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Multinational Corporation Leadership: Addressing Challenges and Driving Performance

Theoretical Framework of Leadership

One year after completing this post graduate study which you are now undertaking, you are employed as the head of a Multinational Corporation (MNC) in your country of origin. Your company owns a leading brand competing with other global brands in such items as premium quality shoes, bags, clothing and insurance policy for protection on valued goods such as gold and diamond ornaments. The designs and management of the brand is operationalised in Italy and France. However, production takes place in your country, thus requiring employees from different countries to work together.

The local office to which you have been appointed has a total number of 100 employees. Understandably, 60% of the staff are citizens of your home country, while 40% are from ten different countries. Your task is the following:

Drawing on knowledge developed within this module, your own experience and wider reading, you are requested to compose an essay of 3500 words in which you critically engage and address the following aspects of the job:

1.Explain how you would lead your organization. In doing so you are expected to explore relevant theories of leadership that you would consider to arrive at theories/practices/approaches that might be appropriate. You will evaluate and justify your preferred approach/theory/perception/practice and why this/these might be suitable

2.You will certainly face challenges with cultural differences. Explain the theories within the study of culture, national culture and diversity that would inform your thinking. Critically draw on this knowledge to mitigate inevitable interpersonal and operational issues that will arise as a result of cultural, behavioural and personality differences .

3.Communication will be another challenge which you will need to address. In your essay, critically reflect on ways in which you will manage communication barriers between employees. Also, elucidate how language difference could enhance/inhibit a closer/collegiate working environment.

4.You are advised to undertake a process of change that requires your subsidiary to show proof of awareness and application of ethical, moral and ecologically friendly approaches that enhance sustainability to boost the image of your company. What would you consider and how would you implement this demand.

5.At the time you are appointed, it has been noted that the performance level of your organization is on a decline. The pressure is on you to improve performance. Critically explore the literature on motivation and construct an approache(s)/theories that might or might not lead you to enhance employee wellbeing and performance

6.As you will be aware, leadership is not just about leader influence, motivation and control. You are requires to engage with the literature on emotional intelligence, groups and teams to explore ways in which you could achieve effective leadership and employee engagement

7.We will expect you to write a clear introduction which clearly explains the task, identifies key issues to be developed and evidences a clear structure explaining the sequencing of the different sections of your essay

8.Your essay should end with a composite conclusion reminding the reader about what the task was, how it has been accomplished, the key points to take home as well as your own reflection on the learning gained in completing the module and the task (250 words).

Challenges of Cultural Differences and Diversity

Coursework Submission Requirements

1)Your assignment will be anonymously marked so you must not identify yourself other than by using your student number (P number) anywhere on, or within, the assignment.

2)Your assignment must be submitted online via Turnitin only. Note that there will be different submission points. Submit to DMU student link only.

3)The front cover of your assignment should include:-

·Your P Number
·Module Code: HRMG2205
·Name of the Module Leader
·Date of Submission
·Word Count
·Your name – in case of any issues with submission

No other information should be included on the cover.

4)Coursework must be submitted in Arial point 12 font, and double-line spacing.

5)There should be no header, footer or footnotes.

6)Harvard referencing rules apply.

7)There should be a single alphabetic reference list, in Harvard style, placed at the end of the assignment.

8)Submit your assignment by uploaded to Turnitin, before 12:00 noon on the 21st of January 2020. Any submissions of this deadline will automatically be capped at a maximum of 50%. You are encouraged to upload your assignment the day before just so that you are able to make amends in case there are any technical issues (which doesn’t count as an excuse for late submission). Check to be sure that you have uploaded the correct version and that you have met all the submission requirements.

9)Faculty penalties for Bad Academic Practice and plagiarism apply.

Your essay will be marked according to the following criteria:-

1) Understanding and Reading:
The depth of your reading (number, range and quality of sources) and understanding of it. You are expected to read the essential and further readings for the question that you choose. You need to use these readings to support your argument/discussion; you cannot rely on personal opinion or unsupported statements. Avoid statements like – in my own opinion.

2) Critical Analysis:
The level of critical analysis in your writing and the quality of the argument developed. You cannot rely on simple description, but have to apply knowledge and theory from the readings to critically engage with the material. Question theories and assumptions on the basis of your experience, an alternative theory or events in the business world. Note the difference between descriptive writing – just providing information and critical writing – making judgements, evaluating, arguing and suggesting alternatives while accepting compelling facts/views/events.

3) Structure:
Your ability to develop a clear, logical structure for your essay which addresses the question and guides the reader. Your essay should include a clear introduction, a cogently argued main body, and a conclusion that summarises the argument and answers the overall question.

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