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No 1 Paraphrasing Tool Online

Avoid Any Traces Of Plagiarism With Our Free Paraphrase Tool

Paraphrasing Tool - Leave No Traces of Plagiarism

Are you worried that your document may have traces of plagiarism in the content? has the perfect solution for you. Our paraphrasing tool allows you to rewrite a section of or the entire document without changing the essence of the original content. And the best part is that it takes only a few seconds to spin the content. has been one of the leading providers of academic assistance in the online market. With the paraphrasing tool, we are aiming to make the lives of students much easier. When you use our paraphrasing tool for free, it not only takes care of the plagiarized content but also improves the overall quality of the content with better readability

Since the tool rewrites each sentence in a different manner, plagiarism checkers fail to find similarities with the original content. Even though the content is rephrased completely, the AI-powered paraphrasing tool keeps the essence of the original content intact even in the rewritten content. Keep reading to learn more about our paraphrasing tool.

How Does This Paraphrasing Tool Work?


Access the tool

You can access the paraphrasing tool online for free only on Click on the Referencing tab under Services to access this resource. Moreover, you won’t need to register or pay additional charges to unlock all features.


Copy/paste or upload your file

The paraphrasing tool online allows you two options:

  • Copy and paste the content you want to paraphrase directly in the required section
  • Upload the file directly from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox

Check the results

When you click on 'Paraphrase the Text,' the paraphrasing tool takes a few seconds to process the writing. Once it's done, you can access the paraphrased content immediately. In addition, the tool allows you to download the result or copy it directly.

Smart and Unique Features of Our Paraphrasing Tool Free


Convenient Interface

You don’t have to whip out a thick manual when using our free paraphrasing tool. The interface is highly user-friendly and allows you a hassle-free experience of paraphrasing articles, blogs, academic papers, research papers, dissertations, etc. Even the most technologically-challenged person will be able to figure out how to use this tool in seconds.


Multilingual Support

The best paraphrasing tool shouldn’t have any language restrictions. As a result, our developers have ensured that our valuable resource doesn’t restrict itself to paraphrasing English content like other tools online. Instead, you can use the tool to paraphrase writings in different languages, such as Spanish, Italian, French, Russian etc.


Copyright Checking

The true mark of the best paraphrasing tool is its ability to detect copyrighted content and make the necessary changes to avoid such issues. For example, at, our paraphrasing tool allows you to compare a paper to millions of websites and journals to ensure it doesn't contain plagiarized content.


Unlimited Free Paraphrasing

There’s no restriction to the number of times you can use our free paraphrasing tool. We have developed the tool solely to assist students in improving their writing quality without burning a hole in their pockets. Therefore, you can use this tool to paraphrase your writing multiple times without bothering about registrations.


24/7 Accessibility

When using our free paraphrasing tool, you don't have to log in to an account or rely on a VPN because it is accessible to students across the globe. Moreover, its compatibility with all browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc., ensures you can use it from your favorite browser any time of the day.


Quick Grammar Checks

There's no need to worry about incorrect spellings or grammatical inconsistencies when using our paraphrasing tool. Thanks to the help of modern technology, our resource automatically detects such errors and rectifies them before presenting the final solution. Therefore, there’s no need to use another grammar checker tool later on.


Inbuilt Word Counter

Whether you're a professional content creator or a student, sticking to a particular word count can be challenging. However, with the help of the best paraphrasing tool on, you don't have to worry about exceeding your word count. The resource has an inbuilt word counter that always provides you with an accurate word count.


AI-Powered Content Upgradation

Since paraphrasing requires replacing certain words with synonyms, you must be careful as many words need context to make sense. Thus, the AI-powered free paraphrasing tool presents you with the most accurate synonym after scanning the context of the writing. It also ensures that every constructed sentence is relevant to the overall theme.

icon paraphrase tool

Easy-Breezy Rewrite/Paraphrasing Tool

  • Upload your file on our professional paraphrasing tool.
  • Change the mode according to your requirements.
  • Click on the 'Paraphrase the Text' button.
  • Download the paraphrased text directly.

Re-write Flawlessly and Give a Fresh & Unique Touch to Your Articles With Paraphrase Tool

We have already mentioned how brilliant our paraphrasing tool is, even though it is available for free. While it uses an advanced algorithm to rewrite content like a human writer, it comes with a bunch of additional benefits. If you want to give a unique touch to your article by rewriting it, our tool can offer you the service and then offer you some more.

Improved content:

With the help of the advanced algorithm, our paraphrasing tool online tool is able to not just rewrite the content but also improve its readability in the process. You can even study the paraphrased content to learn the better use of language in a similar type of content. You can also use our free grammar checker tool to find and remove grammatical mistakes from your content.

Instant results:

While a person may take several hours to uniquely rewrite a piece of content, our paraphrasing tool takes only a few seconds to do that. Its smart and intuitive programming makes it more efficient and productive while mimicking the human writing style. You can also take help of essay rewriter.

No installation required:

While some of the premium paraphrasing tools require you to install the software on your PC, tablet or smartphone, you only need to have a web browser on your system to use of paraphrasing tool for free. It is a cloud-based platform, so you can use it on the go.

As you may have realized already, our tool offers several amazing features that no other free paraphrasing tool can offer. In fact, it is way more efficient than a number of premium paraphrasing tools available in the market. So, get started with our tool today and experience the brilliance.

Who Can Take Benefit from Our AI-Based Online Paraphrasing Tool

Anyone who wishes to rewrite their document without changing the meaning of the content can use our paraphrasing tool online for free. Whether you are a high school student or a working professional – you can use our paraphrasing tool online to rephrase and rewrite the document without changing its overall meaning.

Moreover, our paraphrasing tool is quite straightforward, making it absolutely easy to use – even for people with basic computer knowledge. Every time you use our paraphrasing tool online free, it scans the content to understand the context first and then rewrites it in a human-writing style, keeping the original essence of the content intact.

What’s More To Our Paraphrasing Tool Online?

Use Our Paraphrasing Tool Online And Get Exposed To A Wide Slew Of Features

Our paraphrasing and bibliography maker tool online makes sure you get a perfect document within a matter of seconds. We understand that it’s not easy to rewrite an entire essay or assignment and is also quite frustrating. Just stay back and relax because our Paraphrasing Tool Free will assist you in the best way possible. Take a look at some of the mind-blowing features that make our free paraphrasing tool the 'best.'

Paraphrase Unlimited Words and Pages

You can stop worrying about the subject before using our free paraphrasing tool. Our tool works on all the subjects, including Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, etc.

We also provide professional assignment help for top subjects like:

Chemistry Assignment Help

Physics Assignment Help

Engineering Assignment Help

Engineering Assignment Help

Compatible with an unlimited number of words and pages

You can use our free Rephrasing Tool for any number of words and pages. Also, it won’t affect the functionality of our tool. Type 'Paraphrase My Essay’ on our live chat portal and we will guide you from there.

Well-suited for everyone, even the tech-retards

It doesn’t take rocket science to use our Essay Rephraser online. All you have to do is copy and paste our document on our tool and hit the 'Paraphrase button.’ Let us know about your deadline and the number of words or pages. That’s it! We will send you the rephrased document in case it is lengthy, in your inbox.

What are you waiting for? Start using our Essay Paraphraser online now and save your time. Our support team is here for your disposal. Do not hesitate to get our help in case you have any questions regarding our free tools.

Maintains quality of content after rephrasing

Unlike other essay changers, our essay rephraser doesn’t change the quality of the original content while paraphrasing it. Our essay paraphraser keeps the original quality intact and changes the words and phrases to make the paraphrased content 100% unique. Trust our essay paraphraser, and we bet you won’t be disappointed.

Free, secure and 100% accurate

You don’t have to worry about the budget when you use our paraphrasing tool. The professional paraphrasing tool is free and secure. The AI-based paraphrase tool generates 100% accurate results. Our paraphrasing tool combines three key technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, to bring forth the best results.

Awesome responsive layout

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use our paraphrasing tool for free. The layout of our rephrasing tool is not only responsive but extremely easy to navigate. No wonder students consider it the best paraphrasing tool. Whether you use the paraphrasing tool for free on desktops or mobiles, or iPads, it works perfectly fine every time.

Download report after paraphrasing

You don’t have to pay any hidden charges to download the solutions generated from our paraphrasing tool for free. The reports are easily downloadable. You don’t have to sign up with us if you don’t want to. It is easy to use our rephrasing tool to generate results and even download the results.

Improved sentence structure and content

Yes, our paraphrasing tool doesn’t change the meaning or quality of the original content. But, the paraphrasing tool improves the sentence structures and the overall content while paraphrasing it. The professional paraphrasing tool ensures that each sentence makes sense and fits the context of the whole paper.

What are you waiting for? Give our paraphrasing tool a try now.

Amazingly Powerful, Yet Unbelievably Affordable Paraphrasing Tool

Our tool is based on an advanced algorithm that rewrites content uniquely and instantly. A lot of premium paraphrasing tools use similar algorithms. However, they charge a significant amount of money for the service. At, you can get a better experience without spending a single penny from your pocket.

While the premium paraphrasing tools require you to sign up with the platform, choose a subscription plan and then make the payment, our online paraphrasing tool only requires the following steps:

That's all you need to do. No registration is required. No payment is required. Just visit the platform, and get the content paraphrased. And the best part is that you get to enjoy all the major perks a premium paraphrasing tool has to offer.

Other free academic tools

We are offering a variety of free academic tools so that the basic works of assignment submission , dissertation and essay writing along with proofreading and editing becomes piece of cake for you. Not only that we are providing a plethora of tools for calculating your GPA and referencing. Use any of them and set your scores and academics right.


Ans: Our paraphrasing tool helps you overcome the plagiarism issues that you face with your assignments. Basically:

  • You can quote the works of other authors by rephrasing the sentences
  • You can cite sources you think is the best fit for validating your arguments
  • You get the best words and the sentences in the rephrased sentences
  • The meaning of the sentences remain intact
  • And, when you use our paraphrasing tool, you do not have to wait for the results. You get swift assistance, free of charge. Most importantly, the interface is extremely user-friendly.

Ans: Our paraphrasing tool is extremely easy to use. Students have relied on it over the years as the interface is straightforward. All you need to do is:

  • Copy-paste the file or attach the files (the tool accepts a plethora of formats)
  • Click on the ‘Paraphrase Article’ button
  • Wait for the tool to process your request, paraphrase and provide you with the result

Thus, you get to save time and achieve 100% unique paragraphs, so that you face no plagiarism. If you struggle to understand the interface, you will get guidelines to read (below the tool).

Ans: Unlike other paraphrasing tools, our paraphrasing tool doesn’t have any limitations on the number of articles you can paraphrase. That means you get to paraphrase any number of documents, and that is for free. Whether you want to paraphrase essays or articles, our paraphrasing tool is at your disposal.

Ans: The 4 R’s of paraphrasing are:

  • Read- Read the original content thoroughly to understand its meaning.
  • Restate- Now, change the sentences and phrases but keep the meaning intact.
  • Recheck- Check if the alterations you made make sense and the original meaning is intact.
  • Repair- Finally, revise the sections that make no sense or need repairing.

Ans: Anyone can use this rephrasing tool. Whether you are a student or an online content marketer, this paraphrasing tool caters to all. You can paraphrase academic papers such as essays, reports, articles and more. Online content marketers can paraphrase online content and maintain SEO optimization as well.

Ans: Yes, our paraphrasing tool online is 100% legit. We have handpicked brilliant web developers to bring forth the best paraphrasing tool for you. The tool uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing technologies to generate accurate results.

Ans: If you wish to use our paraphrasing tool, you do not have to create any account. Just visit, and you get started immediately. You get:

  • Instant and free results
  • 100% original texts
  • Paragraphs with less number of words and authentic diction and sentence construction
  • Resources to validate your arguments in your academic paper
  • An opportunity to rephrase sentences from sources like journals, articles, e-books, magazines, etc.

All you have to do is copy-paste the text in the tool, and you are done.

Ans: Students use an online paraphrasing tool to rewrite an article, essay, or any type of assignment because it is faster. Let’s face it; writing on the same topic several times is daunting. The paraphrasing tools make it easier to present unique content even if the topic is the same old. And using our paraphrasing tool doesn’t cost you anything.

Ans: Our paraphrasing tool not only caters to students but also to content marketers or SEO executives. You can use our paraphrase tool to rewrite the content and boost its rankings on SERPs. Our paraphrase tool rephrases the content based on its purpose. That means, if you use it for online content, the tool will ensure that the paraphrased content is SEO-optimised.

Ans: Here’s why you should choose our professional paraphrasing tool:

  • It’s free.
  • It generates results quickly.
  • The results are 100% accurate.
  • The tool is built on the basis of AI, ML and NLP.

Also, you don’t have to sign up with us separately to use our tool. The tool keeps the meaning of the original content intact and improves the overall quality of the content.

Ans: Of course, the paraphrasing tool at is 100% safe. The tool doesn’t collect the personal information of the users. If the tool collects any data at all, it will ask for your consent and will proceed only if you allow it. The results generated are 100% accurate. So, you can submit the paraphrased document in class without any hassle.

Ans: The main difference between online paraphrasing and manual paraphrasing is that the former is quick while the latter takes a lot of time. Online paraphrasing ensures that there are no errors in the results. You cannot guarantee the same for manual paraphrasing.

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