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Roy Backman

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United Kingdom, London

MSc in Biology


I worked as a visiting faculty of biology at Azad University – Oxford for 2 years. I also worked as a teaching assistant. Overall, I have 5 years of teaching experience

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MSc in Biology

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  • Published: 2015, 31 Jan
  • 51 Pages, 12900 Words
Writing Goals On Topic: Criminology Profiler

This exercise will be graded. To complete this activity, use different resources and research a specific job or career that matches your future career interest. Create SMART goals related to that job, and write a plan that includes academic and professional activities that will lead to that career goal.   To complete this exercise, follow these steps: 1.       Research jobs that are common in your field of study. 2.       Selec...

  • Published: 2015, 21 Apr
  • 5 Pages, 1435 Words
Healthy Body Systems

Aim of Assessment This assessment task will develop your knowledge of the function and importance of healthy body systems in an adult. It focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, aspects that maintain a healthy cardiovascular system as well as factors associated with changes in this system. Skills being developed are researching, writing, referencing and presenting information in a clear and concise written format. This task aims to develop an understanding of the card...

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Very pleased with your work. Well done. will definitely recommend you again and to anyone in need. Cheers

  • Published: 2015, 23 Apr
  • 8 Pages, 2048 Words
Health Assessment Case Study

Case Study Mr James Saunders a 36 year old single male has been admitted to your ward with exacerbation of his asthma. His hearing is also moderately impaired and he wears hearing aids in both ears. After introducing yourself, you notice that his respiratory rate appears moderately fast at 28 breaths per minute. He tells you that he’s always struggled with the disease since a child, but during the early spring he tends to get worse, especially on windy days. He reports not feeling ‘t...

  • Published: 2015, 17 May
  • 12 Pages, 3224 Words

1.     How are health services recognizing and responding to the issue of comorbidity (dual diagnosis)? 2.     What are the main issues for individuals who may be experiencing a co-occurring illness, in relation to treatment and recovery?  3.     How does the approach of harm minimization support recovery-oriented practices?       You will find these questions in the SDL activity for week 6 on LEO. These questi...

  • Published: 2016, 18 Jun
  • 3 Pages, 883 Words
Perspective In Mental Health Nursing

Discuss in depth how you engaged the consumer and developed a therapeutic alliance with the person. What strategies did you use, how did the person respond, how can you develop your skills further?)      Explore the consumers developmental history, current social situation, psychiatric history and interventions, physical health status, support networks, drug and alcohol use, forensic history, current risks, protective factors, current treatment and care plan.b) &nbs...

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