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High Performance Computing: Cloud or On-site HPC Equipment?

Characteristics and Evaluation of High Performance Computing Based Architectures

Characterise and critically evaluate high performance computing based architectures and their suitability for given applications. Implement and execute applications using shared and distributed memory programming paradigms. Describe and critically discuss the roles and applications of cloud and grid computing. 
Plagiarism is presenting somebody else's work as your own. It includes copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student's coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work. Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the procedures set down by the University. Please see your student handbook for further details of what is / isn't plagiarism. 
All material copied or amended from any source (e.g. internet, books) must be referenced correctly according to the reference style you are using.Your work will be submitted for plagiarism checking. Any attempt to bypass our plagiarism detection systems will be treated as a severe Assessment Offence. 
Coursework Submission Requirements 
• An electronic copy of your work for this coursework must be fully uploaded by 23:30 on the Deadline Date of Wednesday 01/12/2021 using the link on the coursework Moodle page for COMP1680. 
• For this coursework you must submit a single PDF document. In general, any text in the document must not be an image (i.e. must not be scanned) and would normally be generated from other documents (e.g. MS Office using "Save As PDF"). An exception to this is hand written mathematical notation, but when scanning do ensure the file size is not excessive. 
• There are limits on the file size (see the relevant course Moodle page). 
• Make sure that any files you upload are virus-free and not protected by a password or corrupted otherwise they will be treated as null submissions. 
• Your work will not be printed in colour. Please ensure that any pages with colour are acceptable when printed in Black and White. 
• You must NOT submit a paper copy of this coursework. 
• All courseworks must be submitted as above. Under no circumstances can they be accepted by academic staff.
The University website has details of the current Coursework Regulations, including details of penalties for late submission, procedures for Extenuating Circumstances, and penalties for Assessment Offences. See
The company you work for is looking at investing in a new system for running parallel code, both MPI and OpenMP.  They are considering either using a cloud computing platform or purchasing their own HPC equipment.  You are required to write a short 
report analyzing the different platforms and detailing your recommendations.  The report will go to both the Head of IT and the Head of Finance and so the report should be aimed at a non-specialist audience.  Assume the company is a medium sized consultancy with around 50 consultants, who will likely utilize an average of 800 CPU hours each a month. Your report should include: 
1)  A definition of cloud computing and how it can be beneficial. 
2)  An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the different commercial platforms over a traditional HPC. 
3)  A cost analysis, assume any on site HPC will likely need dedicated IT support 
4)  Your recommendations to the company. 
5)  References 

A 2500-3000 word report uploaded to Moodle in PDF format. Do not copy and paste large sections from the internet, you will get no marks.  Properly referenced quotations will not be penalized. 
Marks will be awarded based on the following criteria: 
20%: Description of cloud computing 
30%: Your analysis of the different platforms Vs HPC 
10%: Cost analysis 
20%: Your recommendations  
10%: References 
10%: Report Layout  

To achieve a pass mark it is expected that an outline solution will be provided in which at least a basic attempt is evident with some progress. To achieve a mark in the merit range it is expected that a good solution is provided in which there is clear evidence of progress and understanding. 
To achieve a distinction mark it is expected that high quality solutions and reports are provided in which there is clear evidence of competence in practical, theoretical and presentation skills. 
Marks will be distributed as follows: 
0-49 A substandard submission that contains little understanding of the subject and no critical appraisal. 
50-59 A submission that demonstrates a reasonable understanding of cloud computing and big data.  Please note that 50% is the pass mark for level 7 courses 
60-69 A good submission that includes a good understanding of the cloud computing and its uses in big data 
70+ A very good submission that clearly demonstrates a very good understanding and the comparison between different techniques. 
80+ An excellent submission that demonstrates a clear understanding of cloud computing and big data.  Clear evidence of critical research and good presentation.If you are unsure about any of these instructions, then please email your tutor or make an appointment to see your tutor as soon as possible. 

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