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GEOG 1191 Introduction to Human Geography 1

Find a Gis Research Topic On Health Related
1. A research topic with a motivation  
2. Some background literature that has a similar research question and used GIS  
3. A research question  
4. Some data that could be used to answer your research question  
This assignment will bring your project to life by having you work through the geospatial analysis and present initial results. 
The goal of assignment 2 is to follow the basic components of a research study design from number 1 – 5 and submit a draft report up to this point. This will include:  

1. Clean and organize the data for your project  

2. Select appropriate geospatial methods for analysis based on the labs from class. You may also use other methods if you are aware of them. You must select a minimum of 3 different geospatial tools to use. 

3. Conduct the analysis for your project  
a. Choose one type of analysis tool from Lecture (See Attached File) 
b. Choose one type of communication tool from Lecture (See Attached File) 

4. Report some basic and rough results as tables and maps. (Rough idea) 
Submit a report with the following components of a research study design written as if you are preparing your rough draft for scientific peer-reviewed study as if it were to be published in a scientific journal.  
Your report must be minimum 3 pages and maximum 4 pages double spaced, 12 point, Calibri font and use APA style referencing in text and as a list of References at the end. The references, any maps, tables etc. are not included in the word count. Using table and figuring referencing in text to refer to tables and maps included as an Appendix. Use the following sub-headings, and you can decide how to use the page allocation for your project accordingly.  
1. Introduction (4%)
  • Write an introductory paragraph using the literature(s) on a GIS spatial health related topic and any additional resources that are relevant. Maximum of 10 references.
  • Do not copy and paste or use any quotes. You must write in your own words and use references to support your points as evidence
2. Research question (1%) 
  • Ensure your research question is clearly stated as one sentence  
3. Sample population (2%) 
  • Describe the sample population included in your project  
  • Consider the elements of sampling, social determinants of health, and health geography
  • Who is included in the study? Why are you studying this population?  
4. Data (4%) 
  • Describe all of the datasets used in your project and reference the datasets in APA style  
  • Categorize the data by data type and describe the variables you are using  
  • Describe how the data are being used and how they will answer your research question 
5. Analytical Methods (6%) 
  • Describe your workflow, feel free to use a diagram if that’s helpful  
  • Why did you choose these methods. Do other studies with similar research questions use similar methods?  
  • Describe the GIS methods you used in a way that is repeatable by someone else. This will likely be yourself repeating the steps. Its good to take notes as you work through your analysis so you can write them up later.  
  • You must choose at minimum three types of GIS analysis for this project.  
    i. Choose one of the types of analysis tool categories from Lecture 4(See attached File) 
    ii. Within this category type, identify 3 different spatial tools to apply to your data. This is any spatial operation that transforms data or produces new information. 
6. Results (3%)
  • Report your results as a written paragraph
  • Create a table that summarizes your results visually. You can use any software you are comfortable with.
  • Create 3 different maps that display your three types of analysis tools. Each map must have: 1) title; 2) your name(Leave a White Space right bottom conner I will fill it out by myself later); 3) a legend; 4) data sources. Any other map elements are of your choosing.  
    i. Consider the cartographic principles covered in Lecture 4 plus the (Scale in KM, North Arrow, Legend).  
You won’t be continuing on to Discussion, Recommendations or Study Limitations in this assignment. The intention is for this to be a rough draft. You will have a chance to polish this draft, include the rest of the research project components, and apply your feedback comments for your final report. Your final report will also be the opportunity to improve on your analysis if necessary, improve your maps after the cartography class, and create your own StoryMap. Therefore, in this assignment, you won’t be graded on details of your cartography, only that it is complete.  

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