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Reflection on Individual Performance and Experience in Education at LSST

Importance of Structure of Module and Digital Literacy

Reflection on my individual performance, behaviour, and experience in education at LSST

This report produces a reflective text aimed at demonstrating the understanding and knowledge developed in preparation for success: knowledge and creativity. This reflective lighting was influenced by Driscoll's reflection model (1994). This is because his model is used to maintain an organized reflection mode throughout the report. It reflects a 7-week study diary.

In the first week, the learning unit helped us learn the structure of the module and how to use Office applications. This is the first time for me, and I think it's important to understand how everything works before being asked to do something I've never done before, so learn about it I was very excited about it. I also feel that I have developed active listening. This will be very helpful in the future as you complete your tasks and start receiving feedback (Luxmoore, 2014). I think my colleagues felt like me, enjoyed the session and learned important information that will come out in future sessions. In the future, I think we are able to accumulate more and more knowledge that will help us achieve our module goals. 

In the second week, the purpose of the lecture taught was to bring us closer to digital literacy, technology, and reading skills. I think these sessions are very effective in developing my learning style. For example, after developing reading comprehension, I became more confident in understanding what I was reading (Chambers, 2015). As another activity, these reading and digital skills make better use of the library (Wempen, 2014) and help understand the purpose and content of most books and magazines that may be useful in a particular library. I think.

Investigate the subject matter that needs to be understood and knowledgeable.

The purpose of the third week's academic session is to teach and understand academic writing strategies as a class, while at the same time predicting how to  cite the resources used for  academic  work. During this session, I learned that scientific research can be seen through the information contained along with  information on a given topic (Bailey, 2017). In addition, the session learned how faculty expect to cite as students the resources we use, such as books, magazines, and websites. Even experts say it's important to cite the resources you used to credit the author who borrowed the information / idea / explanation (Sankaran, 2017). Now that I have a good understanding and knowledge of the resources and ideas on how to write in an academic way, I plan to improve my English writing skills and create more formal work.

In the fourth week, the students learnt howl be able to understand what it means to look back on your work, reflect what there has been done and understand the existing weaknesses, recognize how important it is to try to improve them, and learn at the same time. There was a fun evening lesson. Looking back on your work is basically about reviewing what you have done, seeing the pros and cons of your work, considering the pros and cons, and thinking about ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Means (Beard, 2018). As a result, I knew what reflection was and how important it was, so I could say that I also started to develop critical thinking. let's try it. It's getting harder and harder to be the kind of "best" person.

In the fifth week, we researched our research skills and used effective resources on each of the researched topics to learn what the research means and why it is necessary to become an effective student. Therefore, it is important to develop these skills, as good research skills provide a good source of information (Allison et al. 2016). But I don't think I understood everything clearly, so I will practice more to improve my research skills. To do this, look for other platforms that you can use to find the content you need.

The purpose of the 6th week session was to understand how the first essay of the module should be structured. At the same time, the instructor showed a university library that can be used to safely and effectively use  sources such as books and magazines. .. Having a structure tells you the order in which you expect your instructor to convey information / ideas, so it's important to know how to structure your work (Miller, 2008) 

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