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Dissertation writing can be quite daunting for those who are uninitiated to the whole process of dissertation writing. It can take time and if not done correctly can stretch for eternity, prolonging the time taken to finish the dissertation. In English speaking countries of Australia, UK and USA, there a number of online dissertation writing services that help students to finish their dissertations quickly. However, most of them are frightfully expensive and a student of average financial means cannot afford them.

In order to cater to students of these countries, MyAssignmenthelp.com brings economical dissertation writing services at prices that are determined only after a thorough consultation with our subject experts.

Dissertation Writing: An Overview

A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing submitted as a part of PhD or M.A. course. It is based on original research work and must contain either an original argument or a reformulation of an older argument. It is written by a research student in consultation with his or her supervisor. The total period of time differs from one country to another. In the US, it typically takes 5 to 7 years for a student to complete his or her dissertation. However, students usually need help mostly during the final few months of the dissertation. It is here that online assignment help providers can provide invaluable service.

Parts of a dissertation

A dissertation is made up of five essential components:

  1. Research question

  2. Research methodology

  3. Dissertation chapters

  4. Citation

  5. Bibliography

Get a hang of these essential components in order to nail the art of dissertation writing. Not only would you be able to come up with a fine dissertation, you would never ask for any further help ever. The five important components are:

1. Research Question

This is the most important thing of a dissertation. In order to write a flawless dissertation it is important to get your dissertation question right. It is the fundamental question that guides a research project. A research question must be strong and relevant. Try to formulate your research question with the help of your teacher. Alternatively, you can also come up with a pertinent research question, provided that you have a good grip over the subject.

2. Research Methodology

Methodology is the method through which you do your research. There are multiple options to choose from — interviews, questionnaires, historical analysis, theoretical explorations, surveys and practical experiments. These are some of the major methods of conducting your research and collecting the information required to write your dissertation.

3. Dissertation Chapters

Now we move on the most important part of the dissertation writing: the actual chapters. These chapters will determine how your dissertation is going to shape up. Try to include at least five chapters in your dissertation. The first chapter should include the dissertation research question and the research methodology. Next we move on to the literature review. Another important part of the dissertation, the literature review must include a pertinent analysis of the existing literature on the subject followed by author’s own intervention. Actual chapters may be three in number. The last chapter or the conclusion must summarize whatever has been stated before. The bringing together of all the research findings is essential.

4. Citation

Students are often at their wit’s end when it comes to citation. Citation and reference are crucial when it comes to higher research. Many of our students complain that they are unable to prefect the art of citation writing given that there are so many different rules of citation writing such as Harvard, Chicago, APA and MLA styles. Each of these styles is different from the other.

5. Bibliography

A bibliography is a complete list of authors and their books which have been consulted by the writer while finishing their dissertation. A dissertation may either be descriptive or enumerative. An enumerative bibliography simply lists the name of the authors and their books. On the other hand, a descriptive bibliography is a complete essay containing the not only the name of the authors but also their publication details.

Apart from these there are a couple of other points that you must remember:

  1. Try to take into confidence your supervisor for any additional changes made

  2. Dissertation should be finished way before the deadline, so that any changes can be made if needed.

  3. Try to write, proofread and copyedit your dissertation in order to avoid any mistake.

How to save money on your dissertation?

Dissertation is hardly an economical enterprise. From the beginning of the PhD course to the end of the dissertation, it is quite an expensive affair. Students in the US get meager stipends to write their dissertation. Further, conducting researches need a lot of money. As such the effort of the student should always be to save money whenever possible. Here are few tips to write a dissertation economically:

  1. Try to keep your research to a minimum.

  2. If you are looking for online dissertation writing service, try taking quotes from a number of service providers. Try to go for the cheapest service possible.

  3. Always negotiate your amount with your assignment service provider.

  4. Your service provider will try to charge money for changes. Try to minimize the amount if possible.

  5. Finally, try and look out for discounts. You can book during the discount season in order to avail the lucrative deals. The writer can start his work at a later date, when needed.

Does MyAssignmenthelp.com offer economical dissertations?

As we have seen, writing dissertation is no child’s play, although when done correctly it might fetch rich rewards. A little help with writing dissertations may not be out of place. At the same time it is not unethical either. Students take help of seniors or friends all the time. Then what’s wrong in taking help dissertation writing services?

Although there are a number of online dissertation writing services, only MyAssignmenthelp.com gives you genuine help with PhD dissertation writing. If you do not want help in dissertation writing, you might want to try out our dissertation editing and proofreading services. Further if you want an expert to go through your thesis, we can provide that as well. So how does this work?

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