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How the biomedical model shapes our understanding and experiences of health

Defining key concepts

Q: Drawing on module materials, discuss how the biomedical model shapes our understanding and experiences of health. Guidance This TMA is assessing your learning.Key sources for this question You will find relevant information throughout Block 1 of K219. The following are some suggestions that you may like to start with:

1: This introduces the meaning of ‘health’ Learning Guide

2: This learning guide explores health from the perspective of the biomedical model’s focus on the functioning of the body Learning Guide

3: Here health is examined by focusing on social factors and in particular the social model of health Learning Guide

4: Some of you may also find material here is relevant as it covers power from the service-user perspective. It will be helpful for you to consider individual

Health as well to contrast the biomedical model by highlighting some of the ways in which the social model of health can provide an alternative approach to health. In addition, in order to score highly you may consider including the following resources from the module materials to add depth to your discussion: Reading 3: Yuill, C., Crinson, I. and Duncan, E. (2010a) ‘The social model of health’, in SAGE Key Concepts Series: Key Concepts in Health Studies. Structuring your essay You might like to structure your assignment in the following way: Give your essay a title. ‘Drawing on module materials, discuss how the biomedical model shapes our understanding and experiences of health.’ The assignment should start with a brief introduction. In your introduction, you should start by providing a brief introduction setting out what your essay is going to cover. It’s important to define key concepts that you will use, such as ‘health’. Try to be as succinct as possible.

Concepts in your own words will demonstrate your understanding. You may wish to give a brief overview of the biomedical model, thinking about the role it has in the way in which society defines illness. This is an opportunity to show your recognition and understanding of the impact of biomedicine on health. How you structure the main part of your essay is up to you. Here are some suggestions: The biomedical model of health is important to consider in answering this question. You should demonstrate how it influences our understanding of health, including our responses to ill health. You may wish to illustrate the power of the biomedical model in shaping our experiences by considering alternative models such as the social model of health. Intersectionality and the determinants of health could also be used to show your understanding of the complex interwoven nature of health, and social influences upon it. In your discussion, remember to apply theory and ideas to case studies from the module materials. Your conclusion should summarise your main points in a way that directly relates to and sums up your response to the TMA question.

Don’t forget to include a word count. Referencing guidance Be careful not to ‘cut and paste’ material from module sources (or any others) into your essay, as this will be detected by the university’s plagiarism software (even if you insert a few of your own words in amongst the pasted material) and could result in disciplinary action. Instead, put the ideas into your own words crediting their source with a reference. For all ideas and examples used from K219 material you must make sure you include in-text references to identify the sources. References should be presented in full at the end of your TMA in a reference list. The reference list is not included in your word count. Be sure to look at HWSC’s Referencing guidance in order to credit your sources of information correctly. Learning outcomes The learning outcomes assessed by this TMA are: Knowledge and Understanding KU3 The importance of social, cultural and political context in shaping health, wellbeing and service provision. KU4 The diversity of experience in health and social care, and its relationship with power, identity and inequality.

Cognitive Skills CS1 Explore and evaluate a range of information sources, including published research, to build an understanding of health, wellbeing and service provision. CS2 Use case material and practice examples to demonstrate engagement with new knowledge and understanding. Practical and/or Professional Skills PPS2 Demonstrate sensitivity to a diversity of values and interests.

PPS3 Identify and compare different lines of reasoning, recognising perspective, possible bias and authority of source. Key Skills KS1 Communicate effectively and appropriately in writing, producing a clearly articulated account of an informed argument supported by critical analysis of evidence. I attached the download of the tutorial. Please the reference is Cite-them-right and it is important to use the module material. The details below are my Uni log in to have access to the module material.

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