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Computer Network Assignment Help Online

Computer network, by definition, is a set of computer system and other computing hardware devices interconnected for the purpose of sharing resources. Networks are commonly identified based on their characteristics. Availing professional computer network assignment help is the best way to improve your grades. If you decide to write a technical article on computer networking, you need to implement many technical facts in your writing. But how do you get hold of effective information? The answer is computer network assignment help offered by us.

Functions of computer networks

Computer network is used to link the different computer users within the defined parameters. Computer network assignment help experts highlight that the chief functions of computer networks are to store, update, share and classify data. Generally computers are linked to create a network via cables and electronic gadgets like modems. The networks are used to:

  • Facilitate communication via email, video conferencing, instant messaging etc
  • Allow multiple users to share a single hardware device like a printer or scanner
  • Enable file sharing across the network
  • Allow sharing of software or operating programs on remote systems
  • Make the information easier to access and maintain among network users.

If you want to know what are the facilities you can acquire from computer network in detailed manner, our experts are ready to provide computer network assignment help the minute you need it. Get top-class computer network assignment help from

Why students need computer network assignment help?

Students usually struggle to keep up with the rising number of written assignments these days. They feel exhausted and overburdened with the enormous amount of written work they have to do to acquire their degrees. Failing to do so, they seek computer network assignment help. They have to dedicate a good amount of time to assignment writing because the writing part just doesn’t require excellent writing skills but thorough research too. So students, who don’t want to waste their time, can avail quick and useful computer network assignment help.

Types of computer network

The most common categories of computer network are described in details below by our experts:

Networking sample - Database Management System

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WAN (Wide Area Network)

WAN is defined as the computer network that covers a broad area which may span across provinces and even whole country. In the sector of telecommunications, this type of system is utilized. This network is of extreme high speed. So the users have to spend a huge amount of money to get the services from this network.

Government entities, business organizations and other education facilities use WAN to get connected and transmit data to each other. Different technologies are used to develop the wide area network links from integrated telephone lines, radio wave transmission and the optical fiber. The speed of the WAN has increased radically in the last few decades. From 110 bits per second in the year 1960 to up to 100 G/bits per second now, the speed has improved exponentially.


LAN (Local Area Network)

A network system installed in a building and operated under single administrative system is known as LAN. Generally, this type of network is used in organization’s offices, schools, colleges/universities, etc.

Usually, the LAN has a server of its own which has its own applications and storage systems that are shared among the users. From two to a few hundred, the number of users within the LAN network can vary. Today, Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the most common forms of LAN usage. A wireless LAN is always preferred to wired LAN due to its effectiveness, flexibility and cost. Simple LANs comprises of two to three switches which are connected to the router or modem for internet access. A complex LAN consists of several switches which uses a spanning tree protocol to prevent loops and manage more volumes of data transmission.



This network is mostly used in recent private, public, business, academic and government networks connected and guided by wireless and fiber-optic technologies. Computer network assignment help experts highlight internet as a network of global exchange connected by network system that uses TCP/IP to transmit data.
It is also referred to as Internet Area Network which is envisioned as the ideal networking model for the future. It connects all the endpoints through the public web, enabling the transmission of data and exchanging information possible without getting bound to a physical location. The rise of Internet Area Network is based on cloud computing. In the last one decade, high capacity networks and peer-to-peer architecture have paved the way for the popularity of internet networking.


Networking sample - Java Console Application

You are to write a Java Console Application ( which will allow lecturers to enter the name of the Course code and course name they teach, and then enter the details of N students’ names and marks as a percentage out of 100. N should be equal to the highest digit in your student ID, use N=3 if your highest digit is less than three. For each student the program will...

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MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

This type of network facilities equips the whole city such as cable TV network. It can be used in various forms like Ethernet, Token-ring, ATM or FDDI. With accordance to the area of coverage, a MAN network covers larger area than LAN but smaller than WAN. MAN links generally use microwave, radio or infra-red laser transmission to connect between two LANs.
MANs are used to build high speed network for cities and towns which is effective due to its medium range. The network of MAN can extend up to 40 kilometers maintaining its speed and effectiveness. These days MAN networks work on Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) with IEEE 802.6 standard of data communication giving a speed of transmission up to 155 Mbps.


WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

This network is very similar to LAN, but they do not require wires to connect each other. Radio and infrared signals are ideal examples of WLAN. As it is wireless, it gives all the users within the range of its effectiveness to move around without losing connection.
The IEEE 802.11 defines the functionality of WLAN into two basic modes, namely, infrastructure and ad hoc mode. In the ad hoc mode, the units or clients transmit directly peer-to-peer while in the infrastructure mode, the units communicate through a specific access point. The most recent standard of WLAN is 802.11g offering a speed of around 150 Mbps per channel.


CAN (Campus Area Network)

A network that connects many small LAN networks is named as CAN. It allows easy file sharing between different departments as all the files are usually shared on the server machine.
CAN is a form of smaller MAN network but with a shorter range of effectiveness. The networking equipments and transmission media are owned by the authority itself which uses FDDI, ATM, Token Ring and fast Ethernet to get connected. The range of CAN varies but it can be effective with an area about 8-10 km2. CAN is used in the corporate offices where the employees require high speed data link.


SAN (Storage Area Network)

This network is mostly used as information database, not often used by organizations or any similar entities. This network is implemented on the websites that offer downloading services.
A Storage Area Network or SAN is assembled using three principle components: cabling, Host Bus Adapters and switches. The SAN moves the storage resources from the common network reorganizing them into a high speed and independent network. Every server, whenever required, can access this storage. A SAN cannot perform file abstraction and it can be used for only block-level operations. It uses ATA, Fiber Channel Protocol and SCSI protocol for communication between servers and disk drive services.


PAN (Personal Area Network)

This network is used for communicating between more than one or two computers and computer devices (including telephones) within around few meters within a room.
When a person works in his individual laptop, connected with a printer which is also attached with his smartphone using wireless technology, it can be referred to as the simplest form of Personal Area Network.

Networking sample - Java Programming

The program must cater for each of the following requirements:
1. Register a new movie. The cinema needs to store the movie’s title, rating, duration, synopsis, release date, billed cast, director, genre, distributor and official website.
2. Schedule movie sessions. There is only one cinema screen, so only one movie can be shown at any time.
3. Display the movie listing. This lists all movies. When a movie is selected, list all the details for that movie, including its future session times.

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This wireless PAN is based on the standard IEEE 802.15. Bluetooth and Infrared data transmission falls under the category of PAN.


SAN (System Area Network)

This network is linked to high performance computers with high-speed connections in a cluster configuration. It is also known as Cluster Area Network.
System Area Network is capable of delivering very high bandwidth up to 1 Gbps with a very low latency. A SAN is used to interconnect all the nodes within a distributed computer system referred to as a cluster. It is known for its security and low error rates. SANs are especially effective for bulk data transfer as it uses Remote Direct Memory Access Mechanism.


Advantages and disadvantages of computer networking

Computer networking has of late become the face of computing, allowing the user to connect across the globe as if they were in the same room. Computer network assignment help experts evaluate its negative aspects too like security risks, workplace distractions etc.


Computer network assignment help experts highlight cost as one of the major cons of network. If you are setting a network for the purpose of business, you need to spend thousands of dollars to install it. Computer network assignment help experts suggest, even in a small business, simple network equipments like modem and routers can cost big.

Policing usage

Internet connectivity encourages undesirable behavior. But on the other side of the coin, it also supports government agencies to detect any kind of unwelcome behavior from any source. Avail computer network assignment help from to know more about the pros and cons of Internet.

Communication and information

Networking, especially internet connectivity, allows its user to communicate in ways that was not possible before this technology was developed. Like, instant messaging permits the user to talk real time and send files on another side of the world. This is a potential boon for business users because internet is the access to vast information.

Resource sharing

It is highly important and needs computer network assignment help for better understanding. The users can share both hardware and software resources through a well-designed network. It increases efficiency and facilitates workplace collaboration. In the past years, the data was commonly shared by copying it to removable media and physically carrying it to another location. But now sharing information has become far quicker and more efficient.

Networking sample - C++ Programming

Follow the directions.
Comment liberally. Use this format for filenames:
1. Move the show_results.txt file from Blackboard into your projectdirectory.
2. Create 3 lists, one for states, one for shows, and one for viewers.
3. Inject data from text file and put it into a NumPy array...

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Common network devices

Network devices are fundamental units of networking that carry data through computer network. Our computer network assignment help experts draw attention to the basic network devices that are used by numerous users:


It connects computers together in a star topology network. Hubs have multiple ports which are commonly used to connect segments of a network. When a data packet is inserted to one of its ports, it is copied to other ports to give all segments to see all packets. It performs as the central connection of the networking and carries data in the form of frames. When a port receives a frame, it gets amplified and is transmitted to the destination. Based on their utility, these hubs can be categorized into passive, intelligent and switching hubs.



It is an electronic device that receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power. A repeater is used in the transmission systems to regenerate the digital as well as analog signals which are disturbed and distorted during dispatch and conveyance. It can use different protocols to relay the same messages.



Modem is a device that turns the digital 1s and 0s of a personal computer into sounds that can be transmitted over the telephones lines of Plain Old Telephone System (POTS). The name derives from it functionality, i.e, Modulator-Demodulator. All the computer data is digitally stored. The modem transforms all those data into analog waves which can be transmitted through the cable wires. Accordingly, the modem also changes the received analog waves into digital information for processing. Modems are classified by the amount of data that it can process and send in a given time as its speed is expressed in bytes per second.


NIC (Network Infrared Card)

It is a computer hardware component designed to allow computers to communicate over a computer network. Computers within the range can transfer files with each other using this system. Computer infrared network adapters transmit and receive data through ports on the side of the device. It can also be installed in laptops and other personal devices. The range of this infrared communications is effective only within 5 meters with a data transfer speed of about 4 mbps. But it cannot penetrate any barrier work only in direct ‘line of sight’.


Media converters

According to our computer network assignment help experts, these are simple networking devices that make it possible to connect two dissimilar media types such as twisted pair with fiber optic cabling.

Media converters support different data communication protocols which include Ethernet, DS3, E3, T1, J1 and also various multi cable fiber optics like twisted, coax etc. Users according to the need can attach a simple converter (when speed and duplex settings are identical) or switching converters (containing a network bridge to connect half-duplex segments). They are also used in metropolitan area networks.

Media converters

Basic switch

It is similar to a hub and provides a central connection between two or more computers on a network, but with some intelligence. Also known as network switches, it uses the concept of packet switching to receive, process and forward data. It can process data through data link layer 2 and 3 of the OSI model. Commonly used in Ethernet switches, they are also effective in other forms of network including Fiber channel and Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

Basic switch

It operates at the data link layer of the OSI model. It can interlink two of their ports together at very high speed. It creates an aggregate network from two communication segments. It allows these different networks to transmit data distinctly while remaining separate.

Basic router

It operates at the network layer of the OSI model and efficiently route information between Local Area Networks. A router forwards data packets along networks. They use Headers and also forwarding tables to determine and send the data through the best path and they also use protocols like ICMP to communicate with each other. Router does very little filtering of data especially the ones used for home and office. The main difference between a hub and a router is that a router always analyzes the data sent through the internet. Larger networks can use different types of routers like bridge router, core router, edge router, software router and wireless router.

Basic router

Basic firewall

It is a part of computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting outward communication. Firewalls of a device can be created through hardware or software or a combination of both. Every data entering or leaving the device needs to pass through this firewall and if any file does not qualify for the specified criteria, it gets automatically blocked. Hardware firewalls can be purchased by the user as a standalone product or it may be delivered with the main device. There are several techniques through which this firewall secures the system. The most effective types are packet filtering and application gateway procedure.

Basic firewall

Basic DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server

It sends a broadcast query requesting the necessary information from a DHCP server. With DHCP, the devices request IP addresses and networking parameters automatically from a DHCP server. It reduces the need of a manual network administration or an engineer to do it. The usage of DHCP minimizes the usage of configuration errors caused by manual IP address configuration, address conflicts etc. It simplifies network administration as the software itself manages and keeps a track of the IP addresses making the hassles of a user to minimum.


Computer network assignments

Computer network assignment help experts give prominence to the written tasks. There are so many forms of assignments and written construction model that students need to respond to. Computer network assignments involve assignments containing essay questions, chapter-based questions, subject-based case studies and question-based assignments.
Say for example: “A connection is through a cable with bandwidth 10Mbps and a latency of 2ms. It is half-duplex, but there are no conflicts (A and B never send at the same time). Describe how the communication might proceed; what is the minimum total time taken for this entire exchange?”
Students have to make great efforts to solve programming application. Get computer network assignment help at the best rate!

Computer network assignment help by boasts of a team of computer network assignment help experts who are specialized in writing A1 quality assignment and other forms of written assignments. Our experts are available 24x7 online so that you can clear your doubts and get answers to your questions the minute you need it. We further provide useful sample solution concerning computer network assignments so that you can produce quality assignment on your own. We ensure 100 percent plagiarism-free, well-researched and authentic content at very reasonable price. So log in now to get computer network assignment help!


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