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Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

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Introduction on Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

The success of an online retailing company depends on the loyalty of customers towards a brand. So, to earn the reliability of the customers, a brand needs to stand on the expectations of their customers to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The report deals with brand Loyalty and customer satisfaction of the online shopping giant, “Amazon.” In this, the researcher explains the aims and objectives of the study. Also, confer about the hypothesis method of customer satisfaction. There is obviously both the sides of a coin, i.e., there are some positive and some negative impact of social sites on the online buying behaviour of customers.

1.1 Aim Of The Research Work

In this research study, the investigator will aim to recognise brand loyalty and customer satisfaction towards online shopping in the Amazon online market. This report will provide data about the buying performance of the customers by utilising different websites for online shopping. So, to recognise the brand loyalty of a customer, you need to analyse different online markets offering the same service as Amazon. You can learn the buying pattern of a customer by studying their behaviour to initiate any purchase from various websites.

1.2 Objectives Of The Research Work

The objectives of the research are to understand customer behaviour towards a brand. This will provide the design of the online purchasing scheme of the buyer. Moreover, it will explain about the number of customers who are loyal towards the famous brand from where they shop online. To take a note of customer satisfaction while buying the product online from various websites. Thus, customer satisfaction should be the highest priority of an online market to ensure its sustainable development. Also, it is crucial to critically assess the condition when customers rely on online sites for shopping. Apart from it, it depends on the quality of the product to determine the loyalty of customers to a particular brand.

1.3 Hypothesis

Based on the literature review, a few points regarding the hypothesis of this study can be extracted given as follows: 

H0: E-Satisfaction of the customer directly control e- loyalty.

H1: E- Satisfaction of customer directly pressure e- Commitment. This is because to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The online market should deliver the product as per their commitments.

H2: E-Trust directly pressures e-loyalty.

2. Literature Review :

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter, the investigator will talk about the connected theories and models regarding customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the online retailing company. This is necessary to achieve a brief revision and detail structure of all the associated parameters and to monitor the complete process in detail. In this chapter, the investigator deal with the relationships in marketing, the evolution of customer relationships, and the chapter summary. There is a variety of options for reimbursement of online shopping which develops a sense of trust among customers to participate in online business. Those reimbursements are the worldwide accomplishment of the internet, whereby consumers can shop for goods and services online with a broad range of options. So, the best part about online shopping is that you can purchase a product at any time and in any position.

2.2 Relationships Marketing

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction have curved into relationship marketing currently where revenue customers are allowed to engage in the whole business procedure. It concludes that relationship marketing plays a significant role in enacting production, focus on observance and humanising relationships with the existing customers. Apart from all other functions, humanising relationships with the existing customer has more significance than attract new consumers (Kondasani and Panda, 2015).

2.3 The Evolution Of Customer Relationships 

A firm’s relationship with its consumers is just similar to other social relations that have developed over time. Marketing substitute relationships among supplier and consumers frequently. This can help from a stranger to associates and acquaintances even to partners. Customer satisfaction strictly means that the customer is getting the desired product or something better than their expectations. This helps the online retailing company to promote their services and incline more customers towards their services. This generally estimates customers knowledge and the prospect with a product or service contributor (Lonial and Raju, 2015).

2.4 Chapter Summary

The primary function of the literature division is to introduce the critical theory of relationship marketing and customer relationship from stranger to associates. Also, it aims to make apparent the different customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and its connection among them (Mao, 2010).

3. Research Methodology

3.1 Research Design

The approach of research design is divided into two categories – Inductive and Deductive. In this circumstance, the study will pursue the deductive approach as deducing of the current topic of the research is the correct approach and will approach at conclusion subsequently (Neupane, 2015).

3.2 Research Philosophy

In a research philosophy, the researcher mainly focuses on the decisive element, and the study focuses on the performance and surveillance of the two vital issues, Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction. These elements are the most significant priority in an online organisation like Amazon. The organisations must plan their policy, plan and organisational understanding that give liberty to the customer to trust them blindly (Patterson, 2014).

3.3 Data Collection Method

The data collection tool being used is a prepared questionnaire because prepared questionnaires are extraordinarily plastic. Moreover, they can be applied to collect data regarding any topic from a more significant or small amount of population. In this, the method of data collection is a questionnaire, observation, Document investigation (Szczepańska and Gawron, 2011).

3.4 Sample Size

The investigator investigates 100 clients randomly from the diverse types of the marketplace before starting their work. This helps them to get a better understanding of the working process in the world of online retailing companies. Thus, every buyer is providing a set of questionnaire, and from these questionnaires, the compilation of data is done (Wendy Gao and Lai, 2015).

3.5 Research Ethics 

In this research study, the investigator pursues the research ethics which is extremely helpful and mandatory for the researcher to raise the excellence of the research procedure. The research ethics also help out the researcher to edge the research substance within the educational principle directly.

3.6 Limitation

The quantitative data technique was adopted throughout scheming the questionnaire in organising to collect the numerical and consistent data from the website and the populace around ourselves. Thus the composed data might not be thorough and purpose sufficiently. The study only measured about online shopping behaviour consequently it could not symbolise any issue which applies to rational action.


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