OrderDATE – Order date stores the time the order was made.
  • Amount – that stores the value that the order sells for. The Amount should be able to store the number 99999.99 and store two digits in one byte.

Be sure to document your object with column headings.

--Complete RPGLE using provided DSPF in the most efficient way in your code.

--The first screen allows entry of Client credit score (less than 630 not eligible for mortgage), required amount, amortization period. Fixed or Variable rate type must be selected. All fields must be entered. Then the second screen with overlay is displayed. 

--The fields used to contain the first screen values are protected from user input whenever both screens show. 

--Values can be entered until user presses F3 when the second screen is showing.

--Find score description from this chart:

--RPG command   DCL-C   Prime  2.45  can be used to declare a constant

--Next calculate the rate based on the following credit score table (Prime (P) = 2.45)


Fixed Rate

Variable Rate


P – 0.3

P – 0.5


P – 0.5

P – 0.8


P – 0.7

P – 1.1

-- Next adjust the rate – if amount > 500 000, further discount the rate – 0.05, if amount > 700 000, further discount the rate – 0.1.

-- Print the rate, score description, and find maturity date and total queries.

-- MDATE = %date()  +  %years(PERIOD)

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