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Communication skills for better nursing care: A case study

THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 1 THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT Name of the University Name of the Student Author Note THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 2 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Communication skills required to care for people with health problems 3 Principle of courage, transparency and professional duty 4 Recommendation 5 Conclusion 6 References 7 THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 3 Introduction The report highlights acase study that refers to the problem associated with nursing care. Taking into account the case study, Maggie has been admitted to the hospital with the issue of a fractured neck of the femur and pain in her hip. However, Lilly, Maggie's sister, has noticed that the hip wound of Maggie has slowed to heal and got to know that awrong dressing has occurred. The report will explore the required communication skills related to abetter care service practice in this context. The report will also illustrate the principle of courage, transparency on nursing professionalism that would be reliable and justified with the case study. Communication skills required to care for people with health problems As per the scenario of the case, it has been found that Maggie, who has admitted with instant pain in the hip joint and fracture in the neck of the femur, was in treated well in the hospital that she has admitted. However, her sister has discovered the medical negligence that consequences slow recovery of her hip pain. In the light of this evidence, it can be said that the lack of communication between nursing professionals and the family members of the patient has become a challenging factor. In this context, confusion has arisen, and the information regarding the patients can have disrupted and created challenges for the nursing professionals regarding the treatment of Maggie (Grover et al., 2020 ). However, it reduces the quality of care for Maggie and slows down her recovery. At the same time, miscommunication between healthcare professionals and family members of patients can be the cause of poor outcomes of patients that have occurred with Maggie. High healthcare cost is another challenge that can appear due to the lack of communication skills (Jalal et al., 2018 ). The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale bar assessment tool has been used in the case of Maggie. The purpose of using this assessment tool is to measure the level of anxiety and THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 4 depression for Maggie that she is suffering after her accident. However, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale bar were selected in Maggie's case in her post-operative stage described in stage 2. This is arating scale of self-report and works like aLikert scale (Weber et al., 2018 ). The reason behind the selection of this assessment tool was her mental condition. Her sister very confused and weak found her after three days of her operation. When her sister visited her, she discovered that the mental condition of Maggie is not normal and she was confused about her present existence and looked very disoriented. At the same time, she was not able to find out what happened to her. However, all the symptoms indicate that she needs some psychological support so that she can get away from the confusing situation. In this context, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale bar is appropriate as it helps to measure the common mental and depressive disorder that often appears after surgery or due to age. It was the reason this assessment tool was used in her case (Cheng et al. ,2018 ). Through applying this assessment tool, nursing care can get several pieces of information regarding her anxiety level due to the operation. At the same time, they can also analyse the level of depression. Therefore, they can design proper treatment. It can increase the level of cure in Maggie ’scase and nurses could approach abetter relationship with her. The success of this assessment tool is dependent on the response of Maggie and the answers on her self-report. If she does not respond properly then it would be one major challenge in Maggie ’scase. THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 5 In this context, managing the authority of nursing can encourage health care professionals by noticing their honesty of work and other relevant aids that they implement in their nursing practice (World Health Organization, 2018 ). However, it motivated them to increase their listening and communication skills to the patient and the family member of the patient party. In accordance with the given scenario, the care professionals who are appointed to take care of Maggie need to build a strong communication that they can identify and determine the complexity of her health and can plan better treatment for her (Drossman et al., 2021 ). Principle of courage, transparency and professional duty As per the case scenario, nursing staffs need to follow the principle of candour practice. However, this practice refers that nursing staff are bound to provide both astatutory duty and professional duty when the thing seems to go wrong for patients. In this context, it has become prior responsibility for the health care professionals to provide all the details to their patients, otherwise the family member of the patients (Bradley, 2020 ). In this context, transparency has become the essential factor for health care professionals. As per the scenario of the case study, the nursing staff is required to take special care of Maggie as she is in acomplex situation. As per candour practice and principle of courage, the nursing staff that place wrong dressing on Maggie should consider her mistakes and apologise to Maggie and Lilly that explores the transparency of professionalism and revives a new and strong relationship between the health care professional and patient and patient's family (Griffith, 2020 ). As the light case study, it can be explored that nursing professionals need to be honest and careful when things are going wrong and do not hide the information regarding the complexity of treatment or the short and long term effects of treatment to the patient or the family of the patient THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 6 as it can create challenges and hazards. Similarly, the nursing staff will be honest, transparent and courageous to their colleagues, relevant organisations and friend. According to the candour practice, the health professionals need to guide and provide the remedy to the patients that they can be aware of the symptoms of treatment and can support them to execute abetter treatment plan (Rajan-Brown and Mitchell, 2020 ). On the other hand, as per the principle of candour practices, nursing professionals requires being transparent to their colleagues and bound to provide all clinical information to their co-workers while shifting. Through this way, they can be able to provide aplanned recovery to their patients and can be able to set up a systematic aid to motivate patients to get well soon. In the light of candour practice, the professional duty of nursing staff refers to that Professional need to actively participate in the review and medical investigation if any wrong thing happens. The case study scenario depicts that, the nursing professional could have played the role of investigator and can investigate the case of Maggie and need to ensure Lilly and Maggie to abetter recovery plan by apologising to them for their negligence. It could reflect acourageous and transparent activity of nursing professionals (Close et al., 2021 ). In this context, the principle of candour refers to that; the health care system is amultidisciplinary arrangement. It is quite impossible for every team to report about the issue or report for any unfair situation, however as ahealth care professional, it has become prior responsibility to provide the information by anyone in the care team (Kleemola et al., 2020 ). Recommendation Based on the above discussion, it is to be recommended that the nursing professionals who were responsible for better care to enhancement better communication skills so that they can communicate with the patient and the family member of patients. However, they can listen THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 7 carefully to their patient Maggie so that they can identify the physical and emotional needs of and can provide her with abetter treatment. At the same time, it is recommended to the professionals to encourage Maggie so that she can support the treatment procedure and cooperate with them for a better response. However, the nursing professional recommended providing all the medical details and medication history to her sister Lilly that better communication can be established with the family member of Maggie. Another recommendation is to gather feedback from their patients and positively gather learning from those. However, it can be suggested that the care staff of Maggie will collaborate and will share all the medical detail that can be helpful in the context of any emergency or in surgery. Moreover, the care and staff need to be honest with their patient and inform her about all the symptoms and short or long-term effects of treatment to ensure the code of consult in the medical professionals (Forbes and Nolan, 2018 ). Similarly, they need to be loyal to their colleague and need to leave the patient after giving charge to the next professional. In this regard, they could have arranged for physiotherapy to provide quality care to Maggie. At the same time, they are recommended to counsel her that she can cope up with the trauma of surgery and reduce frustration and can support the treatment provided by her. Conclusion It is to be concluded that communication plays a major role in the care service profession. However, with the enlightenment of the case study, it has been found that nursing staffs need to be careful to communicate with their patients that they can identify the compaction of health after surgery. At the same time, it can help them to encourage for abetter result. At the same time, the care professional need to be honest and should provide all the information regarding the THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 8 treatment to the patient and the family member of patients that candour practices can be implemented in the professional duty of care service. THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 9 References Bradley, L., 2020. In All Candour: Taking Off the Mask. World Social Psychiatry ,2(3), p.184. Bucci, S., Schwannauer, M. and Berry, N., 2019. The digital revolution and its impact on mental health care. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice ,92 (2), pp.277-297. Close, E., Willmott, L., Cockburn, T., Young, S., Cairns, W. and White, B.P., 2021. Transparent triage policies during the COVID ‐19 pandemic: acritical part of medico ‐legal risk management for clinicians. The Medical Journal of Australia . Drossman, D. A., Chang, L., Deutsch, J. K., Ford, A. C., Halpert, A., Kroenke, K., ..Sperber, A. 2021). A Review of the Evidence and Recommendations on Communication Skills and the Patient-Provider Relationship (PPR): A Rome Foundation Working Team Report. Gastroenterology . Forbes, D.R. and Nolan, D., 2018. Factors associated with patient satisfaction in student-led physiotherapy clinics: A qualitative study. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice ,34 (9), pp.705- 713. Griffith, R., 2020. The consequences of failing to discharge the duty of candour. British Journal of Nursing ,29 (19), pp.1136-1137. Grover, S., Dua, D., Sahoo, S., Mehra, A., Nehra, R. and Chakrabarti, S., 2020. Why all COVID- 19 hospitals should have mental health professionals: The importance of mental health in a worldwide crisis!. Asian journal of psychiatry ,51 ,p.102147. Iserson, K.V., 2020. Healthcare ethics during a pandemic. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine ,21 (3), p.477. THE PROBLEM-BASED REPORT DOCUMENT 10 Jalal, Z., Cox, A., Goel, N., Vaitha, N., King, K. and Ward, J., 2018. Communications skills in the pharmacy profession: A cross-sectional survey of UK registered pharmacists and pharmacy educators. Pharmacy ,6(4), p.132. Kleemola, E., Leino-Kilpi, H. and Numminen, O., 2020. Care situations were demanding moral courage: acontent analysis of nurses' experiences. Nursing Ethics ,27 (3), pp.714-725. Rajan-Brown, N. and Mitchell, A., 2020. The NMC Code and its application to the role of the midwife in antenatal care: astudent perspective. British Journal of Midwifery ,28 (12), pp.844- 849. Whittle, E.L., Fisher, K.R., Reppermund, S., Lenroot, R. and Trollor, J., 2018. Barriers and enablers to accessing mental health services for people with intellectual disability: a scoping review. Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities ,11 (1), pp.69-102. World Health Organization, 2018. Continuity and coordination of care: a practice brief to support the implementation of the WHO Framework on integrated people-centred health services. Weber, S., Puta, C., Lesinski, M., Gabriel, B., Steidten, T., Bär,K.J., Herbsleb, M., Granacher, U. and Gabriel, H.H., 2018. Symptoms of anxiety and depression in young athletes using the hospital anxiety and depression scale. Frontiers in physiology ,9,p.182. Cheng, C., Liu, X., Fan, W., Bai, X. and Liu, Z., 2018. Comprehensive rehabilitation training decreases cognitive impairment, anxiety, and depression in poststroke patients: a randomized, controlled study. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases ,27 (10), pp.2613-2622.

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