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George Adames

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United Kingdom, London

Master’s in Chemistry from Newman University College – Birmingham.


I have completed my Master’s in Chemistry from Newman University College – Birmingham. I am currently working as a research assistant at Azad University – Oxford

Professional Skills

Research assistant for Chemistry

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  • Published: 2015, 24 Mar
  • 1 Pages, 341 Words
Colorectal Cancer

Describe the pathogenesis of Brian's colorectal cancer from the initial cellular mutation to the diagnosis of stage IIA colorectal cancer. Describe two modifiable and three non-modifiable risk factors for colorectal cancer and explaon how these risk factors may have contributed to the development of Brian's colorectal cancer...

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  • Published: 2015, 29 Jul
  • 2 Pages, 614 Words

You are allocated a DNA sequence within which you must find an open reading frame, translate the ORF into amino acid sequence and compare with the closest naturally occurring match in the Genbank database. An alignment must be presented. The predicted amino acid sequence should be analysed for its MW, isoelectric point and hydrophobicity profile (Kyte and Doolittle) and this profile related to processing, location and function of the data base match. A final PRESENTATION : You must present a rep...

  • Published: 2015, 23 Sep
  • 2 Pages, 551 Words
Introduction To Construction Processes

Task is to just answer the questions regarding to building "Swanson Square" by using template (see file "Assignment Tasks"). There are 4 sections which you should fill. Section 1, 5, 6, 7. Follow the instruction and meet all criteria. Some web links to Swanson Square building (which located in Melbourne, Australia) - - Architectural designs in composites – Swanston Square http://www.webberaust...

  • Published: 2015, 16 Oct
  • 3 Pages, 821 Words
Cultural Anthropology

Essay (2500 words) Based on the theories and concepts of power summarised in the Summary, examine an ethnography of gender and caste/class in India. Describe the ways in which power (gender, caste, class) ‘works’, and bring in the key concepts you explored in Summary 1 – eg. is there ‘hegemony’ at work? Or is it just sheer dominance, ie. force (economic, political, the threat of sheer violence)? Is there a distinct ‘subaltern’ culture of women? of Dalits? Do you find the concep...

  • Published: 2015, 17 Oct
  • 1 Pages, 312 Words
Business Law Assignment

Its about 2500 word assignment and it must follow the APA style referrencing and it checked by turnitine and Plagarism rate under 15%.and follow the link plz with outsiders

  • Published: 2016, 29 Jun
  • 7 Pages, 1817 Words
Memorandum Of Advice

Ray’s conveyancing mate said that all this was beyond him.  He suggested he contact a local lawyer he knew who may be able to give them further advice.  Rebecca and Ray made an appointment with “Local Lawyers” the firm Ray’s mate suggested.  You are a junior lawyer at the firm and the Partner of the firm has asked you to write a memorandum about the issues that Rebecca and Ray have sought advice upon so she can use this in a more formal letter of advice to ...

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