case-study   Castrol Case Study- Responding to a Changing Marketing Environment

When a student comes across case study writing on an oil company like Castrol then, two things will need to be kept in mind. One thing is a Changing Marketing Environment, and the other is Market Segmentation. These factors are crucial as an oil brand is market driven in its business model.

Castrol SWOT Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

Some key issues regarding the SWOT Analysis Writing of Castrol can be stated as follows.
The Strength issue of Castrol is that being a British brand, it has spread its business worldwide. Its Weakness issue is that it needs to spend money on R & D of a constantly changing volatile market. Its Opportunity issue is that it caters to the best automobile companies. Its Threat issue is that it faces cut throat competition from other oil brands in a sector whose natural resources are limited.

Castrol PESTLE Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

The PESTLE Analysis of Castrol can be described in the following manner.

The Political Factor for this brand is strongest as it has spread its network in most nations of the World. Its Economic Factor is mixed as it may be in constant demand, but crude oil prices shoot up to hit its sales occasionally. Its Social Factor is strong as most people require its product that is oil in all types of machines. Its Technological Factor is strong as they use latest oil technologies like UMA. Its Legal Factor is strong as they adhere to the laws setup by Petroleum Ministries of various nations. Its Environmental Factor is weak as their only resources are levels deep under the land or the sea that they need to look after.

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