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8 Reasons Why Graduates Who Have Studied Abroad Preferred By Recruiters

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A statistic reveals that over 97 percent students who have studied abroad found their jobs within six months of their graduation as against only 49 percent students who studied in their own country. This clearly indicates that the students who have studied abroad are almost twice likely to find an appropriate job. In the age of globalization, every prominent recruiter and MNCs are increasingly seeking bright minds with experience of studying abroad, preferably in countries like Australia, UK or USA.

Studying abroad is itself a lifetime opportunity which enables all the students to see a new world, a new culture and make new friends along with their studies. It is told that the students who have studied abroad are more likely to find their job in the same country. But why do the employers love graduates who have studied abroad? Read on to know the reasons:

Global Exposure

Many students aspire to study in a foreign country because it gives them the opportunity to study and see a new country and witness its environment. They experience the new customs, cultures and activities. Not only the new terrains surprise the students but they also need to do all the household and personal chores on their own. In simpler words, these students are out of their comfort zone. The ‘culture shock’ though makes them feel miserable in the initial months but slowly they become confident and intake double knowledge than their folks studying in the native country. Employers prefer graduates who have higher knowledge in the field!

Interesting Trivia: 85 percent of the students who have studied abroad believe that it helped them to build valuable skills in the job market.

Eagerness to Learn

A completely new world around compels even the most reclusive mind to go out and explore. Studying abroad infuses a spirit of eagerness in every mind. The students apart from their studies develop a desire to travel which helps them to gain knowledge and experience. This eagerness to learn also helps them in their studies and practical coursework. They try to finish all their academic tasks by themselves. These graduates always help to infuse the same sense of eagerness in the team when they are in the professional world.

Interesting Trivia: According to the latest survey, all the UK students who have studied in USA got the best jobs in the country after they returned.

Effective Education

Students studying in a different country are educated in the distinct method of education. Students come from different backgrounds but get acquainted with the new procedures of learning and education. When a student develops a strong idea about the educational system of the host country, they tend to become more culturally aware. They also develop the skills to work in multi-cultural teams and become confident to move around the world if their job-profile demands. This firm awareness about the customs and culture complements their resume.

Interesting Trivia: About 90 percent of all the study-abroad alumni got selected by the companies which came first or second in their preference list.

Better Adaptability

Living in the distant land which is thousands of miles apart from the home is not very easy. International students also feel the same. It is obvious that the students can face some unforeseen problems, from tackling noisy roommates to language barrier. But as they don’t have any friend in this foreign land, they try to resolve every issue by themselves. But these hardships make them strong and with time, every student becomes a resilient candidate in every job.

Interesting Trivia: Nearly 79 percent of the students reported that studying abroad helped them to adapt to diverse working conditions.

Greater Problem-Solving Techniques

When a person is exposed to a new ambience, it not only tests their adaptability but also their responses towards it. Similarly, the students studying in the foreign nations not only adapt to the new world around them but every adversary helps them to improve their problem-solving techniques. From handling the visa problems to managing their academic schedules, every issue increases their abilities to deal with all kinds of problem. Above all, problem-solving is one of the mandatory skills that every employer looks for. Hence, they become more employable.

Interesting Trivia: In a recent inter-college survey at the University of Maryland, 97 percent of the students opined that studying abroad increased maturity.

Advanced Social Skills

In a new country, every person makes new friends. These new soul mates do not necessarily share the same ethnicity or background. However, they become the only source of compassion, guidance and obviously enjoyment. Not only them, but the international students also develop acquaintances with the tenants, college professors and various other native people. It definitely helps to increase the social skills as the curb their own restraints. In the professional world, they can impress their new boss with their appropriate and solicitous behavior and gradually climb up the ladder.

Interesting Trivia: The budding professionals, who have completed their education abroad, at an average, start their career with a 25 percent higher salary.

Fresh Perspectives

Almost all the professionals who have studied abroad agree that pursuing their higher education in a foreign country not only helps them with their career but it also helps them to broaden up their ideas and open their minds. It helps them to become more creative which they want to discover in their professional life. While all other employees work in a repetitive procedure, they always try to view different angles and be innovative within the given scope by the management.

Interesting Trivia: More than 70 percent of the employees who have earned their degree from foreign universities said that they have complete job satisfaction.

Ability to Take Initiatives And Risks

In the professional world, all the people need to take risks and initiatives for their own growth and definitely for the prosperity of the company. As they have the experience to work being out of their ‘comfort zone’, they are quite proficient than the others to take risks. They have a better understanding of the resources which are available and they also possess the skill to perform at diverse workplaces. Hence, many employers prefer them as they show better prospects and the company thrives on them.

Interesting Trivia: About 60 percent of the employers opined that the employees with the experience of studying abroad would be more valuable to the organization than a person with a native degree.

So, there is no surprise that all the popular and established employers of the world are always eager to hire people with experience of studying in an international university or a college. Therefore, plan accordingly to earn your higher educational degree from the renowned institutions of the foreign land and ensure yourself the most lucrative and enthralling job opportunity from the largest MNCs. ideal academic solution provider for international students

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