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Deep Packet Inspection of Security Protocols developed in JAVA

1. What problem are you trying to solve?

Deep Packet Inspection of Security Protocols developed in JAVA.

Java is a safe, rapid, and high-class programming language for reducing implementation dependencies. From the aspect of computer networking, packets refer to small quantities of data that are sent over the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network. As mentioned by Sisto et al. (2018), Java security is a combination of tools, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and protocols of commonly used security algorithms and mechanisms. According to Hypolite et al. (2020), Deep Packet Inspection is a method of data processing that is used for investigating the details of a data packet sent over a computer network. Based on ElShakankiry and Dean (2017), this procedure is specifically beneficial for mitigating malware issues, denial of service attacks, internet data mining, and internet censorship. Generation of traffic during the procedure of data packet transfer is a relatively common issue that slows down the entire process of data transfer thereby putting a stop to other activities associated with it. This project will focus on analyzing this kind of traffic generated by security protocols of Java by utilizing the AnBx compiler as this tool uses simple language for specification and performs consistency checks that are required for proper perception of messages. Apart from the AnBx compiler, Spicy Tool will also be used for this project purpose for performing dissection of network data for identifying various elements of transferred messages.

This project will need to meet the following objectives-

  • To identify the security issues that Java programming language
  • To determine how data transfer procedures over various computer networks get interrupted by these issues.
  • To understand how packet level of traffic is generated by Java security protocols.
  • To recognize the effects of packet-level traffic generation by java security protocols.
  • To suggest a procedure of how traffic generation by java security protocols can be mitigated by using the AnBx compiler.
  • To propose a method for deep packet inspection using the spicy tool.

This research work will be based on deep packet inspection of security protocols of java, a programming language. For this purpose, the researcher is going to develop an artefact using the spicy tool for inspecting Java security protocols. As per Sommer et al.(2016), this tool effectively recognizes elements of messages that are exchanged by protocol agents. Apart from Spicy Tool, AnBx Compiler will also be used. As stated by Modesti (2015), this tool enables automatic generation of security protocols in java in the Alice & Bob notation.  Researcher will also use software like Wireshark and JDK along with Virtual Box. Wireshark is a network packet analyzer that helps to analyze the details of packet data. Java Development Kit (JDK) provides an environment to software developers for building applications using Java programming language. Wireshark will be utilized in this project as packet sniffing or analysis of data will be a crucial step in this research work and Wireshark is a widely used tool that collects network traffic from local networks and stores them for analyzing offline.

The project management methodology that will be followed for this research work will be Agile. Al-Saqqa et al. (2020) stated Agile includes a group of software development methodologies. Agile methodology will be adopted as this is efficient in risk reduction by identifying them in the initial stage and this method will simply performing a major action by segregating it into small parts.

Concerning research topic, deep packet inspection is a cyber security measure. This research will help to make improvements thereby making this procedure more efficient. This will in turn benefit the business sector in keeping their customer and business-related data secure from hackers.

SME companies have been flourished significantly through adoption of digital technologies but data security remains a question. Technology that will be developed in this project will help these companies by bringing a radical change in data security.

Two-factor authentication is a powerful cyber security system that requires two different identification for accessing data and this system complies with ‘firewall’ which is a network security device of information security management system. Both of these systems are able to strengthen safety of data.   

In accordance with Arifin (2018), ethical considerations refer to a set of principles that a researcher needs to follow in order to conduct research work ethically as disobeying these rules can lead to disqualification of entire research work. The concerned research work will follow the below-mentioned ethical considerations-

  • Maintenance of research data confidentiality will be done throughout research work.
  • No exaggeration of research aims and objectives will be done by the researcher.
  • The researcher will not provide any kind of misleading information to the readers regarding the entire research study.
  • Any kind of communication for this study will be done in an honest and transparent manner.
  • No discriminatory, unofficial and offensive language will be used by the researcher while writing the research paper.
  • Data acquired from analysis of outcomes of this project will not be disclosed by the researcher anywhere else before finishing this research study.
  • The proposed artefact that will be made for conductance of this research work will not cause any kind of harm to the researcher as well as to anybody else.  
  • All data sources like online blogs, websites, scientific journals, articles will be properly acknowledged by the researcher in the dissertation paper.

The concerned project is based on deep packet inspection process of java security protocols. This     project can be considered appropriate as a master-level project as the key issue that the researcher is trying to solve through this research study is serious concerning issue and finding its solution has become the need of the hour. This project work will include use of two applications - the AnBx Compiler and the Spicy. An adequate level of primary research for development of the dataset will be done by researcher for proper conductance of this study.

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