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Jack Arens

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Done my professional MBA from Azad University - Oxford. Currently, working in a leading corporate house in UK. As I love to share my knowledge, I have joined as a freelance writer

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Expertise in marketing, and finance

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  • Published: 2016, 1 Sep
  • 3 Pages, 879 Words
Leadership Strategies For A Changing World

Leadership is argued to be one the most important aspects in modern day organizations. Discuss the difficulties leaders face in organizations and suggest some theories/models of leadership that can be applied to address these difficulties.Your essay should consider the following:(Use the following as sub-headings to structure your essay)•Why is ‘leadership’ such a major issue in modern workplaces? •What factors are contributing to the challenges of ‘leadership’?...

  • Published: 2016, 2 Sep
  • 2 Pages, 641 Words
Problem Solving, Critical Thinking

Task This portfolio item requires you to write about Critical Thinking. The document should have two parts. Part A – Critical Thinking Write approximately 200 words describing why you need to be a critical thinker. You should refer to study, work and personal life. You should include your definition of the term critical thinking.  Part B – ICT professionals Explain why it is important for ICT professionals to be critical thinkers. You need to provide at least three (3) rele...

  • Published: 2016, 12 Sep
  • 0 Pages, 212 Words
Pestel Analysis

Describe the company , the nature of its business and any other relevant facts. Provide a Pestel analysis of the company. Undertake a Porter's five forces analysis of the company's competitive environment....

Customer's Feedback
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Im 100%satisied with my assignment, Thanks my Writer so much....Sure will be back, Just im not understand the diffrients of premium and standard.

  • Published: 2016, 17 Oct
  • 10 Pages, 2736 Words
Global Strategies

Why do Global Strategies tend to be rare in practice? Assessment criteria for coursework The module will be assessed according to whether you meet the appropriate learning outcomes (see Module Specification) and, in particular, WHETHER YOU FOCUS UPON AND ANSWER THE QUESTION SET. Those of you who merely talk about the topic in general will not achieve the higher grades. You should also consider the following in relation to your coursework for this module: • conciseness: - particularly releva...

  • Published: 2016, 1 Nov
  • 3 Pages, 890 Words

The prompt for the supplemental essay is: Your manager has asked your team to come up with a more effective way to highlight product features for the customer. Your team determines that your idea, a mobile optimized site comparing product features, would be beneficial and easily accessible for the customer and is the right idea to take to your manager. However, Dan, a team member, is reluctant to accept the idea in team meetings. When you present the idea on behalf of your team to your manager, ...

Customer's Feedback
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Answered the questions well. Gave good points. Linked answers to current day. Overall it was done well

  • Published: 2016, 3 Nov
  • 2 Pages, 593 Words

Define institutions in the context of business strategy, and explain the role of institutions when considering entering a foreign market. Explain the role of culture in how these institutions are shaped. Provide at least one example of a country where weak institutions may serve as a barrier to entry for a firm. Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements: 4 pages in length Support your analysis by referencing and citing at least three credible sources in addition to the cours...

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