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Professional Development for Mentoring and Coaching - A Comprehensive Guide


A short detail of what is included in the assignment (how many sessions)—3 to 4 sentences.

Choose mentoring or coaching or both.

Description of current or previous role as mentor or coacher (worked in institute or school) (part-time or full time)

How is feel about the role(reflect)

Good or bad

Bad (problems, issues, challenges, lack of policy)

Good (how to correct the issues, have a policy for mentoring and coaching)

Identify one specific area of mentoring or coaching that I need to develop with past experience

What aspect of mentoring or coaching is to be developed?

New initiative.

What set of people can be mentored or coached.

Example- mentoring EAL students, mentoring a new set of qualified teachers.

Literature review related to 2nd part (Development activity focus).


Example- Literature review and research based on EAL

Implementation of development activity (Mentor or Coach 1 or 2 people).

Use specific strategy (GROW MODEL).

Conduct a few classes.

Identify goals of the mentee

The objective of mentoring or coaching group

Mentoring relationship

Set a small group (1 or more) and check how it works and plan for a bigger future (large people or community).

Learning from a small group

Improvements need to be checked

Analyze what is working and what not

  • Your assignment is assessed as one component part. It is a single submission of one piece of work.
  • The sections below are assessed together and must demonstrate achievement of the module assessment criteria as a whole.
  • There are no marks for individual learning outcomes.

Brief critical account of your current (or past) role as a mentor/coach, specific mentoring/coaching activities you have been involved with at your workplace,  a detailed descriptions of your school context

A brief discussion of the problems/issues/challenges to you/your school and their relationship to relevant national and school policy, supported by some relevant literature.

Identify a specific area/aspect of personal development as a mentor/coach with reference to relevant literature. (it might be an aspect that links to an activity that you are involved in leading in your school in relation to mentoring/coaching) that you wish focus on. Justify your choice of focus with brief reference to the context and relevant literature.

Present a referenced account of the discussions, ideas, and findings from research literature and evidence that relate to your specified developmental focus and that can help to inform your approach to addressing the issue. Clearly express your argument/rationale for your chose approach to addressing the issue and how that relates to your reading.

Plan how you will carry out your professional development activity. This should include a pilot of a specific mentoring/coaching strategy that you want to develop yourself and/or with others, and an evaluation of the pilot that informs your longer-term development plan. You will also need to show how you will evaluate your plan. Provide examples of actions taken in school and other mentoring practices during the pilot phase. This plan is for future implementation rather than an actual research project.

A brief statement to summarise key and significant learning from this module and how it will impact of your future practice.

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