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A policy speech seems to be quite similar in structure to a persuasive speech, and this is true to some extent. However, while it is true that a policy speech is a type of persuasive speech, and that many of the rules for persuasive speeches will apply in this case, a policy speech is a very specific type of persuasive presentation, and the speaker must be aware of some important guidelines before selecting their topic of discussion.

A policy speech will mostly consist of a persuasive speech on a specific issue of public policy. The topic may be a current public policy, with the speaker’s comments supporting or opposing the policy being included as part of the presentation. A proposed policy that the speaker thinks is ineffective may also be the subject of the speech. Finally, the speech may be about a public issue and the speaker’s own views about how to address it in the most effective way. Alternatively, it may be a mix of ideas previously presented by experts, or it could be the speaker’s own thoughts.

The first difficulty for the speaker in Speech Writing is to properly explain the issue and convince the audience that they should be interested in finding a solution. A speech will be less likely to be effective if the audience does not comprehend why the problem is important to society and how it impacts them individually. There are many different problems that may be selected. It could be a well-known contentious topic, or it could be a new worry that is unknown to the audience. Whatever the case, the key to delivering a good speech is to engage the audience in understanding the issue and inspiring them to take action to address it.

The policy in issue will be presented in the second section of the persuasive speech outline. The speaker will express his or her thoughts on the process, particularly whether or not they think it will be successful in the long run. When expressing an opinion, it is important to remember that this should be done so with knowledge and not just passion. For example, a speaker should avoid debating the issue of abortion from an emotive standpoint, instead relying on scientific facts and trustworthy research data.

The topic of the speech should be a difficult subject area that will inspire involvement from the audience in resolving the issue. It should also be a subject in which the speaker may become very knowledgeable, and there should be sufficient research and evidence to support any arguments for or against the subject. The speaker’s aim towards the conclusion of the speech may be to solicit passive agreement from the audience, or it may be to exhort the audience to take urgent action.

An Archive of Policy Speech Topics to Speak for Change

It is crucial to know pressing issues and emerging trends to choose the perfect topic that empowers change. Seems like a lot, right? No worries. Whether you’re advocating for environmental sustainability or economic change, delve deep into our examples of policy speech topics. Explore and discover the perfect one to lead the conversation with perfection.

Private And Public Speech Policy Example

Check This Speech Policy Example

View Sample

Topics For Policy Persuasive Speeches

Topics for policy persuasive speeches are listed below:

  • Affirmative Action for Adoptees Under the Right-to-Know Law
  • Aggregate Productivity is a measure of how productive a group of people is.
  • Agriculture and Agricultural Policy
  • Subsidies to agriculture are harmful. African countries are a diverse group of people.
  • Censorship in the Arts
  • Attendance Norms and policies are outlined in this document (School, Work, etc.)
  • Car racing should be prohibited in places with high levels of pollution.
  • Periods of Rest
  • Music Censorship and Its Effects School Start Times for Kindergarten
  • Procedures for Receiving Complaints from Clients
  • Climate Change Policy is a broad term that includes a variety of different types of policies.
  • The computer use policy of the company
  • Keeping an eye on the transit fairs
  • Today’s economy is ruled by corruption and bribery.
  • Deterrence and Prevention of Crime
  • Priorities for the Defense Department’s budget
  • Budget reductions for the military
  • Do you believe that the current immigration rules should be revised?
  • Violence in the Home Medications and Drug Policy
  • Schools and classrooms are being downsized.
  • Workplace Drug Testing Is Now Permitted
  • Election reform is needed.
  • Procedures to Follow in an Emergency
  • Domain of Pre-eminences
  • Environmental sciences are a branch of science that deals with the environment.
  • Employers Should Provide Equal Employment Opportunities
  • Drilling for oil and gas is expanding.
  • Female Genital Mutilation is a kind of female genital mutilation that occurs when a woman’s genitals are mutilated.
  • Feminists should be put down immediately.
  • Students Can Receive Financial Assistance
  • Reforms to assist flood victims
  • Foreign Affairs and International Relations
  • Individual Freedom of Expression / Individual Freedom of Speech
  • The legal gambling age should be reduced.
  • Laws Concerning Global Warming
  • Precautions for Harassment
  • Health-Care Policy and Administration
  • Standards for Personal Hygiene
  • Protocols for Identifying People
  • Immigration Laws and Regulations
  • Discrimination in the workplace on the basis of hair colour or style Language Policy
  • Legalizing prostitution may help to reduce the number of rape occurrences on college campuses.
  • The legalisation of the selling of human organs may aid in the reduction of the scarcity of organ donors.
  • Keeping Discipline on the University’s Campus
  • Examination by a medical professional
  • Merit Teachers Should Be Paid
  • Laws against the obstruction of justice in the National Tobacco Settlement
  • Hate speech should be protected under our constitution.
  • Our foreign policy priorities for the United Nations
  • Parents should be held liable for the conduct of their children, according to the law.
  • Terms in the House of Commons should be restricted.
  • Pension reform is underway.
  • Police Brutality Policy is intended to discourage wagering on sports events.
  • Political groups should be prohibited on college and university campuses.
  • Pornography may be found on the internet.
  • Reforms for Prisoners
  • Codes of Confidentiality
  • Racism and racial slurs are unacceptable (1st Amendment)
  • Recycling Requirements
  • Regulations governing the use of safety devices
  • Including physical education in the curriculum should be mandatory.
  • Uniforms for School
  • Policy on the use of the internet as a sensor
  • Parents should continue to be in charge of their children’s sexual education.
  • Women’s pictures that are sexist should be prohibited.
  • What changes should be made to our jail system, and should teachers be graded?
  • Skateboarding Rules and Regulations
  • Smokers should be handled in the same way that drug abusers are treated.
  • The Reform of Social Security
  • The government and the church should work together.
  • Maintaining regular working hours and refraining from taking two-hour meals
  • Various types of taxes (such as “sin” taxes, vehicle taxes, and taxes levied on the ultra-wealthy)
  • Teachers and their employment status
  • Technical Gaps in the Legal System
  • Teen Dating Violence Legislation Has Been Strengthened

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Hi, my name is Jacob Thompson. I am a PhD in English Literature, I started writing and blogging from a young age, and most of my write-ups are based on real experiences. As far as my blogs are concerned, I write blogs on English writing and Literature writing. I have been working part-time as a writing expert for for 7+years now. Helping students overcome English writing hurdles and get steps closer to their academic goals makes me as happy as playing with my kitty “Alice”. Yes, I am a cat-lover if you are still wondering! 

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