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McDonald’s is leader in fast food chains. McDonald's strategy case study relates Concept of food on the go which was well revolutionized.  The advantage is that many customers are familiar and loyal to a leading brand. The geographic mix has made it cater to different cultures.  McDonald’s rivals Wendy and King Burger has strived hard to equate with the geographic mix. McDonald’s policy to make available easy, safe quality food which is affordable and convenient enjoyable experience has made it a renowned brand. Sustainability and customer value is what McDonald’s have traded on.

PESTLE analysis is used to analyze the macroeconomic and external environmental forces on the business of McDonald’s.The international distribution and brand value is propagated through their franchises too. The political factors comply country’s specific political requirement such as national minimum wage regulation which affects its costing policies. For example the UK governed made clear to promote healthy eating and to include calorie information. Although there was a recession phase in 2008, average consumption of fast food spending has increased. Many new additions to the already low priced menu have been welcomed by customers. For example the ‘shake- shake’ French fries. Low calorie options like salads alongside burgers with nutritional content mentioned is initiative to comply for British social concerns. The use of social media and new technological channels to engage customers and spread brand loyalty is considered as new marketing strategy. To show environmental concern and the idea of going green McDonald’s has adopted recyclable packaging. The opening hours, taxation policies and employment regulations are legal concerns addressed by McDonald’s with country specific regulations.

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