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Paul Noor

Singapore, Singapore

PhD in Chemistry with Specialization in Oil and Petroleum Chemistry


I am a research manager at SIM University and have completed my doctorate credential from the same institute. I am also an online tutor at for the last three years

Professional Skills

My areas of interest are aspects of oilfield technology, biopolymer solution, enzyme, biochemistry and bioengineering enzymes

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Published: 2015, 7 Apr | 1 Pages, 326 Words

Paper to Critique Perkins, C. 1968. 'Letter To Horald Holt'. Quadrant 51 (1): 34-38. 1st Para - Identify and describe the argument/s presented by the author. 2nd Para - provide a critique of these arguments. Focus on assumptions from which the argument is premised, analysis. Structural critique. Bibliography citation....

Published: 2015, 18 Apr | 1 Pages, 393 Words

Brown maintains that leadership is an essential quality in nursing. This is confirmed by the recent requiemnets of the NHS Plan. This Plan has emphasized the importance of introducing the transformational model of leadership.... Is this piece an example of good academic writing?How well does it use literature to back up statements being made? To what extent is it reflective?...

Published: 2016, 4 May | 7 Pages, 1772 Words

Format of the assignment Title come up with a title that gives an idea of what the research question is, If you look at the titles of the journal articles given on moodle that should give you a good understanding of what is appropriate. Executive summary /abstract Briefly describe the research question and research gap Introduction why the research question is a question worth answering Body Discuss the journal articles, Note: Since you have to use three of the articles provided it is acceptable...

Published: 2016, 14 Jun | 2 Pages, 606 Words

Expert,  write it according to the following requirements:•    Depend on high quality and reputable journal papers as resources for this assignment.•    Citation is deeply requested in general and for all sections ( In text- referencing  is very  Important for prof reading).•    Formal and clear language must be adopted for this assignment. •    Use Harvard as referencing style.•    ...

Published: 2016, 11 Jul | 2 Pages, 505 Words

With reference to selected feminist theories, critically discuss the argument that both ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are socially constructed. Is this a helpful way to understand how femininities and masculinities are constructed today? thorough use of knowledge, fairly wide range of sources, demonstrating relevance of these by well-made indicative example. effective and appropriate integration of source, argument and illustration. Evidence of writer's own point of view emerging....

Published: 2016, 20 Jul | 0 Pages, 58 Words

What is a Prototype Battery Electrical System cars?...

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