case-study   Tesco Case Study – Using diversity and inclusion to provide better service

When students come across case study writing regarding a retail brand like Tesco then, they need to focus on two things. One thing is Diversity of Consumers, and the other is Inclusion of Staff.


Tesco SWOT Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

As per the SWOT Analysis Writing of Tesco, its strength is of including various people from men, women and even LGBT communities but its weakness is that it needs to struggle with old people within its staff. Its opportunity is that it welcomes providing equality to all genders, especially women in their business, but its threat is that conservative people might protest Tesco’s LGBT People inclusiveness within business operations.


Tesco PESTLE Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

As per the PESTLE Analysis of Tesco, it is welcomed by many political establishments worldwide, especially UK. Its socio-economic factor is strong as it has generated revenues around 42 Billion Pounds with more than 300,000 employees in 3000 stores. It uses the latest technology in sectors like telecommunications and being a law abiding corporate; it’s also environment concerning.


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