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Biology Presentation Topics

List of 100+ biology presentation topics for students

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What is a good biology presentation?

A good biology presentation should be informative, well-organized, and engaging. The presenter should focus on a specific topic or idea related to biology, and should aim to provide a clear and concise overview of the topic, including key facts, concepts, and examples. Visual aids, such as images or diagrams, can be useful in supporting the main points of the presentation. The presenter should also strive to make the presentation interactive and engaging by asking questions, encouraging audience participation, and using real-life examples or case studies to illustrate the topic. Additionally, it can be helpful to provide a clear conclusion or summary of the key points at the end of the presentation.

What is a good biology presentation?

How to pick a right biology presentation topic?

When choosing a topic for a biology presentation, it can be helpful to consider the audience and their interests or background knowledge. For example, if the audience consists of students, a topic that relates to their current coursework or is relevant to their future careers may be more engaging. It can also be helpful to think about current events or trends in the field of biology, as these may be of interest to the audience. Some potential topics could include the latest developments in genetic engineering, the effects of climate change on biodiversity, or the role of microbes in human health. Another approach could be to focus on a specific organism or ecosystem, and explore its unique characteristics and ecological interactions. Ultimately, the key is to choose a topic that is relevant, engaging, and that will spark discussion and interest among the audience.

How to pick a right biology presentation topic?
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100+ Biology Presentation Topics

Biology is an important subject for students. It is essential to understand each aspect of the subject and learn them well. You will be evaluated by your instructor through various tasks. It is important to choose the right topic to sail through the tasks. is the best website offering help with biology projects. We understand the problems you face with selecting a topic and have collated 100+ biology presentation topics category-wise to help you with the process.

Here's the list of biology presentation topics for students:

  • Molecular biology presentation topics

    • Origin of life: The RNA world scenario vs. the latter scenario
    • An insight into the methods for molecular biology research
    • An introduction to the molecular biology of the cell
    • An overview of molecular biology of the gene
    • An overview of molecular biology of microorganisms
    • Protein folding in space and time
    • Protein complexes in the energy production
    • Understanding protein metabolism
    • Understanding the several processes in nucleic acid metabolism
    • Understanding the structure of biological membranes
  • Environmental biology presentation topics

    • Occurrence of heavy metals in gills, muscles and livers of Bagrid catfish
    • Thorough research on freshwater algae and its role in biofuel in Sokoto Metropolis
    • The influence of slum on the value of residential properties in Nigeria
    • Understanding the impact of a dump site on the Geo environment using soil and water
    • How have sanitary landfills impacted sustainable development in Nigeria?
    • Analyzing the impact of landfill emissions on health and environment
    • Adaptation of climate change in Nigeria: Understanding the essential but lagging part of environmental law in Nigeria
    • Potential hazards of waste disposal and landfills
    • How has social work in European Union and Nigeria influenced energy recovery?
    • Green energy and sustainability for arid regions and Mediterranean countries
  • Genetics presentation topics

    • Transformation to the approach of genetics study in the 21stcentury
    • Who does and who can study genetics?
    • Understanding if there are medications to prolong life at genetic level
    • Listing the factors that influence DNA changes in humans, animals and plants
    • Alcohol and drug addiction: Are they transferred genetically?
    • Can criminal tendency be attributed to any peculiarities in genetics?
    • Understanding the kind of genetic data stored in saliva and hair
    • Can intelligence be transmitted genetically?
    • Homosexuality and genetics
    • Listing the most popular myths about genetics
  • Neuroscience presentation topics

    • Defining degenerative brain disorder
    • Understanding how dopamine affects the brain
    • Our self-wiring brains
    • How does sleep affect the brain?
    • An insight into the functional organization of memory
    • Listing some ways to eliminate learned fears
    • Investigating the behavior of Alzheimer’s patients
  • Behavior and hormones presentation topics

    • Understanding how dopamine levels in our bodies affect alcohol and marijuana use
    • Role of the Synthetic Ligand injection
    • Understanding the mental risks young adults face while participating in sports that needs high level of head contact
    • Brain simulation with transcranial magnetic stimulation
    • Investigating QTL mapping processes
    • A brief discussion on optogenetic excitation
    • List of exercises that are significant for decision making
    • Brain-imaging technologies
    • Designing a behavioral neuroscience study
    • A discussion on optogenetic extinction
  • Biology equipment presentation topics

    • How do you use a microscope in a laboratory?
    • Understanding the significance of a beaker in biology experiments
    • Significance of a microscope and its use in biology experiments
    • Understanding the ways a crucible is used for biology experiments
    • Test tubes and their importance in a laboratory
    • How do magnifying glasses help with biology tests?
    • Bunsen burner and the right methods of using it
    • Significance of flask in biology experiments
    • Filter paper: An important element for all biology experiments
    • Understanding how droppers are important for biology experiments
  • Sustainability and biodiversity presentation topics

    • Threat to biodiversity is equally serious like climate change
    • Essentials of biodiversity
    • How are Burmese pythons affecting Florida’s native biodiversity?
    • Biodiversity hotspots: The Philippines
    • Biodiversity: The ultimate answer to all global problems, including the rising cost of human diet
    • Loss of biodiversity and extinctions
    • Understanding the ecosystem with respect to biodiversity and loss of habitat
    • An introduction to species and biodiversity
    • How can biodiversity be measured?
    • Biodiversity and business risk
    • Understanding how human activity is a threat to biodiversity
  • Controversial presentation topics in biology

    • The similarities (or differences) of Birth Twins
    • Understanding the advantages of being a vegetarian
    • What are the disadvantages of being a vegetarian?
    • Can yogurts be considered a good source of protein among dairy products?
    • Understanding how the body communicates with each part
    • Can life be attributed to big bang theories or creation theories?
    • Is processed sugar good for health?
    • Is sugar a new source of addiction and health hazards?
    • Can speech be called an evolutionary by-product of creation?
    • Snakes had limbs: Agree or disagree
    • Human beings are causing destruction of the planet
  • Cell biology presentation topics

    • Advantages and disadvantages of the cytoskeleton system via the cells motility lens
    • Analyzing cell division and AI-based methods of cell cycle control
    • Understanding the role of chromatin in altering gene expression
    • Understanding the causes of cellular metabolism in marine mammals
    • Utilization of hormone action therapy in college athletics
    • Listing the most common cell infections and challenges in immunity
    • Understanding alterations of ribosomes and cell membrane functioning
    • Heritage of Robert Brown and the nucleus
    • Significance of cork tree cell for cell biology
    • Analyzing multicellular organisms and utilization of molecular analysis tools
  • Plant pathology biology presentation topics

    • How plants resist natural diseases?
    • Preventive measures in plant pathology
    • Investigating the plant-associated microbes and current genomic tools
    • Microbial ecology and evolution: A literature review
    • Plant diseases management facilitated by modern technology
    • Plant evolutionary genetics
    • Weedy and invasive plants
    • Aspects and functions of photosynthesis
    • Influence of fertilizers on plants
    • Understanding the 10 principles of plant pathology
  • Animals biology presentation topics

    • Listing the factors concerning animal growth
    • Obesity in home pets
    • Traditional dog diet and modern home pets
    • Male pregnancy among animals
    • Is it ethical to test beauty products on animals?
    • Birds behavioral study
    • Animal science and food sustainability
    • Can veganism have an impact on meat production?
    • Wild animal projects
    • Fashion industry and animal abuse

You can choose any of the biology presentation topics listed above and work on your project. has the best experts to help you overcome the odds. Sign up with us today for the right help with biology projects.

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Here are 5 biology topics:

· Photosynthesis

· Carbon cycle

· Nitrogen cycle

· Difference between mitosis and meiosis

· Flora and fauna

Take a look at some interesting topics for presentation:

· Aspects and functions of photosynthesis

· Analyzing cell division and AI-based methods of cell cycle control

· Human beings are causing destruction of the planet

· Is processed sugar good for health?

· Listing the factors concerning animal growth

You will come across various topics while working on biology presentation. It is necessary to understand your limits and choose a topic you are comfortable with. Your project depends on the topic, and you must choose one that's the best for you.

Here are some good topics in biology:

· Essentials of biodiversity

· Weedy and invasive plants

· Male pregnancy among animals

· Heritage of Robert Brown and the nucleus

· Influence of fertilizers on plants

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