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Information Security Management and Human Resource Research

Steps for Conducting Human Resource Research

Submission Instruction: Individual (Student name and Student ID)  Sample Reading Resources: Please see Student can search for articles and for more related Journals and Conferences papers on now Systems and/or on the Internet

Funmi is the owner and CEO, and  has been conducting a search for a new human resource administrator.

After many rounds of interviews, he has narrowed his  search  down  to  two  individuals,  whom  he  feels  are  the  best candidates.

Each  has very similar qualification, so Funmi’s decision to make a good choice for the job, may very well be based  on the information  holds on each  and  found when he checks their references.

Funmi  also  performs  series  of  security  background  checks  and  enhanced security  checks,  both  soft  and  hard  credit checks via Experian, Equifax,  TransUnion, Terrorism and Credibility (CredAbility-Scores), to validate each candidate suitability, free from cyber fraud and from criminal past and presence associations or crime convictions.

This includes candidates’ activities and access to social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

However, Funmi have received written permission from each candidate  to  conduct  all  these  background  checks.

As  needed,  Funmi  developed knowledge  information  and  application  processing  was  achieved  on  the  need  to  form basis for  a  chain of  custody,  with  legal  contexts  of  forensic  evidence  (chronological documentation),  that  records  the  sequence of  custody,  control, transfer,  useful  for necessary forensic evidence analysis and documentations (both physical and electronic evidence) of the investigation at hands. 

Now consider these questions:

1.  Where should Funmi begin his search?

2.  What sites or sorts of information would be most official to him to check?

3.  What types of information could weigh heavily for a person working in human resources?

4.  Write a brief essay outlining the steps Funmi should take in conducting his research?

5.  Does Funmi necessarily need to involve chain of evidence for custody?

(2). General Knowledge and Practical Project-5:  

Information Security Management in Practice:

Recuva  Recuva is a useful program by Piriform that will scan the empty memory space on your computer to see if there are any files that can be recovered. It can also securely delete files so they cannot be recovered. Most users errantly believe that data is gone forever when they empty it from the Recycle Bin.

This is incorrect. It merely marks the space as open to be written over if another file needs to be stored. Your operating system writes over these open spaces and subsequently “damages” the previously deleted file.

1. Download Recuva

2. Click Download 

3. Click Download Latest Version.

4. Click Save. 

5. If the program doesn’t automatically open, browse to your download folder.

6. Run the installation program. 

7. Select Run, Ok, Next, I Agree, Install, and Finish.

8. Click Start, Programs, Recuva, and Recuva (or you can double-click the Recuva desktop icon).

9. Select the drive from which you want to recover files. (Your C: drive will work, but it will take longer to complete the scan. The scan will complete much more quickly on a USB drive.) 

10. Click Scan.

11. After the scan completes, click on any of the recovered files listed with a graphic Info Security Mgt Tutoria.

Security Incident Response and Management

extension (e.g., .jpg or .bmp) until you see a picture on the right-hand side of the screen.

Take a screenshot.

Click on the Info tab to see the details for the file.

Check one of the recoverable graphic files. (Even some of the “unrecoverable” files are actually, recoverable.)

Click Recover.

Save it to your desktop.

Open the picture you recovered.

1. Would this work on your cell phone if it were connected to your computer?

2. What effect does the “condition” of the file have on its ability to be recovered?

3. What other recovery options does Recuva come with?

4. Does Recuva have the ability to find a deleted file by its specific file name?

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