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Question (Total 100 marks)

Anxiety Among Singaporeans Due to COVID-19 Pandemic - Case Study

HBC201Copyright © 2021Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)Page 3of 6ECA JanuarySemester 2021Question (Total 100 marks)Read the following case study and answer subsequent questions.In a survey study conducted by marketing communications agency Wunderman Thompsonin summer 2020, many Singaporeans and permanent residents reported feeling anxious about different impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives.The study surveyed 500 people between June 29 and July 6 in 2020. The respondents reported having two main concerns in the time of COVID-19: concerns about economic impact of the pandemic and concerns about one’s health condition. As to economic concern, around 78% of the respondents reported having anxiety about negative impact of the pandemic on economy. Graduates were concerned about difficulty in finding suitable jobs, while job holders were afraid of losing their jobs. About 40% of the respondents were concerned that the economic disruption arising from the COVID-19 pandemic would continue for a long time. As to health concern, about 37% of the respondents were worried about catching COVID-19 themselves at public places, while about the same percentage were afraid of their families or friends getting the disease. Well-being coach Nitya Rao-Perera pointed out that anxiety may harm one’s health condition, such as causing depression. She suggested three strategies to deal with anxiety resulting from the pandemic. Firstly, we can strengthen our self-efficacy and focus on what we can do. Secondly, we can learn from the challenges we face and be more reflective of our lives.Finally, we can interpret our situation in a more positive manner. Goh, T. (2020, September 24). 74% of Singaporeans and PRs feel anxious over pandemic impact: Study. The Straits Times. the Ministry of Health would like to learn more about people’s mental health in the context of COVID-19 in Singapore. You are tasked to submit a research proposal that will elaborate on how you can applyrelevant concepts and research methods to study the topic. Your proposal should be written as an essay and must include the following five parts. (a)Title and Abstract of Research Proposal Propose a title that fits your research proposal, and include an abstract that properly describesand summarisesyour proposed study.The abstract must not exceed 150 words.(5 marks)

HBC201Copyright © 2021Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)Page 4of 6ECA JanuarySemester 2021(b)Background and Literature ReviewExaminerelevant literature on a specific aspect of people’s mental health in the context of COVID-19 that you would like to study. Analysethe identified literature, examinethe research methods used in the existing studies, and critique the strengths and weaknesses of these studies. Following your literature review, you should proposea specific and clear research question that you would like to study. The research question should be about people’s mental health in the context of COVID-19 in Singapore. You should also discuss the importance of the study you have proposed.(35 marks)(c)Research DesignProposea research design to address your research question with respect to the following aspects: (i) explainwhether you plan to use quantitative or qualitative method and why, (ii) briefly describe your proposed method and discussthe critical elements in your research procedure, and (iii) discuss possible threats to the validity of your research and explainhow you will address these threats.(40 marks)(d)Ethical Issues Recognise and appreciateat least two ethical issues in your proposed study that concern research participants. Discussaction(s) you will take to address each issue, to ensure that your proposed study will be conducted ethically.(10 marks)(e)Limitations of ResearchDiscussat least two limitations of your proposed study in understanding people’s mental health in the context of COVID-19 in Singapore

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