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SUM107 Construction Project Management

Question :
The assignment for  is an opportunity to evidence your ability to analyse and evaluate in the context of the three Learning Outcomes (LOs) stated below:

1) Critically appraise key project evaluation monitoring and control and their importance in bringing projects to successful completion.

2) Critically review and creatively apply the various strategic IT led techniques, viewed as contemporary project management tools.
Introduction to Coursework
There is a need to evidence and attempt to understand and apply the content of the module notes. There is also a need to link your work to the research literature covering the subject areas of the assignment.
Coursework Outline/Scenario
The report should be written for consideration by the company directors and should be based on the same Old Mill Redevelopment Case Study and should fulfil the following Statement of Requirements.
Statement of Requirements.
1. An introduction section which should include an overview of the preferred option identified in assignment

2. Define the project objectives, detailed project scope and identify all project deliverables.

3. Identify and assess the main risks associated with the project together with the controls required to minimize or eliminate these risks, including an outline of any potential environmental problems that you consider may be relevant.

4. Consideration of the key sustainability issues associated with your preferredoption

5. The description, advantages and justification associated with the selected procurement route for the project. A description of:
i. The Project organisation structure together 
ii. The Project Communication and reporting plans

6. Your report should include a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) together with project cost plan estimating the potential project income and 

7. Discussion on the financial viability of the preferred solution
8. A project development Plan ‘project schedule’ (Gantt chart) with descriptions of major deliverables (milestones) at each stage.

9. Based on selected option and strategy describe your commissioning strategy which will increase the value added and benefits to your project.
10. A further discussion on the importance of control for such a project and the tools you will require to allow you proper control

11. A consideration of teamwork, including multidisciplinary collaboration among the project team and stakeholders.
12. The report should include a conclusion and recommendations section that highlights the importance of the work study and the associated report you have completed. 
Coursework Format/Presentation 
The individual project report should be not more than 3,000 words, typed and in management report format. Word count for your report (executive summary to conclusion) should be included at the end. Do not overuse bullet points. The word count excludes appendices, indices and references. Excessively lengthy submissions will be penalised

All reports should contain, but be not limited to:
1) A contents page;
2) A list of tables and figures used;
3) An executive summary;
4) Numbered sections and sub sections.
5) Conclusions;
6) Recommendations (where appropriate);
7) Reference section;
8) Appendices, if needed, at the end.

9. Word Count: as per coursework brief (10% longer or shorter is acceptable).The word count excludes the executive summary, tables, figures, calculations,references and appendices. Please include the word count at the end of your report.Every coursework should be typed and adhere to the following standards:
Font: Verdana
Font Size: 11
Line Spacing: 1.5
Margins: Left – 2.5 cm
Right – 2.5 cm
Top – 2.5 cm
Bottom – 2.5 cm
Colour: Only use colour where necessary i.e. for emphasis in diagrams etc.

Students are expected to produce a professionally written report with an ExecutiveSummary, Introduction, Conclusions, List of Contents, etc. Do not submit an essay.Sections and sub-sections should be clearly numbered. Clearly identify any figuresand tables with an individual number (Figure 1, Figure 2…, Table 1, Table 2…, etc.)and list these within your Lists of Figures and Tables.Think clearly and carefully about the structure and content of your work. Take care with grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Remember that this may be the only evidence we have of your ability to understand and apply
We anticipate you may wish to use material from the Internet, books, journals andother sources - as well as the material taught in the module. With regard toreferencing and to avoid any possible doubt, any text which you incorporate with in the body of your coursework including figures and tables, which did not originatefrom within you as the writer’s own brain MUST be referenced. The references must be correctly cited.There are a number of systems for referencing but the ‘Harvard’ System hasadvantages of flexibility, simplicity, clarity and ease of use both for author a and reader. You should only use the ‘Harvard’ referencing system for your coursework.
Plagiarism and Extenuating Circumstances continued:
Before submitting your coursework, you should check through it to ensure that: 
A. All material that has been identified as originally from a previously published source has been properly attributed by the inclusion of an appropriate reference in the text; 
a. Direct quotations are marked as such (using “quotation marks” at the beginning and end of the selected text), 

b. A citation has been included in the list of references In order to reduce the possibility of plagiarism occurring, the completed assignment should be submitted to the Student Self Check Originality Dropbox (Turnitin ) where a summary report will be produced within 24 hours. 
On formal submission the Assessor will review the Turnitin summary report generated within the final submission dropbox prior to beginning their grading of the assignment. Standards of referencing contribute to assessment, and this will be reflected in feedback and grading.

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