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  • Published: 27 Nov 2014
  • 1 Pages, 293 Words
Phishing, Pharming, Vishing

Web phishing, pharming and vishing are popular web based scams. Discuss currently used tools and recommended measures to defeat this kind of attacks efficiently? Specifically focus on solutions that can be implemented at the network infrastructure layer and in user clients or browsers....

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  • Published: 07 Mar 2015
  • 29 Pages, 7488 Words
Information Network Security

The report should be according to the marking scheme which is on the last page of this document. The Task “You are an IT network security analyst for a small local bank: Northumbria Bank plc.  On arriving at work this morning, you have been informed by the customer service manager that there may have been some kind of 'cyber-attack' against the bank's computer systems overnight.  The systems started running slowly during the evening when the customer service team at the call ce...

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  • Published: 15 Mar 2015
  • 14 Pages, 3525 Words
Web Design Details

This semester we will be writing a simple micro-blogging application called Psst that allows users to post short messages.  Unlike the competition, which limit messages to 140 characters, Psst allows a full 150 characters in each message. We hope that this will give us the edge in this very competitive market.  The assignment will be split into two parts with three submissions: Assignment 1 (this part) will involve an initial design for the site in HTML and CSS. Assignme...

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2015
  • 1 Pages, 319 Words
Economics And Quantitative Analysis

I am master student i want topic in security of internet of things * with problem statement and objective and resources * the topic that you chose be sure you can work on it until the end of thesis * the topic that you choose should not be hard and have many resources * it should be quantitative not qualitative...

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  • Published: 07 Apr 2015
  • 4 Pages, 1238 Words
Literature Review

The literature review will involve a critical evaluation of relevant existing literature on the above topic. You should use at least 7 articles, 5 of which must be articles from good quality sources such as peer reviewed academic journals and books. Your work must be referenced throughout and full references given in Harvard style at the end of the review. Details of Harvard referencing formats are given on the Swinburne Library’s research site at:

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  • Published: 13 Apr 2015
  • 11 Pages, 2876 Words
Chronic Disease

Implement a relational database for a medical clinic using at least the following business rules:   Everyday this medical clinic handles several patients and hosts several doctors. Each patient needs to register before they can make an appointment with any of the doctors. During registration, several personal details of the patients are collected such as patient name, address, current medication, and information about chronic disease, known allergies, and an identification number in the f...

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2015
  • 46 Pages, 11531 Words
CIS 2002

Since its establishment in early 90s, Fresh Fast Foods has expanded its business from a single store in Queensland to over 40 stores and franchises across Australia. Integration of its business processes with IT has been one of the critical success factors for Fresh Fast Food. A transaction support database system was deployed early as a business strategy to provide up to date stock management and record point of sales information in all of its 40 stores.   Over the ten year period, Fresh...

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  • Published: 21 Apr 2015
  • 211 Pages, 52844 Words
COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis And Design

  For the purpose of this assignment, you are assumed to be one of the consultants appointed to shoulder the system analysis responsibilities in, Australia Wide System Integration Group (AWSIG) in the project outlined in the case study.   You will plan and manage the project as well as investigate and document its system requirements. For your Assignment 1 submission, you will produce a report that discusses this project based on your understanding of it and the related investigat...

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  • Published: 22 Apr 2015
  • 32 Pages, 8102 Words
QA Plan

This unit of study focuses on 3 core project/program management knowledge and competency areas,namely (1) project quality management; (2) project risk management; and (3) project procurementmanagement. The aims are to develop basic project management competency with focus on these coreareas. In short, students are to develop fundamental knowledge and competency with respect to: • Project/program quality management • Project/program risk management • Project/program procurement ...

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  • Published: 24 Apr 2015
  • 43 Pages, 10987 Words
Systems Analysis And Design

The Jordans Library is located in a remote village called Jordans in Buckinghamshire. Currently it has about 300 members. A person, who is 18 or above can become a member. There is a membership fee of £20 for a year. There is a form to be filled in which person fills personal details. These forms are kept in store for maintaining members’ records and knowing the membership period.   A member can issue a maximum of three books. He/she has three cards to issue books. Against ea...

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