dissertation topics hr   Importance of Human Resource Department with in an Organisation for the Success of the Business

1.0. Introduction

In the current business scenario, the role of human resource department is playing a crucial role in the achievement of organisational goals successfully and allowing the company to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors.


1.1.  Aim of the Research

The main purpose of this research is to analyse the importance of human resource department in the organisation. The research will discuss at length about the various benefits that an organisation can enjoy by putting a proper HR department at place. The research will also aim to understand different challenges that the company might face because of absence of concrete HR department within the organisation.


1.2.  Objectives of the Research

The main objectives for this research are mentioned below:

  • To understand the challenges faced by the company due to absence of proper HR department within the organisation
  • To understand the significance of human resource department within the organisation.
  • What are the benefits that a human resource department can provide to the organisation

1.3.  Hypothesis of the Research

H0: A concrete human resource department within the company contribute towards the success of the organisation

H1: Human Resource department in the company does not impact on the success of the organisation


2.0. Literature Review

Today, the business environment is characterised by high volatility and intense competition due to increased globalisation and rapid technological advancements. Human resource is the most crucial aspect of any organisation as the organisation runs because of them.

To meet the challenges of the complex business environment, the organizations are required to become dynamic and growth oriented. This goal can be achieved with the help of human resource department only. Only the HR department has the capacity to acquire and retain best talent for the company. They are the ones who are responsible to bring out the best in employees be keeping them motivated, they become the voice of employees, solve all their problems whether personal or professional to maintain their productivity level. Organisations today understand the significance of HRD in the organisation and they play a strategic role in making the organisation successful in its endeavours.


3.0. Research Methodology

This section will discuss the method that will be employed while conducting this research. Referring to this section will help the researcher to follow an appropriate channel to reach to unbiased and true findings and conclusions.


3.1. Research Design Approach

It is very essential for a researcher to identify the approach that he will follow while conducting the research. This will help him to move in the right direction and collected useful data and make meaningful interpretations. For the purpose of this research, out of the two well known methods, inductive and deductive, Deductive approach will be followed to reach the conclusions. The research design will be of descriptive in nature.


3.2. Research Philosophy

An efficient researcher will always follow a research philosophy as it acts as a guiding framework for them and enables him to conduct the research in the appropriate manner. Many kinds of philosophies are available for the purpose of research, namely, realism, positivism and interpretive. In this research, the researcher will follow the Positivism philosophy.


3.3. Data collection Method

For any kind of research generally two kinds of data is collected i.e. secondary and primary data. To conduct this research, the researcher will collect primary data from respondents. Primary data are quantitative and allows the researcher to get first hand information and collect only valid data for their specific needs. The collection of first hand information reduces the chances of error while drawing conclusions. A questionnaire will be administered on an identified set of respondents.


3.4. Sampling Technique

Selecting appropriate sampling technique is crucial for the researcher which enables them to identify right set of respondents for the purpose of their research. Generally they select the technique based on certain criteria. Since this research is not any company specific, therefore, online sampling will be done via survey.


3.5. Research Ethics

Abiding by the basic research ethics is the key requirement to maintain the authenticity of any research. Thus, any competent researcher would conduct the research by following the ethical standards. The researcher must be ethical while collecting and interpreting the data and should try his best to minimise error or any biasness while drawing conclusions. The confidentiality of the respondents and their responses must be maintained at all levels of the research.

3.6. Limitation of the Research

The main limitation of this research is that the researcher might face problem while collecting the primary data and any other external sources might influence the results of the research.