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Reflective Summary Assignment: Marketing Research Course

Assessment Component

As you have progressed through the course, you have been encouraged to reflect in a journal on your perception of marketing research. Journalling is a way of tracking your thoughts about key concepts, synthesizing your learning experience, and helping you to formulate your ideas for the assignments.

This assignment draws on your reflective journal and your discussion postings about what you have learned. The journal that you have used provides rich material for those reflections.

Assessment Component


% of Final Grade

Reflective Summary:

· Comprehensiveness

· Demonstration of insight and critical thinking

· Clear rationale for conclusions

· Presentation

100 total






Online discussion:

· Quantity

· Quality

100 total






To obtain full marks for each component, your work must satisfy the grading criteria at the end of the Assignment 6 instructions. The grading criteria for online discussions are immediately below.

Your contribution will be evaluated based on both the quality and the quantity of postings:

Quality: Keep in mind that the goal of online discussion is the sharing of ideas and informed opinions about the topic with others in the course. Therefore, your contributions to the discussion (in addition to providing evidence of preparation and thoughtful consideration of others’ postings) should consider what others have written. This can help to move the discussion along.

Quantity: If you have followed the online discussion and course activities closely, you should have about twelve to fifteen opportunities to submit a post. Posting a short response, such as “I got it” or “thanks” won’t be considered a complete posting.


In this final assignment, you will reflect on your course experiences and on what you have learned to make you a better market researcher and businessperson.

This Reflective Summary will draw on:

  • Your reflective journal
  • Your discussion postings and the postings and responses of others
  • Your assignments
  • All other learning activities in the course

In a report of approximately 1,000–1,500 words, reflect upon what you have learned in this course that makes you a better market researcher and a better all-around businessperson. Consider the best practices that you have seen, the critiques that you have performed, the discussion postings that you have made and read, your experiences in completing the various activities and assignments, the feedback that you have received from your Open Learning Faculty Member, and other course-related experiences. Do they make sense? If not, why not?

Writing a reflective summary is very different from writing a research paper. You must go beyond simply writing descriptions of what you have learned. This assignment does not require any modules summaries. Rely on your critical and reflective thinking (i.e., why and how those things happened the way it is. How does the learning affect you and marketing research?).

Were you surprised by some of what you learned? Why? Did other learners or your Open Learning Faculty Member challenge your thoughts and assumptions in certain things? Did the examples from the course give you a fresh perspective? Did some of your taken-for- granted ideas shift because of the learning in the course? The whole idea of writing a reflective piece is to dig deep into ideas that you have never thought of.

Select and distill your data (in your journal or online postings) carefully and think of a way to organize this paper that is clear and easy to navigate. If you have quoted other’s work, use proper APA citation and referencing format.

Paragraphs are unified, developed, and coherent, with transitions between ideas.

Sentences are grammatically correct; words are chosen for accuracy and impact.

Writing follows the conventions of spelling and mechanics (punctuation, etc.).

Documentation follows APA style accurately and consistently.

Assignment is submitted in double-line spacing and uses 12-point Times New Roman font.

Templates provided by MS Word are not used.

Submit your assignment through the learning management system. Be sure to save your assignment as a MS Word document and name it MKTG3481_Lastname_A6.

Did you put your name and student number on the cover page of the document?

Did you complete all the required elements?

Did you use information and terminology learned in this course?

Did you support your statements with specific examples/evidences?

Did you cite references, using APA referencing format?

Did you ensure that there are no spelling mistakes?

Is your report grammatically correct, clear, and well organized?

Grading will be based on:

1. Comprehensiveness and relevance of your research journey
2. Demonstration of insight and critical thinkingMKTG 3481 
3. Clear rationale for conclusions
4. Appropriate use of marketing terminology and concepts
5. Professional presentation and complete references in APA style

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