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Benefits Of Human Resources While Adapting Change In An Organizaton: Cadbury

1. Introduction

The topic dealt in this report is benefits of Human Resources in while doing . In this report the aims and objective of the selected topic will be discussed. Along with that the hypothesis of HR benefits will also be discussed.


1.1.Aim of the Research Work

The aim of this report is to recognize the benefits that human resource is getting from the from the internal and external environment.


1.2.Objectives of the Research Work

The main objectives of this research work are:

  • To critically analyze the role of HR in building a strong team
  • To evaluate the contribution of HR in maintaining the organizational culture
  • To determine possible HR strategies to be followed by an organization



H0: Without the confidence among themselves the employee cannot perform well

H1: Before implementing the HR strategies the organization need to plan and strategize well



2.Literature Review

2.1. Introduction

In this chapter the reviews is done on the experimental literature of the subject material. The appropriate literature will be evaluated under the following points. The discuss topics are


2.2 Team building

In every organization team work is very important. If there is no coordination among the members working in a team then it will hamper the group and also the project on which they are working (Senge, 2014). If a person working individually in a project then the confidence he/she will be getting in much less than the confidence they will be getting after working in a team. In a team the peer members help the individuals in understanding their lack areas which will help them in growing their confidence and also helps them in filling their performance gap (Field, Ed 2014).

Team work helps in growing the confidence in an individual.

Team building helps an employee in their decision making.

The performance of each individual can be measured with the help of team building.


2.3 Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is one of the important elements of human resources. HR department has to keep a look that the organizational culture is not getting disturb. When new employees are hired for their organization then the human resource department so that neither the old employees do not face any problem with the new employees nor along with that the new employees do not have any problem in adjusting in the new culture (Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014).


2.4 Chapter Summary

The theory deals with the main elements with which the human resource has to deal with of any organization. It helps in the performance of the employees of the organization and also influences them to do better.


 3.Research Methodology


3.1 Research Design

For the study of this report a survey design has been used which is very expensive. A descriptive survey has been done to gather all the information which will help in getting the full knowledge of that particular field. The collected data was totally based on the experience of the hypothesis and research model (Knowles, and Swanson, 2014).


3.2 Research Philosophy

Primarily the researcher has focused in the positive part where the human resources have helped in the change of the organization. The changes adapting by Cadbury is in the positive as the change is brining the new side of the organization (Patel, Messersmith, and Lepak, 2013).


3.3 Data Collection Method

The data collected for this report is in the form of survey. The selected survey for this report is in the form of questionnaire. The questionnaire is in the structured format. For this report the data collection technique is in the form of observation, questionnaire. The tool used for this research was interview and questionnaire.


3.4 Sample Size

With the help of cluster sampling the data was collected. The study will focus on the on the feedback which the employee will be giving after the changes that will take place in the organization. The employees of all the department of Cadbury is the sample size for this study (Cummings, and Worley, 2014).


3.5 Research Ethics

While doing every stage for the research study the main thing that will be kept in mind that everything is done after following the ethics. There should be no issue regarding the ethics that are not followed. When the researchers will be going through the research study then they will also have to maintain the ethics and no problem should arise regarding the data collected for the study (Rummler, and Brache, 2012).



3.6 Limitations

When the research study will gain an tremendous success, but there is some constraints points. Here the researcher is passing to examine few constraints.

  • In the hypothesis section it was discussed that the confidence of the employee will help them to perform better and it has been established
  • The organizational change performs a significant role in the performance of the employees.
  • The performance of an employee is interlinked with the change taking place in the organization.