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Project Charter, Scope Statement, WBS, and Gantt Chart for Bathroom Renovation Project

Part 1: Project Charter


1. Prepare a project charter for the Bathroom Renovation Project. Assume the project will take 2 months to complete (use any year you wish, starting July 1st with completion due September 1st) and the total budget is $15,000. This included $8,000 in materials (flooring; drywall; paint; tiles; lights; bathtub, toilet, sink and vanity; and pipes) and $7,000 in labour costs (Bob Burton - $200/hr; Billy Burton – architect $120/hr; Bessy Burton – demolition and build $80/hour; Brenda Burton – plumber $150/hr; Bonnie Burton – electrician $150/hr; and Tina Temp – Student painter and mason (tile work) $50/hr). You are the child of the Fulchers, Chris, and since you are a professional project manager your parents have asked you to oversee the project to make sure everything goes as planned. Mr. Burton will work closely with you. Use the project charter template and examples of project charters in Chapters 3 and 4 as guidelines. Assume that the project sponsor is Mr. Fulcher. Include the main roles for other major stakeholders (Mrs. Fulcher, the members of the Build-It-Bob team, assorted vendors).


Part 2: Project Scope Management



1. Develop a scope statement for the project. Use the example provided in Chapter 3, Table 3-9 “Scope statement draft” as a guide. Be as specific as possible in describing product characteristics, requirements, and deliverables.

2. Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. Break down the work to level 2 or level 3, as appropriate. Use the samples in Chapters 3 and 5 as guides. Save and deliver the WBS in list form as a Word file. Be sure to base your WBS on the project charter, scope statement, and other relevant information.

3. Use the WBS you developed in the task above to create a Gantt chart in Project 2016 for the project. Use the outline numbering feature to display the outline numbers (click View, Gantt Chart Tools, Format, and click on the Outline Number box). Do not enter any durations or dependencies.


Part 3: Project Time Management


One of your duties as project manager is to lead the Burton team in developing and following a schedule. You have only 2 months to complete the project and all of the resources are full-time employees who have other contracts to work on at the same time. In addition to preparing a Gantt chart, you also plan to give everyone a simple milestone report. You make sure you black out weeks when people are working on the other projects. Mr. Burton wants all the requirements settled by July 5, and the design completed by July 10 so he can begin getting building permits. He would like to have all the samples available by July 15 so the Fulchers can finalize their choices by July 20th. Between July 1 and July 20, tearing down the existing bathroom will occur.



1. Identify at least eight milestones for this project. Write a short paper describing each milestone using the SMART criteria.

2. Review the WBS and Gantt chart you created in Part 2 above. Review the key milestone dates Mr. Burton provided and a typical schedule for bathroom renovation. Develop a simple schedule in the form of a milestone report. For the milestone report, see the sample in Chapter 3.

3. Create a Gantt chart for the project, including the milestones, resources and dependencies.

4. Estimate how many hours each person would work on each task listed in your Gantt chart.



Part 4: Project Cost Management


Recall that your budget is $15,000 for this two-month project. Also remember that the Build-It-Bob team have other contracts though Mr. Burton has committed to having his team spend between 40% and 60% of their time at the Fulcher site.



1. Prepare and include a cost estimate for the project, similar to the one provided in Figure 7-2 (NOT Table 7-2) in Chapter 7. Use the WBS and hours estimates you created in Part 3. Assume that the vanity and sink you selected cost $2,000, the tub costs $2500, the paint, flooring, and drywall cost $1400, the toilet costs $800, the lighting cost $300, and $150 for new pipes. Include the hours for each person, and calculate the budget for labour costs as well as the fixed costs.


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