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Designing a Hotel Building Complex near Motorway in UK


CW1 30%           


CW2 70%

You have been appointed as a team of consultants to design a Hotel building complex near the motorway that links an international airport in the UK, Heathrow to the specific. The site of this complex is separated from the motorway by a large fast flowing Stream that flows parallel to the motorway and finally finds its way into the River Thames .This Stream which is about 10m (or 20m) wide lies in the middle (that is midway) of the few kilometres land space  between the chosen Hotel Complex site and the motorway.

The Client who is a private investor needs a five storey framed Hotel building(s) to accommodate 200 guests and is proposed together with some inter-connecting Infrastructure with the Motorway which is not only necessary but required as a key element of the project; the building frame provides the structure for a series of high specification living hotel rooms and suites that are intended to be built in the south of England, around Heathrow Airport.

The client requires the cheapest solution among considered alternatives which could be either Steel frame or RC design consideration, for the given project covering both the frame and the link infrastructure.

For a Steel alternative: Euro codes in general should apply and should be utilized but the following limits are imposed for the frame to keep fabrication and assembly costs to a minimum:

  • Three column section sizes should be used, two for the upper floors and one for the ground floor and basement.
  • Up to three beam sizes may be used although effort should also be made to keep these to a similar depth on any given floor.
  • Only two beam connection details are required to avoid confusion over the size or type of bolts to be used (for steel structure).
  • A maximum of two bracing/shear wall element sizes and connections are required.

For Reinforced concrete alternative if considered, Euro code Standards are to be followed appropriately.

For the infrastructure and access, Rigid or Flexible pavement can be used and appropriate material can be used for the bridge and pedestrian walkway as needed.

The needs of client can be separated into the following distinct categories

  1. time requirements  
  2. cost requirements considering minimum two conceptual choice for material, frame structure,  floor system, and foundation
  3. quality requirements
  4. make as little as possible impact any the existing building and environment
  5. use construction processes and material  that will cause little disruption to the surrounding building
  6. compliant with current legislation
  7. 5 stories building with one basement
  8. Bearing capacity for the soil C=200kN/m2
  9. There is no Health and Safety File records for this site
  10. All contractors need to be part of the Considerate Contractor Scheme

Note: If you provide your own plans, the span length should be equal or more than 5m, the height of ground floor is 4m, and the height other floors is 3.2m

a) The access to the Motorway from the Hotel complex is required to include a small bridge across the fast flowing stream and additionally, a pedestrian walkway across the Motorway with a standard width. The approach roads and facilities are also a significant part of the Hotel complex and must be included in both the feasibility and the design..

b) Materials and Construction methods chosen for the approach roads to the bridge, the walkway and the bridge in particular, are to be sustainable and economical amongst the alternatives considered.   

Client's Requirements for the Building

The structure is to be designed in accordance with the requirements of the latest editions of BS EN1990, BS EN1991 and BS EN1993, and other needed Euro Codes each with the appropriate National Annex.

The structural arrangement is shown in the above drawing. It consists of two regions that are repeated for each of the offices. The structure has two key features, a large opening in the first floor slabs to allow for a large entrance atrium and a cantilevered second floor.

Grades S275 or S355 for steel structure and S400/500 MPa for reinforcement bars may be used although the current price difference is small. As such, cheaper solutions are usually found using S275 but if, for example, a section just fails to meet a requirement then increasing the steel grade may provide a cheaper alternative than moving up to the next section size. This is particularly useful when trying to splice columns.

Some dimensions of the structure are dependent upon group members date of birth. These are as follows (in metres):

a = 6.3 + [(dd+mm+yy) of person A in group]/75

b = 6.6 + [(dd+mm+yy) of person B in group]/80

c = 4.9 + [(dd+mm+yy) of person C in group]/65

d = 5.5 + [(dd+mm+yy) of person D in group]/85

a=7.91m    c=6.40m   

b=7.92m   d=6.90m

Note: If there are only three people in your group then ignore the activity of Person D and make dimension d equal to c.

Characteristic loads for permanent, variable and wind are to be determined in accordance with EC1 and loading is nominally residential; further details are given in the notes of the attached drawing. For the purposes of design, take the upper limit of any load range recommended by EC1. For wind loading, take the worst loading of any region of southern England south of a line drawn from Bath to London. There is no need to account for any other type of loading. Overall do some research on all the loads and materials to be used for building, the bridge, bridge approach roads and the pedestrian walkway bridge using Euro codes and related documentation.

The secondary coversheet shows the marks allocated to each section of the exercise. Marks will be awarded using the following criteria and the following Excel Sheets:

A summary electronic submission may be requested, which will be confirmed at a later date.

The above criteria for both CW1 and CW2 cover the main Hotel Building and the interlinking Infrastructure on equal basis, ie 50% for Hotel Building and 50% for the infrastructure link namely the bridge, the approach roads and the pedestrian walkway. Consequently, the:

  • Accuracy of calculations including appropriate values from National Annex This is not about how many significant figures you use but about the appropriateness of the calculation to the actual structure e.g. are buckling lengths correct, have the correct axes been used, have appropriate combination of loads being taken into account.
  • Safety and economy of selected structural sections Students have in the past lost marks here for being over conservative e.g. marks will be lost if a chosen section could actually carry 10 times the applied load. Conversely, a fail mark would be given if the structure would actually collapse i.e. it isn’t strong enough.
  • Clarity and conciseness of supporting explanations Are diagrams and written explanations clear and concise? If not then marks will be lost.
  • Quality of presentation Calculations should be clear to read not only in whether the read can tell what the numbers are but also have you explained what you are calculating – a long list of equations does not tell the reader that you are trying to establish the bending strength of a beam, for example.
  • Compliance with standard format including referencing to clauses, tables and equations of the Eurocodes Have the correct clauses been used, are they referenced in the left margin so the reader can tell where something has come from, etc.
  • Quality & neatness of sketches appropriate to application All engineers need to communicate through hand drawn sketches, even if it’s to aid explanation during a meeting. Given this skill has been poorly demonstrated in the past then please take particular note of the guidance.
  • Accuracy of checking As a means of assessing whether your colleagues have designed the structural elements correctly you should check their calculations. If you cannot tell what they have done then I probably wouldn’t as well and hence marks will be lost.

Submissions must be handwritten on one side of the paper only using the provided calculation sheets. Each calculation sheet must be initialled and dated by both the student responsible for the calculations and one other acting as checker (you are checking that your colleagues calculations are correct).

Coursework will be accepted only if submitted with the original cover sheet; copies of the coversheet will not be accepted.

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