case-study   Kraft Foods UK Case Study- Budgeting and Strategy

When students come across case study writing on a food brand company like Kraft Foods UK then they need to know two things that are Budgeting and Food Technology. Budgeting relates to the financial strategies where as the technology relates to the systems used for manufacturing.

Kraft Foods UK SWOT Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

Kraft Foods UK has a mixed SWOT Analysis Writing being a food brand. Its strength lies in earning money from all sectors like shops and supermarkets. Its weakness lies in adverse variance analysis. Its opportunity lies in utilizing many types of techniques like Zero Based Budgeting. Its threat is various rival food brands.

Kraft Foods UK PESTLE Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

As per the PESTLE Analysis, its Political Factor is quite favorable for its worldwide presence. Its packaged food plays an essential role in the US Economy and is crucial for the UK social culture on which it thrives. It is technologically innovating its ingredients. It is always on the edge as per the Legal Factors and tries to promote healthy food for a good environment.

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