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Is a Walk in the Forest Better Than a Trip to the Doctor? The Healing Power of Nature


2. Point-form notes (3 marks)
DO NOT COPY phrases or sentences from source. 
Use your own words and use synonyms. 
Write key words only. Don’t write whole sentences here, in this part of the assignment.
Use of proper nouns (e.g. Sunnybrook Hospital) and common terms (e.g. forest bathing, nature therapy) are acceptable.

Main points and some examples
main argument, most important idea - being in nature is good for physical and mental health (Note: This is referred to as the thesis if the article is persuasive. If the writing is informative, there is no thesis statement.) forest bathing Japanese term for forest therapy close contact with nature nature ancient cure for health problems and improve well-being, e.g., healing gardens existed in 11th to 14th century monasteries in Europe

Research on its positive effect on physical and mental health, e.g.:  hospital patients who had gall-bladder operations - those with views of trees recuperated from faster and did not need as much medication groups of people suffering from depression group that walked in forest felt better than group that walked in the city

phytoncides – oils made by trees for protection - may be a reason for forest cures forest bathing industry ohas grown quickly since 2015 ocan be expensive forest bathing = not just a recent trend; knowledge of healing power of nature important in First Nations’ culture even though nature cure is important, not much nature around most modern hospitals 

3.Summary (5 marks)
You will be evaluated on:
Paragraph structure: 
topic sentence
supporting sentences 
(use transition words, e.g., First, For example, …) 
concluding sentence
Sentence structure and grammar
captures main points of article
ideas are clear

In the article, “Is a Walk in the Forest Better Than a Trip to the Doctor?”, Peter Kuitenbrouwer (2019) discusses how being in nature can improve people’s physical and mental health. Forest bathing is a Japanese term to describe the experience of spending time in forests and being in close contact to nature. Knowledge of the healing power of nature existed centuries ago, as shown by the healing gardens in European monasteries in the eleventh to fourteenth centuries. In recent times, a number of research studies have shown the benefits of nature on physical and mental health. For example, in one study, hospital patients who had gall-bladder operations recuperated faster and required less medication if they had views of trees. In another study, people with depression had better moods after walking in a forest.

One reason for the healing effect of forests may be from phytoncides, which are oils produced by a tree to protect itself. The forest bathing industry has grown quickly in recent years, and some retreats are very expensive. However, this is not just a recent trend. Knowledge of the healing powers of trees and nature is an important part of First Nations’ cultures. The author concludes by restating the restorative benefits of forests. (207 words)

Note: Include the word count of your paragraph. This summary is longer than what you will need to do for the in-class assignment.

How to do a word count:
Select all the text in your paragraph.
Go to Review in the Toolbar.
Click Word Count (First column, third option)

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