case-study   Siemens Case Study- Meeting Global and Local Needs

Siemens Case Study – Meeting Global and Local Needs

When students come across case study writing related to an electronics brand like Siemens then, they need to know about two things. One thing is Multi-Sector Business, and the other is Globalization. This is a brand that can provide material on international horizontal market business for its case study.

Siemens SWOT Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

Some key issues regarding the SWOT Analysis Writing of Siemens can be stated as follows.
The Strength Issue of Siemens is that it is today’s largest electrical equipment manufacturer in the World. Its Weakness Issue is that being an MNC, it has to face currency fluctuations. Its Opportunity Issue is that aiming for profits; it has established a world-wide presence. Its Threat Issue is that it needs to tackle rival brands in all the market verticals where it’s conducting businesses.

Siemens PESTLE Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

The PESTLE Analysis of Siemens can be described in the following manner.
Siemens has a strong Political Factor since around 190 nations have welcomed it in the world. Its Economic Factor is strong as its turnover is around 53 billion British Pounds. Its Social Factor is strong as it provides socially helpful products in sectors like Healthcare. Its Technological Factor is strongest as it designs its electronic and electrical products with the latest technology. Its Legal Factor is strong as it’s a Law abiding technology brand worldwide. Its Environmental Factor is quite strong as they are working upon making their products environment friendly through innovations.

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