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How Can Direct Marketing Build the Customer Relationship?


Vodafone is one of the most successful telecommunication services providers now a day. Vodafone provides its services in all over the country across the world. The marketing policies and the techniques which are used by the Vodafone Company are very good. The company believes in customer’s satisfaction by providing the best quality of services. In order to maintain the relationship with the customers Vodafone Company use direct marketing techniques.



Aims of the Research

The aim of the research is to know about the direct marketing policies of the Vodafone Company. The Vodafone Company uses the direct marketing to build the customers relationship.


Objective of the Research

The objectives of the research are as follows:

  • To evaluate the direct marketing policy of the Vodafone Company.
  • To know how the direct marketing policies of the Vodafone Company to build the customers relationship.


H0: The negative impact of direct marketing

H1: The positive impact of direct marketing.


In this chapter the related strategies and Policies will be analyze in order to gain the actual information about the direct marketing of Vodafone Company in order to build customers’ relationship (Barker, 2015).


Direct marketing includes variety of approaches through which the Vodafone Company can directly contact with the Customers. In order to implement direct marketing policy the Vodafone Company can use various policies like; direct calling to the customers, direct mailing to the customers, direct approach to buy the products and face to face selling. The direct marketing can help the Vodafone Company to build the strong relationship with the ultimate customers.



Target Campaign:

In target campaign the Vodafone Company have to select the target group of customers. The first and the most important thing for doing the direct marketing are to gather the database of the customers, which will provide the valuable information about the customers. This information can be use by the Vodafone Company to select the target group, for which the company wants to make the campaign (James, 2014). The target group of customers can be select by the following ways:

  • The customers who use to by the products and services very frequently.
  • Customers who buy the products in recent times.

For direct marketing the Vodafone Company has to interact with the customers directly, which will give the information about the ultimate customers. The Vodafone Company can also collect the feedback from the ultimate customers by preparing a set of questionnaires (Maireder, 2014).


In this study the researcher discussed about the policies that are taken by the Vodafone Company in order to do the direct marketing, which can help the company to build the strong relationship with the customers. The Vodafone Company also follows the target marketing strategy to reach the maximum numbers of customers within a short period of time.


Research Methodology

Research approach

As per (Masrom and Rahimli, 2015) the research approach is the main part of the research study by which we can relate the strategies or the theories of the study for the successful completion of the research. The research approach is about the approach that the researcher comes up with, to make the research study successful. The researcher can use two types of approach; the inductive and the deductive approach.

Research Design

Research design is the proposal of the research study; research design is very useful and necessary for the accomplishment of the project in time. Research design shows the way to the researcher to complete the research.

Research Philosophy

The research philosophy can give the proper idea about the whole research study. In the research philosophy the researcher use the interpretive research design, which is very helpful for the researcher to create distinguish in the acquired knowledge. The research philosophy also helps the researcher to about the Vodafone Company’s direct marketing policy. In this research the researcher use the viewpoint in order to complete the research study in successful manner (Peppin, 2014).

Data Collection:

Data collection is the vital and the important part of the research, this provides a practical understanding for the particular research. The researcher can use two types of data collection methods; the primary collection of the data, and the secondary collection of the data. In this research, the researcher uses both the type of data collection methods (Peters, 2014).

Sample Size

The sample size indicates the size of the sample that was taken by the researcher to make the proper understanding of the research study. In this research, the sample size collected by the researcher is 50 people from the retails store of Vodafone (Vandeviver, 2014).

Ethical Consideration

The most important part for any research is to follow the ethics, by which the research can raise its standard.


The main limitations face by the researcher for this research is time and money.




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