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Short Research and Analysis Paper on International Business

Assignment Contents

To complement our course goals, this assignment offers an opportunity for you to complete a short research and analysis paper of a topic you are both interested in and is relevant to international business.This assignment also offers you the opportunity to reflect on links between international recent events (video case and articles) and concepts covered in our course.This is an individual assignment.


Assignment Contents
For this assignment, I would like to continue to develop your analytical skills by writing a short paper linking your choice of: 
A.    One video case of your choice from the list on the following page, 
B.    Three concepts from our course text. Please be sure to select as specific as possible concepts. For example, “utilitarianism” is a specific concept, whereas “Why Governments Become Involved in International Business is a large topic, not a specific concept. 
a.    Concepts for IBus 3510 listed in our course text beginning on page 671 + sustainability concepts, 
C.    Three International current event articles (from an English language www publication) from within the last three years. 

Assignment Questions
In your paper please answer the following questions (this is also an outline for your table of contents):

1.    Introduction. In 3-4 sentences, clearly explain why you selected the combination of video case, articles, and text concepts. In your answer explain the correlations behind your selected combinations.  
2.    Analysis and discussion of the combination. 
a.    Discuss how the video case, articles, and text concepts complement each other. Specifically, explain the similarities and differences between your information sources.  Use examples from your information sources to support your discussion.
b.    Discuss the political orientations, or motivations, behind the originators of your information resources (article authors and video case producer).  Discuss and explain the political basis for your observation. Provide examples from your information sources to support your answers.
c.    Was any of the information in this research and analysis surprising, or unexpected?   Provide specific examples from your information sources.
d.    Are there unanswered questions this research brought to light?   Discuss and identify 2-3 specific questions?  
3.    Learning outcomes
a.    Clearly list and synthesize three assignment “take-aways” you learned when working on this assignment.  Clearly explain what you have learned about these text concepts, and the video case topic from your analysis.   Use examples to support your discussion. 

Assignment Weight / Due Date - As per course outline and moodle page

Assignment Questions

In addition, with the following Assignment Evaluation Rubric, please ensure your papers are the desired:
•    Format and length. Include: 
o    Title page (includes only your student number (no names), course section number, list of selected concepts, list of current event article titles, and video case title, 
o    Length: 5 pages (+ Title page, Table of Contents, Appendix, Bibliography).
o    Papers are typed, 11-point font size, 1.5 spacing, 1-inch margins maximum
o    Appendix (includes the definition of your concepts taken from the glossary section at the back of our textbook)
•    Academic Presentation.  Please review “Owl-Perdue APA style” on-line for the APA standards and to answer questions about these expectations.
•    Uploaded to our course moodle drop box (please do not email me these assigments) so I can easily track paper submisioins.
•    Papers may be processed via turnitin software to ensure originality.
•    Before beginning and submitting your paper be sure to read the attached Evaluation Rubric

Please Note:
•    “Concepts” are any terms included from chapters included in our course text Glossary + sustainability concepts. Please be sure to select concepts as specific as possible. For example, “utilitarianism” is a specific concept, whereas “Why Governments Become Involved in International Business is a large topic, not a specific concept. 
•    Choose 3 current event articles (only 3) published within the last two years. Do not choose academic peer-reviewed publications. 
•    Remember, late papers are subject to late charges of 10%/ day, as per our original course outline. 
•    Do not write a summary of your articles or concepts.  
•    Consider the length expectation as an opportunity to demonstrate your thinking and knowledge on your selected topics. Shorter papers miss an opportunity!  For this reason, please ensure your paper meets the requested pages in length.  
•    Originality. I would like these assignments to be your original work. And, as per the marking rubric on the last page of this assignment, orginality is an assessment criteria. So, to avoid mimicking of another assignment, please ensure your ideas and work are kept confidential.  After all, I will have no idea which is the original so will evaluate both papers  accordingly lower.
•    If you do have another topic for this essay, please let me know.  If it is possible, I offer you the opportunity to customize your own essay inquiry. Please, however, be sure to communicate with me about your topic before you begin writing. Without my prior confirmation, I will not mark papers that I have not confirmed in advance. 
•    In some instances, and for a variety of reasons, I may want to meet with you on the BBB or Zoom for a follow-up face to face 15–30-minute discussion about your paper. 

*Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this assignment.
** If there are any revisions to this assignment, I will let you know.

List of Documentary Videos:
1.    Planet of Humans, Netflix
2.    Lords of Water: Episode One,
3.    The Human Face of Big Data,
4.    Joshua: Teenager Vs Superpower, Netflix
5.    Drug Trafficking, Politics and Power: The Era of Empires
6.    The World According to AI,
7.    Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI, Wired,
8.    Is the Earth Overpopulated, BBC,
9.    Requiem for an American Dream,
10.    The Four Horsemen,
11.    Capitalism in the 21 Century, Netflix
12.    World Health Organization becomes US-China Battleground, DW Documentary,
13.    To the Ends of the Earth (narrated by Emma Thompson),,
14.    Brave Blue World, Netflix
15.    Period. End of Sentence, Netflix
16.    Saudi Aramco; the company and the state,
17.    Gashole, Netflix, Prime Video
18.    The Great Hack (Cambridge Analytica), Netflix
19.    How China Got Rich, Endevr Documentary, Youtube
20.    The China Hustle, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube
21.    The Trader, Netflix
22.    The Fight for Seattle, Netflix
23.    Banana Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison, YouTube
24.    Sea Blind: the price of shipping our stuff (location?)
25.    What is Democracy, YouTube
26.    The Vikings vs the Wolves (location?)
27.    We Work: or the making and breaking of a $47 Billion dollar Unicorn (location?)
28.    The Lives of the Superrich in Central Africa (DW Documentary, or another DW Doc, minimum of 40 minutes, of your choice)
29.    Just Eat It: a food waste story (Amazon, iTunes)
30.    The Century of Self, Part 1 (Happiness Machines), YouTube
31.    The Oligarchs (Al Jazeera), YouTube
32.    The Secret Lives of Modern Living Algorithms, YouTube
33.    Coded Bias, Netflix
34.    The Naked Brand, YouTube
35.    Sustainable, Amazon

In addition to the video cases listed, I am receptive to additional videos. However, please be sure to check with me, and receive my approval, in advance.

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