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Mike Arvidson

New Zealand, Wellington

I have done my Masters in Economics from AUT University


Hi there! Happy to see you taking interest in my works I have done my Masters in Economics from AUT University. I have been associated with teaching for more than 20 years now.

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Hi there! Happy to see you taking interest in my works I have done my Masters in Economics from AUT University. I have been associated with teaching for more than 20 years now. Besides teaching students, I also provide assignment writing assistance and consultation to thousands of students through

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Published: 2014, 17 Nov | 19 Pages, 4927 Words

 Compare and contrast, with the aid of drawings, where appropriate, the design characteristics of orifice plates and venturi tubes. It is desired to measure the flow-rate of a process fluid (density 1000 kg/m3) in a 100 mm internal diameter pipe. The normal operating mass flow-rate is approximately 200,000 kg/hr and the maximum anticipated flow-rate is 250,000 kg/hr. It is proposed to use an orifice plate to measure the flow-rate, but for process reasons the pressure drop across the meter m...

Published: 2015, 12 Jun | 13 Pages, 3370 Words

Using differentiation find the difference between maximum and minimumheights for both the roller coasters. Find the maximum and minimum heights. Draw the graph (by hand)When is the coaster at ground level? Confirm using factor theorem. Explain what is mathematical modelling.Why is mathematical modelling used?How is mathematical modelling to be used in this report AnalysisDetermine the height difference of each coaster explaining is being done as it is bein...

Published: 2015, 23 Sep | 0 Pages, 173 Words

If the efficient-market hypothesis is true, the pension fund manager might as well select a portfolio with a pin.” Explain why this is not the case. 1000 words....

Published: 2015, 4 Nov | 0 Pages, 188 Words

Report format.Please follow assignment brief.Plagiarism must be low and avoid any similarities issues.All paragraphs must be well cited.All on-line sources must be well referenced....

Published: 2015, 8 Nov | 1 Pages, 444 Words

You are an analyst working with the Gold Mine Bank which is an investment bank. Iris Ltd has approached you for advice on this proposed acquisition. The focus of the report will be on the potential risks and returns (or advantages) associated with this acquisition for Iris Ltd. Together with the financial aspect, you will need to consider various other relevant aspects and write a report. Based on your analysis, make your recommendation....

Published: 2015, 11 Nov | 7 Pages, 1837 Words

“Australia has too many taxes and too many complicated ways of delivering multiple policy objectives through the tax and transfer systems. The capacity of the legislative and operating platforms of these systems, and their human users, to deal with the resulting complexity has been overreached. The tax and transfer architecture is overburdened and beginning to fail in dealing efficiently and effectively with multiplying policy goals and demands. Rationalisation of the tax and transfer arch...

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