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Creating a Presentation on World Economic Forum Videos

Choose one video from the option provided. You are to do 7 slides/ presentation ppt and do one extra slide for SPEECH 700 Words making 8 slides.
1. Answer the topic of the video you choose e.g describe and explain the video you choose in 2 slides.
2. Evaluate the panelist or presenter in the video e.g what ideology, interest, identity and institutions they represent in 2 slides.
3. Evaluate your own views using analytical framework like dark side of leadership and apply the analytical framework in 3 slides. 10 references with text citation.
4. Use academic references on critical Management alone. I attach the lecturer class or lectures ppt for you to use.

Students should select one of the videos from the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2021. You can find them using the below link:

The Davos Agenda | World Economic Forum (

The student needs to create:

  • A PowerPoint presentation consisting of 7 slides of content in additional to a front page, contents slides and bibliography

  • Write a speech that is 700 words long. This should be listed at the end on a PowerPoint slide

  • Your front page should list which video from the economic forum you have selected to analyse.
Your presentation should:

Describes the chosen issue

a. Critically evaluates the views expressed by the panellists at WEF

b. Expresses your view on the issue by applying the analytical frameworks learnt within this module

c.  The marking criteria for the presentations is as follow:

  • Clarity and structure in organizing and presenting the key themes of the chosen topic from the WEF.
    1) Is the topic covered comprehensively?
    2) Is the topic covered accurately?

  • Quality of argumentation in analyzing and critically evaluating the chosen topic from the WEF.
    3) Is the argumentation convincing?
    4) Is the argumentation reflexive?

  • Coherence, formulation, research evidence and relevance of their own ideas to the topic.
    5) Is the judgement articulated well?
    6) Is the judgement positioned appropriately?

  • Quality of slides and presentation (25%)
    7) Are the slides professional?
    8) Is presentation professional?
Recommend videos include but you can select any video from 2021:

Stakeholder capitalism: Building the future

Placing gender parity at the heart of the recovery

Pursuing happiness and meaning in a post-covid world

Prioritising workplace mental health

Strengthening the financial and monetary system

Implementing stakeholder capitalism

Harnessing circular innovation for the economic reset

Skilling the global workforce

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